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Forever Love 百岁之好,一言为定 Episode 23 Recap

In order to support Jiang Zhenghan, President Xie planned to leave the company so that Jiang Zhenghan would not mind the rumors. Gu Xiaoman was very worried that she could not contact Jiang Zhenghan, nor Xia Linxi, so she asked Chen Yichuan to help. Duan Ning and Chen Yichuan knew about Jiang Zhenghan. They didn’t believe that Jiang Zhenghan had leaked secrets. It happened that the counselor called Jiang Zhenghan, and Zhang Huaiwu thought Jiang Zhenghan was about to drop out. The counselor actually wanted to find Jiang Zhenghan about the specific situation.

There was a lot of scolding on the Internet. Jiang Zhenghan said that he would not do such a thing, but I am really sorry for the impact on the school. Xia Linxi finally found Jiang Zhenghan, but He Guangyu led someone to find faults deliberately, insulting Jiang Zhenghan as trash, and saying that Xia Linxi had no eyesight. When Jiang Zhenghan heard this, he impulsively punched He Guangyu. He Guangyu refused to give up. Fortunately, Professor Shi came forward to solve it.

Professor Shi asked Eckvis to come forward and give Jiang Zhenghan’s innocence. The senior brothers in the computer department also helped to find evidence, hoping to help Jiang Zhenghan to make things right. Everyone in the division of labor and cooperation, all believe that Jiang Zhenghan is innocent. Professor Shi said that where there is light, there will be shadows, and where there are shadows, they are derived from light. He believes that his vision will not be a problem, and the truth will come to light one day.

With Jiang Zhenghan’s strength, there is no need to disclose secrets. Xia Linxi and Gu Xiaoman did logistical support and bought dumplings for everyone. Jiang Zhenghan was very happy to eat dumplings. Xia Linxi said that they were bought in the cafeteria, but she would learn to make dumplings from Jiang’s mother in the future, and then make them for Jiang Zhenghan.

Xia Linxi went to the supermarket to purchase a lot of household goods, but all bank cards were frozen when paying. Xia Linxi thought of what Xia’s mother had said before, but she didn’t use the bank card Jiang Zhenghan gave herself. Instead, she looked for after-school online Part-time tutoring. Xia Linxi came to a counseling agency for an interview, but unfortunately, Zhuang Fei was also here, and Zhuang Fei complained that Xia Linxi was here to watch her jokes.

Xia Linxi said that he could concurrently take up six courses. During the first trial class, he met Xu Fan, a male student in the cram school, molested. Xu Fan saw that Xia Linxi was beautiful and secretly took pictures of her with her mobile phone during class. Photo. When Xia Linxi returned home after finishing her part-time job, Jiang Zhenghan saw that she was three hours later than usual. In order not to distract Jiang Zhenghan, Xia Linxi didn’t tell him about taking part-time jobs, and even secretly made courseware overnight.

Xia Linxi came to the cram school early in the morning and met Xu Fan’s mother aggressively. Mother Xu thought that Xia Linxi deliberately seduce her son, accusing her of poor character, impoliteness, and disrespect for her elders, and spilled coffee on Xia Linxi’s white shirt. After Zhuang Fei saw it, she deliberately teased Xia Linxi to let her retreat. Xia Linxi said that it was no big deal. She lacked money and needed this job, and lack of money is not a shameful thing. The cram school colleagues came to comfort Xia Linxi, knowing that she was wronged, Zhuang Fei was jealous when she saw it.

When Qin Yue saw that Xia Linxi had entered the cram school, he furiously approached Jiang Zhenghan to reason, saying that he was not qualified to be with Xia Linxi and was unable to protect her. Jiang Zhenghan thought that Qin Yue was asking himself to talk about the company’s project, but he did not expect to see the photo of Xia Linxi on the poster who was doing tutoring.

Xia Linxi suffered a lot of grievances in the cram school, Jiang Zhenghan did not reveal her, but gave Xia Linxi a big hug. Jiang Zhenghan felt that he hadn’t protected Xia Linxi well, and asked her to work part-time for herself.

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