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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 29 Recap

A table of cold food is hard to swallow. Xie Yun would rather live less for a day than suffer such a sin. It’s just that eating is related to his life and death. What Zhou Fei can do is to share the joys and sorrows and enjoy the cold food. Xie Yun persuaded to no avail, and suddenly brought the topic to himself. It was also the first time he really mentioned the past to Zhou Fei.

Many years ago, Xie Yun’s uncle used his true energy to open up Xie Yun’s body meridians and pass on his life’s skills to him. If a person’s internal energy is exhausted, the only outcome is that the lamp is dry. This is One life for another life. Xie Yun admitted that the remaining half-life was a life of lingering and unfilial piety.

And Xie Yun, as the bloodline of the former royal family, will give people hope that the country will eventually be restored. Then General Wang Lin’s Anping army will never put down the knife in his hand and kill evil for the world. This is a curse to the world. Infidelity. Living so unfaithful and unfilial, Xie Yun felt it was unnecessary one more day.

Zhou Fei realized that Xie Yun had been talking around for a long time, but he wanted to persuade her not to feel guilty. But as far as Zhou Fei was concerned, no matter what, she would not be unable to save Xie Yun, and even more would not admit his fate and wait for death like he did. Even if the chance is slim, Zhou Fei will not give up looking for the hope of survival as long as there is a breath.

I was bored in the room for a long time, and the sky was getting dark. Xie Yun wanted to unlock the heaven door on the excuse of the inconvenience of taking a bath. Unexpectedly, Zhou Fei had Li Sheng locked with him to do the washing. Although Li Sheng reminded Zhou Fei that no matter how provocative Xie Yun was, he should not leave in anger, but it was inconvenient to take a bath and dress, and Li Sheng had to temporarily unlock the lock of the heaven.

Xie Yun talked to Li Sheng behind the screen while getting dressed. When the time came, he flew out of the window and disappeared. When Xie Yun was about to run over the fence, he was caught by Zhou Fei, who had been waiting for it again, and still failed to escape the fate of being restrained.

Early the next morning, Xie Yun was awakened by Zhu Chen’s knock on the door. Seeing that the other party had specially prepared food for Zhou Fei, he looked at every move, all of which were happy for Zhou Fei, and she was jealous. Xie Yun would cook exactly the same delicacy even if he was restrained, and he did not want Zhou Fei to be close to others. He suddenly realized that he would never be able to escape Zhou Fei’s side in this life.

Shen Tianshu suffered one after another, and before that he actively invited Chu Tianyu to help and seize the seal of Shen Du. Chu Tianyu effortlessly got Huo Liantao to respectfully obey, and promised to offer Shen Duyin with both hands after the conference. It’s just that the news that Chen Zichen has also come to Lingling City now affects Chu Tianyu’s interest even more.

The evil extermination conference is coming soon, Huo Liantao wants to repeat the old tricks, spread fire oil in the fort, and use this time martial arts people to gather here to kill them all at once. As for whether there are invitations to enter, they just need to separate their paths. Li Yan has already taken Yang Jin into Huojiapu sneakily.

Li Sheng worried about Li Yan’s safety, and went ahead with Wu Chuchu, while Zhou Fei replaced the Tianmen lock on Xie Yun’s feet in his hand to prevent him from escaping. On the way, the two met Zhu Chen brothers and sisters. Zhou Fei learned that it was not all the way to have an invitation, so he thanked Zhu Chen and left. The latter was full of heart and helpless.

At this time, Li Yan and Yang Jin followed the leading maid all the way, but were finally attracted by a red snake and chased them. It happened to save the Xuanwu disciple who had almost lost their lives. Only then did the two of them know that the red snake just now was named Hongyu, and it was extremely precious as it should be carefully raised. For some reason, Hong Yu was frightened after being in this place, scurrying everywhere, which shows that this place is very suspicious.

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