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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 18 Recap

Lei Zhongfu was about to leave, Lei Zhengming and Hong Wei also left, leaving Lei Shigen alone, carrying infamy. At this time, the old Hohen came to the door, and Lei Shigen suddenly became vigilant when he saw him. He was always watching the position of the secretary as everyone knew. The old Hohen said that he wanted to keep Xiao Lei’s house, indicating that Lei Dongbao had provoked his sins to get them to work hard, but Lei Shigen could not keep Lei Zhongfu, he had failed Lei Dongbao’s trust.

The old Hohen fudges Lei Shigen to push all the sins to Lei Dongbao, establishes prestige in the village, and relies on the power of the masses to let Lei Zhongfu and the others do things. After thinking about it, the old Hohen went on to say that if Lei Shigen couldn’t get hold of the industrial county in the village, he would send someone there. Once outsiders came, he would not cherish Xiao Lei’s house.

Song Yunhui rushed to Wei Chunhong and said that Lei Dongbao currently has three main problems. He does not currently embezzle public funds to embezzle or accept bribes. However, the evidence of bribery to Secretary Chen is conclusive, and the number is more than hundreds of thousands.

Article 3 is the most critical. Yang Xun’s market is linked to Xiaolei’s family, but there is no evidence to prove that the money belongs to Xiaolei’s family and should be the collective assets of Xiaolei’s family. Therefore, the investigation team suspects that Lei Dongbao cooperated with Yang Xun to establish a small vault. . Yang Xun explained that he had signed a contract with the village to prove that it was his capital. Now the most important thing is to get evidence. Wei Chunhong was in a hurry.

Lei Dongbao told her that the Yang Xun market was worth hundreds of thousands and that Lei Dongbao would be shot if convicted according to this number. Wei Chunhong suddenly panicked and decided to go to Xiaolei’s house to find the truth. Song Yunhui went with her without even eating. He only took three days off. Even if he turned over Xiaolei’s house, he had to find a proof of capital contribution.

Song Yunhui and Wei Chunhong came to Lei Shigen and explained the situation to him. Lei Shigen suddenly panicked. He handed in all the documents and vowed that he had not hidden anything privately. Lei Shigen was wronged. He never poured dirty water on Lei Dongbao. He opened all the cabinets in the office to let them see for themselves. All the information was taken away by the investigation team. He really hadn’t hidden anything! The old Hohen even let him harm Lei Dongbao, but he is not so black-hearted. Lei Shigen cried and said that the village chief could not go on, saying that Song Yunhui wanted to save Lei Dongbao and asked Yang Xun to talk back to him, but he was afraid of harming Lei Dongbao.

Song Yunhui was speechless. When did he let Yang Xun come to talk, whoever is guilty and who is not guilty, he will not do things that interfere with justice. Wei Chunhong and Song Yunhui comforted Lei Shigen that they didn’t doubt his meaning, Yang Xun’s information had been found, but the documents signed by Xiao Lei’s family had not yet been. Lei Shigen tried to recall this incident, remembering that this incident was handled by four eyes, but he had not come out yet when he was locked in it.

Song Yunhui said that Siyan had been released a few days ago, and Lei Shigen quickly took them to Siyan’s house and called the fifth child. He could be safer. The door of Siyan’s house was locked, obviously no one, Lei Shigen panicked, he must know that he lost the file and ran away. A few people went in over the wall and found that everything was there, not like walking away or running away. Song Yunhui noticed something and asked someone to bring the old hunger over.

After Lei Dongbao was arrested, the old Hohen began to spread rumors. It was hard for Song Yunhui not to doubt him, but the old Hohen said that he knew nothing. Song Yunhui said that if he can’t find Four Eyes Lei Dongbao, he is very likely to be sentenced to death. Can he afford the consequences? The old Hohen thought for a while or told the truth, and went to his brother-in-law’s house to recuperate. Four Eyes escaped after being fooled by the old hustle.

After returning, he recalled that incident. Yang Xun said that it was a contract under the table that Lei Dongbao had to keep by himself. Everyone hurriedly went to Lei Dongbao’s house. Lei Mu dared not go out these days, and saw Song Yunhui begging him to save Lei Dongbao. Wei Chunhong also remembered that Lei Dongbao put the file in a drawer that day, but he couldn’t find it after digging through the cabinet.

Lei Mu said that there was a cabinet Lei Dongbao never let others move. Song Yunhui opened it and saw a photo of him and Song Yunping in it, as well as some related things. Song Yunhui walked aside sadly, but Wei Chunhong didn’t find any information inside. Lei Shigen fell to the ground and cried. Song Yunhui asked Sibao to send him back and told Siyan not to leave Xiaolei’s house recently. Wei Chunhong took Lei Mu back to live in the county. He couldn’t stay here anymore. Song Yunhui asked Lao Wu to find a few people to guard Lei Dongbao’s home, and no one was allowed to come in.

Several people returned to the county. Wei Chunhong asked someone to make noodles for Lei Mu and took care of her. Lei Mu was also very moved. She was not good to Wei Chunhong, but she complained with virtue. Song Yunhui went to the county again, but still couldn’t find proof of capital contribution. Wei Chunhong suddenly remembered that Lei’s mother had hidden her household registration book in order to prevent them from getting married. She hurriedly went upstairs to ask her, but Lei’s mother had a bad memory and didn’t remember if there was anything in it.

In the end, the two found the capital contribution certificate under the bedding, and Song Yunhui handed in the evidence the next day, and the organization would surely find out the truth. After finishing the matter, Song Yunhui returned to Donghai. The ministry asked him to go to a meeting next week. Then he was told that Feng Gong had resigned with a firm attitude and was now going through the handover procedures.

Song Yunhui hurried to the dock, tried to stay with him, and returned home hurriedly after understanding the situation. Song Yunhui seemed angry with Cheng Kaiyan, but he didn’t want to affect Song father and Song mother, and asked her to go out and talk.

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