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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 19 Recap

Song Yunhui was afraid of disturbing his parents and took Cheng Kaiyan out to talk. Cheng Kaiyan was a bit unclear. So Song Yunhui tried his best to calm down. The reason for Feng Gong’s resignation was better than him. Cheng Kaiyan was even more annoyed. He went to Feng Gong as soon as he came back? Song Yunhui moved out the talents in the department and Feng Gong reluctantly agreed to stay. If she left the dock, she would stop.

Feng Gong hoped that no one would harass her with things other than work. However, Cheng Kaiyan confidently said that he was just to warn Gong Feng to keep a distance from the male leader. She is a woman who is not married and surrounded by boys. Isn’t it right to be clean? Song Yunhui said that he and Feng Gong were just ordinary friends, but Cheng Kaiyan knew that Feng Gong had picked the coat Song Yunhui gave him. Feng Gong has already admitted.

Cheng Kaiyan asked Song Yunhui when she got together with her. Song Yunhui broke down a bit. The coat was picked up by his colleagues while shopping before returning to China, but Cheng Kaiyan was still suspicious and felt that he was tolerant to Song Yunhui, but Song Yunhui refused to make her a wife Put it in the eye. Song Yunhui could not bear to say something angry, then let’s get divorced! Cheng Kaiyan became even more angry. He actually divorced her for Feng Gong? Song Yunhui knew that even if there were no Feng Gong and others, Cheng Kaiyan would continue to be suspicious, and these problems would never be solved.

Cheng Kaiyan and Song Yunhui had an unpleasant quarrel, Cheng Kaiyan ran back to Jinzhou the next day, Yuan Xiang and Cheng’s father and Cheng’s mother were all around her. Cheng Kaiyan made a strong smile. Cheng’s father and Cheng’s mother told her that Cheng Qianli and Yuan Xiang’s business was doing very well now, and the goods were all brought out by Yang Xun, and they didn’t have to worry about doing business with Yang Xun. Everyone knows whose face Yang Xun saw, so Yuan Xiang was so polite to Cheng Kaiyan just now, and Cheng Kaiyan was stunned.

Ma Baoping said that the winter on the peninsula was too difficult and asked him to get some heating equipment for the factory. Gao Xiangrong told Ma Baoping that Song Yunhui was going to Beijing on a business trip the day after tomorrow, and Director Lu asked him to go. Gao Xiangrong hopes that the second phase of the project will follow Ma Baoping’s thinking. Although Song Yunhui’s ideas are bold, the nature of the factory has changed.

Director Lu has always been more radical in his work. He thinks this is what Director Lu meant. Ma Baoping went to talk with Song Yunhui. Song Yunhui thanked him for reporting the plan to the ministry. Ma Baoping took out the equipment procurement plan prepared by Han Zegang. It was a bit worse than Song Yunhui’s plan, but it was enough.

Obviously Song Yunhui is still dissatisfied. Ma Baoping reminded him that the problem of surnames and capitals in society has never stopped. The East China Sea project is a key enterprise and cannot be aggressive. They are different from Shanghai. Song Yunhui still wanted to take a chance. Even if Director Ma Baopingcheng supported him, he would stick to his ideas. As for Han Zegang’s plan, he would also report it. Song Yunhui naturally had no objection, and the two plans were handed over to the Ministry to decide.

When Song Yunhui flew to Beijing, Director Lu specially gave him a pot of good tea. Last year, Donghai’s production tasks were completed very well. The ministry wanted to commend Song Yunhui before inviting him. Song Yunhui said that this is the contribution of all Donghai employees, and Director Lu said that he would fight for more benefits for them. Director Lu won another one million foreign exchange quota for them, and Song Yunhui solemnly said that this batch of equipment was around 23 million.

Director Lu persuaded him to take his time, why can’t he follow a conventional plan? Choosing a compromise plan is more beneficial to the overall situation. Director Lu and Song Yunhui both wanted to make Donghai bigger and stronger. Many people talked about the fact that Director Lu’s father was going to retire. That’s why he wanted to make Donghai bigger and win over Song Yunhui, but Director Lu did it because he didn’t rely on his family.

Do it. Director Lu is not opposed to Song Yunhui’s approach, but Donghai cannot be used as a pilot. They must fight steadily. Director Lu urged Song Yunhui to import the host computer from Japan and assist in domestic production, which would be good for everyone. Song Yunhui sighed, but still refused to compromise, saying that this matter will be decided by the leaders of the Ministry and the leadership of the Donghai Factory.

Director Lu took Song Yunhui to another office. It has only been forty years for chemical companies to go from being poor to nothing. Overseas companies have hundreds of years of history. What Song Yunhui thinks is not at the same level as the overall situation that Director Lu said. The overall situation he said is to merge the Donghai, Bincheng, and Yangtze companies together so that they can compete with overseas groups.

This matter has not been put on the agenda, but the leaders are very concerned about this idea. This is also the reason why he opposes the introduction of foreign capital in the East China Sea. Once foreign capital is introduced, mergers will be very troublesome. Song Yunhui was still not convinced. He always wanted to fight for Donghai again, but Director Lu hoped that his persistence could be used in the right place.

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