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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 28 Recap

Xie Yun and Zhou Fei met head-on in Lingling City. It happened that Lingyu’s carriage stopped by and immediately hid in it. When Zhou Fei walked to the carriage, only the sound of closing the carriage door could be heard. Xie Yun looked at Zhou Fei’s back reluctantly, and then thanked Lingyu, but a few gossips disappeared.

In the quiet alley with no one, Xie Yun didn’t reveal his whereabouts, and changed into a Qiansui worrying outfit. Who knew that he was blocked by a familiar knife without taking a few steps. Xie Yun wanted to pretend that he didn’t know he wanted to get through, but the person he missed was right in front of him. How could Zhou Fei allow him to escape again.

These days, Zhou Fei disregarded the forty-eight villages to be wasteful, disregarding the rare reunion of mother and daughter, and desperately going down the mountain secretly, just to help the specious news, all the way to find Xie Yun to Lingling City. Xie Yun watched Zhou Fei muttering to himself like aggrieved and resentful, and then realized that the other party did not happen to meet for the purpose of exterminating the evil spirits.

Zhou Fei’s grievance had just found her way out, but her inherent stubbornness didn’t allow her to act like this, so her anger came to check for water ripples. Seeing Zhou Fei’s appearance, Xie Yun’s heart melted early, but Ding Kui’s powerful team passed by, awakening his reason. It’s just a stubborn life, Xie Yun didn’t want to hurt Zhou Fei’s life, but inadvertently, the other party pointed to the sleeping point.

Zhou Fei pushed Xie Yun back to the door of Lingling Guest House with a wooden cart, and met Li Sheng and Wu Chuchu who had just arrived here. After a few words of greeting, everyone returned to the room. At this moment, I have been paying attention to Xie Yun’s response, looking at the straw hat left on the cart, and finally found a chance to approach each other.

On the same day, Ding Kui went to the gate of Huojiapu and wanted to enter it in the name of cooperating to wipe out the evil spirits. However, in the front yard of Huojiabao, there is the Buqimen Dunjia of Chongxiaozi. If you don’t understand the reason, you will die. Ding Kui saw Huo Liantao disdain to be with himself, so he could only leave a ruthless remark and left.

To no avail, Ding Kui deliberately found Mu Xiaoqiao to cooperate. Because Mu Xiaoqiao had been blessed by Huo Changfeng for a meal, he wanted to protect Huo’s family. Ding Kui deliberately found Jiading who had witnessed Huo Changfeng’s death and pushed him in front of him. At this time, Mu Xiaoqiao knew that Huo Changfeng had died at the hands of Huo Liantao, and would inevitably take revenge for him.

In the recent eventful season, the Demon Extermination Conference did not know how to end, and a great assassin appeared in the arena. The breeze blows across the robe, and the moon shines brightly. Since Yin Pei killed Chongxiaozi and met Feng Wuyan by chance, he used an iron mask to hide his face, killing people wantonly among the rivers and lakes, and leaving behind the four blood characters of Qinghui.

At night, Mrs. Nishang came here at Zhou Fei’s invitation. She knew that Xie Yun had no time for her bones and bones. For the present, the only way to do this was to stop using internal force to delay time. After Mrs. Nishang left, He should knock on Zhou Fei’s door under the pretext of returning the straw hat, claiming to be a poison doctor, and explaining the poison in Xie Yun’s life, so she entered the door smoothly.

I saw Ying He Cong staring at Xie Yun with excitement, looking from the left to the right, looking like a poisonous idiot. How can Xie Yunjiu know the poison of bones in accordance with the pulse and state of the opponent? Fortunately, he has survived until the Supreme People’s Internal Force helped him suppress. Why should he study medicine for a long time, and finally confessed that he only loved collecting various poisons and would not heal people, and Zhou Fei was kicked out of the house.

The scars of the soul-searching needle were caused by Xie Yun’s cold body, which caused the blood stasis at the needle hole to not dissipate. It was also because his body’s metabolism became slow that he could temporarily escape the side effects of the soul-searching needle. Zhou Fei looked at Xie Yun, who was unconscious, and it was really hard to accept that the other party deliberately forced out internal force for herself, causing her own oil to run out. Her feelings for Xie Yun also burst out at this moment.

Zhou Fei used the Tianmen lock borrowed by Mrs. Nishang to lock Xie Yun with one hand and one foot to prevent him from escaping secretly. The Tianmen lock has two characteristics to lock the surface. If you don’t know the law, even Li Zheng and Yin Wenlan will not be able to break free from the lock of the Tianmen lock.

Recently, Zhou Fei has been worried about Xie Yun’s affairs, and he was repeatedly challenged by Yang Jin. It was really troublesome. Looking at him to be honest and deceiving, and thinking about the recent appointment of Huo Liantao, he picked Yang Jin to lock his eyes on the evil. Above the assembly.

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