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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 49 Recap

After the plague god possessed Zhao Zimo, he choked Yuelao, Shancai and bluffed the gods. Shan Cai Han bluffs God to find that Zi Mo’s golden abacus bracelet is missing, but Zi Mo doesn’t care. Xia Xia did not know that Zimo was possessed, but she also felt that Zimo was weird. The God of Wealth even slapped Sophia wildly, making her feel full of ambiguity. Zhang Liqian was frustrated because he couldn’t persuade Shao Zi. Xu Tianai moved into the Shao’s house.

He frequently made moves and deliberately showed off. He also assisted Zhang Liqian to publicize the plan to transform the old street, which made Shao Zi upset. Yushu told Zhang Liqian that he had liked Shao Zi since he was a child, and hoped that he would let him go and stop making Shao Zi sad. Shao mother looked at Shao Zi sad and very distressed. She told her daughter that your parents will always be your backing. Hearing his mother’s comfort, Shao Zi finally let go of his guard and cried out his grievances.

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