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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 26 Recap

Facing Ye Xiaobai’s question, Guan Yihe tried his best to explain why he lost contact, but Ye Xiaobai believed that the identity of the two had changed. The children needed him, and he also needed him, hoping that he would not lose contact in the future.

Guan Yihe and Ye Xiaobai accompanied Guoguo for the inspection. Guan Yihe received Zhou Shengli’s call and told him to rush back to the company, otherwise he would take the blame and resign. Ye Xiaobai considered that Guan Yihe was still working in Shengli Financial, so he urged him to return to the company as soon as possible.

The employees of Shengli Financial Service introduced the Marvel Technology App from Shenzhen and hosted Li Hao, the head of the development company. Zhou Shengli arranged for the employees to buy the ice cream that the person in charge likes most. The head of the APP development company was a child.

Zhao Jinzi told Guan Yihe about the company’s situation in advance, hoping that he would be prepared in his heart. However, when Guan Yihe arrived at the company, the person in charge had already left. Zhou Shengli took the opportunity to embarrass him and asked him to take the initiative to demote and adjust his salary. Zhao Jinjin heard the conversation between the two and once again invited Guan Yihe to develop in the Shengsheng Fruit Industry.

Wang Yueyue handed Ye Xiaobai’s leave report to Mary. Mary did not expect that Ye Xiaobai did not resign and decided to transfer her to the company’s administrative department. Wang Yueyue invited Gao Shan to have a supper, hoping that he would bring Ye Xiaobai into his command. Gao Shan was unwilling to accept Ye Xiaobai. Wang Yueyue wanted to persuade Gao Shan to take advantage of the opportunity to drink, but Gao Shan was so drunk.

The prince was attending a wedding and suddenly received a call from Wang Yueyue and was about to drive to pick her up, but was stopped by the police to take pictures and his driver’s license was confiscated. The drunk Wang Yueyue wanted to tell Ye Xiaobai about his inquiries, but the prince dialed Ye Xiaobai’s phone but learned that Guoguo was in hospital. The prince took Wang Yueyue to the hospital, and Wang Yueyue told Ye Xiao Bai wanted to talk, but she didn’t expect to be blinded. If she wants to keep a job, she must act quickly.

After careful consideration, Ye Xiaobai decided to return to the company to work on the same day and informed Guan Yihe of the situation. Guan Yihe knew that Ye Xiaobai was born premature and had half a year’s vacation. He hoped that she could raise her body at home with peace of mind. However, Ye Xiaobai stubbornly wanted to return to the workplace, thinking that both her work and men should be guarded, and she could not stand by Watching Guan Yihe go to the fruit industry.

Guan Yihe understood the grudge in Ye Xiaobai’s heart, deleted the office sent by Shengsheng Guoye, and called Mr. Wang of Huiyou. Mr. Wang admitted frankly that he needs talents like Guan Yihe, but it takes time to arrange work for him. .

Zhou Shengli’s team settled Li Hao of Surprise Technology. Guan Yihe saw their signing and worried about the future of Surprise Technology. He thought that Zhou Shengli’s actions were immoral. Zhou Victoriously showed off his ability in front of Guan Yihe and let him get the golden wheel. Guan Yihe believed that investment banks must have a bottom line and could not brag unethically, which would harm the company.

Zhou Shengli was not used to the appearance of Yihe Crane, thinking that Guan Yihe was in Shengli Jinfu but thinking about Huiyou’s work in two ways. He was about to start teaching him, but he would be subdued by Guan Yihe. Guan Yihe saw that Zhou was stubborn in victory, so he was angry and decided to resign.

After examination, Guoguo is just a common inflammation problem, and can be discharged after a few days of recuperation. Ye Xiaobai confessed to the two mothers that he was about to return to the company to work. After hearing this, the two mothers strongly opposed. When talking about the family’s financial situation, Ye Xiaobai hoped that she and Guan Yihe would be able to support themselves.

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