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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 50 Recap

Zhang Zhenyu arrogantly demonstrated. Zhang Liqian knew that time was pressing, and it would be difficult to get a letter of intent from the villagers within time to restore the situation. Zhang Zhenyu reported to Zhang Qizheng that the hotel has purchased the processing plant, and the time has come to ask the bank to draw money, and the Lingxiao Hotel will get it.

Zhang Liqian hoped to win Shao Zi’s approval, and confided to Shao Zi word by word the current crisis facing the Zhang Group: why Zhang Qihong insisted on the strategy of marriage and Zhang Liqian did not want to sacrifice his love, so he must try his best to save the decline. Zhang Liqian and Xu Tianai sent a project plan, but Lingxiao villagers kept complaining and driving away.

When Shao Zi learned of the urgency of the “15-day deadline,” Shao Zi’s attitude seemed to start to change. Xia Xiaqin asked Zhao Zimo’s opinion when he saw it, but Zimo provoked and criticized the relationship between Tianqin and Shao Zi. Tianqin was unbelievable. How did Zhao Zimo change in front of him! Zhao Zimo was possessed by the plague god, and his soul was trapped in the nether world.

Shancai had already noticed the BOSS abnormality, found an opportunity to cut off the deadly red line between Zimo and the Plague God, but was discovered by the Plague God. Zhao Zimo caught the gap and returned to his position, but was unable to impose sanctions on the Plague God because the golden abacus was gone! Tianqin felt that Zimo was strange, and insisted that Zimo take a good rest. The God of Plague didn’t give up Xiaqin’s orders at all. When she passed Zhang Zhenyu in the hotel, she unexpectedly appeared a puzzle in the past life-Zhang Shihao! ?

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