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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 25 Recap

When the two mothers were out, Guan Yihe and his wife analyzed the advantages and disadvantages. Who knew that when the mother came back and discovered this, they immediately taught them a lesson. Ye Huifen also joined Liu Shumin’s ranks after returning home, acting strangely. Speaking of Guan Yihe and his wife, they even packed up and prepared to leave.

Guan Yihe persuaded the two mothers not to move them, so they had to walk into the room to see the children. The two mothers heard that Guoguo had milk moss, so they insisted on staying. At this time, Zhao Jinjin called and Ye Xiaobai deliberately said that Guan Yihe had taken two weeks of leave, and was worried that his work would not be guaranteed. After hearing this, the Guan mother immediately took Ye Huifen out to discuss, and Ye Xiaobai asked four. Individuals re-division of labor.

Zhao Jinzi gave the lucky ball to Zhao Fucheng. Zhao Fucheng was happy that his daughter had finally grown up, so he decided to go to Shanghai again in a few days. Zhao Jinzi immediately told Liu Xia about the incident and mentioned that his father was going to give Liu Xia a loan. Liu Xia promised Zhao Fucheng to invite him to dinner when he arrived in Shanghai, but Zhao Jinzi was bent on helping Yihe.

Wang Yueyue asked Gao Shan to verify Fengsheng’s attitude towards Ye Xiaobai, and was therefore worried that Ye Xiaobai would be fired by Fengsheng. Gao Shan thought it was normal to fire Ye Xiaobai. After all, she is already a mother. If the child is sick, she will have to take time off to take care of her. , Will greatly reduce the work efficiency of the entire group. Of course, President Cui might not be a dystocia, but when Wang Yueyue heard his analysis, he was even more worried about Ye Xiaobai.

Ye Xiaobai calculated a family account and found that the savings could only last for a year. Guan Yihe was in a bad mood due to poor work. He casually expressed regret that he did not go to Zhao Fucheng’s company. Ye Xiaobai felt that when he heard these words There is a grudge. That night, Ye Xiaobai questioned Guan Yihe about Zhao Jinzi, and the two had a conflict again.

Zhao Jinjin took Guan Yihe to see Zhao Fucheng, and Zhao Fucheng once again invited him to work in Shengsheng Fruit Industry. Guan Yihe hesitated because of concerns about Ye Xiaobai. Zhao Jinjin decided to give him a few days to consider, and then discuss with Zhao Fucheng for a reply.

Ye Xiaobai found Wang Yueyue, hoping that she could help submit the leave report and prepare to return to work in Fengsheng. Unexpectedly, when she returned home, she discovered that the humidifier at home was turned on too much, causing the child to have a fever.

The mother-in-law realized that her carelessness had caused the child to be hospitalized, and suddenly Liushen had no control. Ye Xiaobai was calm, went through the hospitalization procedures for the child, and arranged for the mother-in-law to go home to take care of the child. Ye Xiaobai couldn’t get in touch with Guan Yihe, so he had to work alone in the hospital, watching the baby in tears.

Guan Yihe went to Zhao Jinzi’s house to see Zhao Fucheng. Zhao Fucheng was temporarily unable to come. Zhao Jinzi and Liu Xia invited him to drink together. The three of them drank and chatted, but Guan Yihe did not answer the phone. After three rounds after drinking, Guan Yihe realized that his mobile phone was not answering the call, and then he realized that there was an accident and rushed to the hospital.

Ye Xiaobai didn’t dare to tell her mother the truth about the child, only to bear the pressure alone, when she saw Guan Yihe who was full of alcohol, her inner anger instantly burned to the extreme, so she vented out of her mind. Guan Yihe was also complaining about giving up work for the sake of his family, but Ye Xiaobai didn’t understand him.

After the two calmed down, they discussed medical expenses. Ye Xiaobai borrowed Guan Yihe’s mobile phone to grab medical alcohol, and found out that Guan Yihe and Zhao Jinjin’s WeChat content. In order to prevent Ye Xiaobai from thinking too much, Guan Yihe simply set Zhao Jinjin as an insurance company. Because of this, Ye Xiaobai was even more angry.

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