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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 30 Recap

Why should he use the flute to recall the ruby, before reaching out to retrieve it, Li Yan took the first step to take the ruby ​​as his own, and forcibly stayed by his side to play for a few days. During the conversation, everyone gathered together. Those with or without invitations were divided into two by the water pavilion, while those without invitations had to go through a Qimen gossip array. If it is unreasonable, there must be no going out.

With the sound of drums, Huo Liantao appeared on the high platform, deceiving people in martial arts with mixed truth and falsehood. The Huo family’s ancestor Shen’s seal is a ripple, and it is also one of the Haitian Yise’s tokens. Huo Liantao used the sea and the sky as a legacy of martial arts history. He can elect the martial arts leader with the excuse of electing the martial arts leader, and he can take charge of Shen’s seal to provoke the presence People kill each other.

During the period, Mrs. Nishang suddenly arrived, although it caused Huo Liantao’s guilty conscience, she confronted her again and again in a moment. When everyone at the scene didn’t know who to believe, Chu Tianyu descended from the sky and showed Chen Zichen’s waist badge to testify for Huo Liantao as a middle official in the court.

Chu Tianyu had already imprisoned Chen Zichen, Mr. Bai and others in the room, and now showed his badge to others, just to warn Huo Liantao that if Shen Duyin were not given both hands, then the only backing of the Huo family would no longer exist. Earlier, Huo Liantao offended many people in the arena, and everyone is now focusing on the treasures. Once Huo Liantao loses the court’s assistance, it will be destroyed in the revenge of various factions.

Chu Tianyu’s appearance not only surprised Zhou Fei and the others, but also made Yinghe who sits behind him angry, as if he wanted to devour his life. Xie Yun had guessed that the only person who could know his piercing bones at a glance was the Da Yaogu disciple who had already been destroyed. From the perspective of Ying He Cong’s hatred for Chu Tianyu, the destruction of the Great Medicine Valley must be caused by this person.

Xie Yun was worried about why Xing should have killed him on an impulse, but at this time he had more important things. Only when Chu Tianyu showed his waistband was indeed Chen Zichen’s personal token. As one can imagine the other party’s situation, Zhou Fei and Xie Yun sneaked into Huojiapu together and successfully rescued Chen Zichen and others.

At this time, Chu Tianyu used to distinguish the authenticity as a reason, so Huo Liantao had to hand it over willingly. Just when Shen Duyin was only a few minutes away from Chu Tianyu’s hand, he was suddenly taken away by Mu Xiaoqiao who fell from the sky. Huo Liantao looked overjoyed, thinking that Mu Xiaoqiao was here to protect him. After the other party pushed the former gardener out, he realized that it is difficult to be good today.

In the face of witnesses, Huo Liantao could not deny that he had left the paralyzed Huo Changfeng and let him fend for himself. However, with excitement and excuse, he also accidentally revealed that Huo Changfeng was poisoned and died. This kind of truth completely angered Mu Xiaoqiao, and he was bound to find out the truth.

Li Yan happened to run into the Huo family’s disciple who wanted to light the kerosene because he was chasing the fled red jade. Fortunately, Yang Jin killed and put out the fire in time. Otherwise, if the fire continues to grow and everyone does not know how to get out of the battlefield, they will be buried in the fire today. When Huo Liantao was questioned by Mu Xiaoqiao, Li Yan, who came back to report the letter, yelled, and everyone present panicked and fled.

In the current crisis, Zhou Fei wanted to unlock the lock of the heavenly gate, but he borrowed the key from the second layer and fell into the lake under the push of everyone. Zhou Fei and Xie Yun had to give up chasing and killing Chu Tianyu, and instead joined Chen Zichen. However, Mu Xiaoqiao was carrying Shen Duyin and was blocked by Chu Tianyu, and retreated under his siege.

The people present didn’t understand the formation method, and naturally turned around like a headless fly. Ding Kui, regardless of right and wrong, wanted to kill the leader to relieve his anger and was stopped by Li Sheng. When Mrs. Nishang arrived, Li Sheng wanted to lead the crowd to flee the Qimen gossip array. Unexpectedly, Ding Kui, who was so embarrassed and angry, wanted to force everyone to stay behind.

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