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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 27 Recap

In a guesthouse under the Forty-eight Zhaishan Mountain, a guest is discussing a story about a certain Tianzong wizard who was accepted by an immortal as a disciple due to a rough fate, and then joined the military camp but was poisoned. This reminded Zhou Fei, who was sitting aside, that Xie Yun had mentioned the story of “deserting soldiers”, and he also knew the poison of utterly deep bone.

As for the immortal, Wu Chuchu remembered that there was a record in the martial arts commentary, “Penglai has a cool dream, and the sunset pushes the clouds without a trace.” What exactly this sentence means, the two are still unclear. When the two were connected, Zhou Feiyin felt that the matter was related to Xie Yun. When she returned to the cottage and asked the guards, she learned that the other party had already left, and quickly went down the mountain to find it.

Huo Liantao called on the people in the martial arts to open the evil spirit meeting and engraved the water ripple mark on the invitation, making it difficult for everyone to refuse. It’s about Huo’s family. Li Sheng took the initiative to ask Ying to go. One is to find out what Huo Liantao’s purpose is. Second, Chong Xiaozi is kind to Li Sheng and has a grudge against Huo Changfeng’s death. The cause of Changfeng’s death is to give Chongxiaozi an explanation.

At this time, Chong Xiaozi was trying to protect Yin Pei and wanted to create a fake Yin family scabbard to confuse the world. When Chong Xiaozi returned to his residence, he found that Yin Pei’s expression was strange, his life and death were on the line, and when he saw that there was only an empty box of Phoenix Pill on the bed, he was shocked and quickly adjusted Yin Pei’s movement.

Yin Pei rushed into the sky to save him. After the internal force was stabilized, he did not step on the mechanism in his room to open the secret room, and accidentally found several Phoenix Pills stored inside. Fortunately, Chongxiaozi returned in time. After his explanation, he realized that taking the Phoenix Pill requires the help of people with deep internal strength to adjust the breath, otherwise it will become a murderous madman, and burst into death two years later.

One night later, Yin Pei woke up from the nightmare again, and suddenly realized that the scabbard was no longer there, and rushed into the Chongxiaozi room like a madman, taking advantage of no one in it, swallowing the Phoenix Pill again, and stole all the rest. On the way down the mountain, Yin Pei collided head-on with the returning Chong Xiaozi. Yin Pei mistakenly thought that the other party was stealing the genuine one for casting a fake scabbard, so he killed him with a palm of anger.

With this move, Yin Pei felt an unprecedented power, and his greed to control the pleasure of his life and death was obviously close to becoming a devil. Before he died, Chong Xiaozi wanted to send Fuchen away and asked that there was a way to save his life. However, Yinpei would no longer believe what he said, let alone the so-called life-saving method.

Huo Liantao posted invitations widely, causing many people from all walks of life to gather in Lingling City. In Lingling Guest House, brothers Zhu Chen and Zhu Ying at Xingnan Gate were taking a break. Seeing that the man at the side table was trembling with cold in the summer, they kindly presented the cotton-padded jacket, and they saw the man hurriedly leave after thanking him. This person Xie Yun left without saying goodbye.

There were a few coins wrapped in ice on Xie Yun’s desk, which attracted the poison doctor to follow, but when he chased it out again, there was still Xie Yun. By coincidence, Zhou Fei passed by Ying He Cong and entered the Lingling Guest House. She tracked it all the way with the help of Xingjiao. Only one step late was the result of passing by Xie Yun.

Suddenly, a group of ghost-faced people in white clothes broke the calm of the guesthouse and surrounded the Zhu family’s brothers and sisters. They were the disciples of Ding Kui, the master of Xuanwu Sect of Sixiang Mountain. Ding Kui came for the Demon Extinguishing Conference, but did not receive the invitation, so he had to send his disciples to snatch the powerless Zhu family brothers and sisters, and the two sides became arrogant.

Since the master of Xingnan Gate was seriously injured, his son Zhu Chen was weak and no one inherited the sect. He switched to business and was well taken care of by Huo Liantao. This time their brother and sister led several people in the gate to cheer for the Huo family. Now that he hadn’t seen Huo Liantao, he encountered Ding Kui snatching the invitation. When he was unable to resist, Zhou Fei had to help him to fight him back. This time, Li Yan, who secretly followed Yang Jin down the mountain, had to go with Zhou Fei.

The destruction of the evil spirits brought Chen Zichen and Mr. Bai to Lingling City. At the moment, Zhou Feituo is helping to investigate Xie Yun’s whereabouts, and Mr. Bai is the elder of the walking gang, and he has come to personally thank him for helping him last time. In the words, Mr. Bai was deeply aware of the hidden dangers of the Destroying Conference, so he wanted to find Xie Yun to persuade Chen Zichen himself.

They didn’t know that at the same moment, Xie Yun had already taken advantage of Mr. Bai’s absence to try to persuade Chen Zichen to leave to no avail. On this trip, Xie Yun accidentally learned from Chen Zichen that Zhou Fei had also arrived in Lingling City, and he took care to avoid being found by the other party.

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