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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 24 Recap

Ye Xiaobai persuaded her to leave the hotel and go home and plan to live in Ye Xiaobai’s previous house to take care of them. Ye Xiaobai bluntly said that he would sublet the house and let Liu Xia help Ye Huifen find a house.

Guan Yihe went to the company to find Zhou Shengli theory, but Zhou Shengli did not follow the routine. Guan Yihe asked for a full consent to send overseas, but hoped to continue the two-week leave. Zhou Shengli was angry that Guan Yihe did nothing at the company but kept asking for leave, but at Guan Yihe’s strong request, he had to agree. When Zhao Jinjin saw Guan Yihe coming out of the office, he was concerned about the situation of his children. Guan Yihe thanked him for Doraemon on the table and asked him to find Liu Xia.

Gao Shan took the initiative to invite Wang Yueyue to watch the drama. Wang Yueyue happily went to Gaoshan’s “date” invitation, but found that there was no scene she had imagined. This date was just Gao Shan persuading Wang Yueyue to “hop over” to her team “Hongmen Banquet”. After disappointment, Wang Yueyue rejected Gao Shan’s suggestion, but Gao Shan did not intend to simply let Wang Yueyue go.

The next day, Gao Shan deliberately sent a message to Wang Yueyue in front of Mary, mentioning the date last night and his invitation, in order to provoke the relationship between Wang Yueyue and Mary. Wang Yueyue rushed into the Gaoshan office in a fit of anger, and said that he would never transfer his post, even if he managed ambiguously, it was useless.

Guoguo turned to safety, Guan Yihe finally breathed a sigh of relief, Ye Xiaobai hid in the bathroom and squeezed breast milk, and it happened to be discovered by Ye Huifen. Wang Yueyue washes Ye Xiaobai’s hair after get off work, and asks her about marriage by the way. Ye Xiaobai, as a past person, said that she needs to be cautious about getting married.

Guan Mu took Guoguo home, but Ye Huifen and Liu Shumin disagreed on the name of Guoguo, and were at a standstill. Ye Xiaobai found the gashapon that Zhao Jinzi gave Guan Yihe, and was very angry when he learned that Guan Yihe had covered up Zhao Jinzi’s employment in Zhou Shengli Company.

Guan Yihe explained the causes and consequences of Zhao Jinzi’s coming to the company, and comforted Ye Xiaobai not to think too much, and then showed her the photos of Guoguo. Ye Xiaobai lost a lot of anger. Ye Huifen brought chicken soup to Ye Xiaobai, saying that he would fix the name of the child as soon as possible. Guan Yihe also took what Ye Huifen had marked on the parenting book, thinking that Ye Huifen would definitely be unhappy about this matter. .

That night, Guoguo cried suddenly, and the mother-in-law broke into the room to coax the child without authorization. Ye Xiaobai was very upset because of her wrong way of coaxing the child. Early the next morning, Ye Xiaobai and Guan Yihe focused on their two mothers and could only use their mobile phones to discuss, so the two deliberately separated Ye Huifen and Guan Yihe to go out shopping for groceries, and then discussed at home how to deal with the next problem. .

Considering that two mothers will definitely have problems together, Ye Xiaobai wants Ye Huifen to help take care of the children, while Guan Yihe thinks that Ye Huifen does not have as much time to take care of the children as the mother. In the end, Ye Xiaobai wrote down the strengths and weaknesses of the two mothers, and Guan Yihe added on it, but it was useless to discuss them. He could only rely on guessing the Ding shell to determine the outcome.

However, there was no result of guessing Ding Shell, and Guan Mother suddenly came back, and then found Ye Xiaobai and Guan Yihe’s mind, so she accused Guan Yihe of marrying his wife and forgetting his mother. Even Ye Huifen didn’t know what to do.

At the same time, Mary plans to dismiss her because Ye Xiaobai frequently violated company regulations. Wang Yueyue fights the injustice for Ye Xiaobai, but has no choice but to find Gao Shan to express his inner dissatisfaction.

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