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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 20 Recap

At 8 o’clock in the evening, Lu Ke called Shen Siyi to watch the TV show in the living room. When she saw Siyi’s pile of clothes on the sofa getting in the way, she helped her tidy up. Siyi said she didn’t need to do it anyway. With his clothes stuffed under the table, Lu Ke got angry and went back to the room.

Milian Yolu from the London headquarters can see her. She wants to dig her to the headquarters to be responsible for the Asian sector. When Lu Ke returned home, she saw that Siyi had already prepared the food. In order to make up for her work, she bought a robot cleaner to help them with housework. Lu Ke told Siyi that she had gone to meet Miriam, and a new moderator was opened at the headquarters to promote Asian designers. They wanted her to be responsible for the content in the past, but Siyi disagreed with Lu Ke. Lu Ke’s stubbornness came up and she insisted on going. The more Si Yi was like this, the more she wanted to stay away from her.

Zhang Mang encouraged Lu Ke to go to the headquarters, and he also wanted to go back to London to spend more time with his parents. After Mr. Liang told Siyi’s headquarters to transfer Lu Ke, he decided to increase financial support for the household from the next quarter, considering that the household needs a period of adaptation. Siyi felt that this was equivalent to selling Lu Ke. Mr. Liang asked Lu Ke to first Go there to adapt for a week and then make a decision.

Then Lu Ke and Zhang Mang left for the airport, but Siyi did not go to see her. Lu Ke knew she was busy but was still a little unhappy. When they arrived in London, Lu Ke felt that everything was fresh. Miriam and her colleagues welcomed her warmly and arranged for her to stay in a good hotel.

Bai Xiaochuan is going to New York on a business trip. He is sitting in front of the computer preparing a document. Si Yi calls him. He wants to meet with her later, but she says she doesn’t know when to work overtime. She asked him if he missed her, he said nonsense that he had been away for half a month. At this moment someone knocked on the door. He got up and opened the door and was surprised to see Si Yi smiling and standing at the door. She smiled and said that if she wanted to, her wish would come true.

Zhang Mang took Lu Ke to see his parents. Lu Ke also showed off the Cantonese he just learned. Zhang Mang’s parents liked her very much. Bai Xiaochuan packs up his bags and prepares for a business trip. Siyi wants to go diving with him on November 11. Bai Xiaochuan said that he might not be in Shanghai at that time. She thought he was going to be on a business trip, but he said that he would work for a long time. He was going to New York this time to talk about this. Siyi was very angry to hear that he was going to work in New York.

Zhang Mang took Lu Ke to the bar. She was surprised to find that the bartender actually knew what she liked to drink. Zhang Mang smiled and told her that Siyi worked here before. He often talked about her with Vincent, and Lu Ke asked Vincent. Siyi said something about her, Vincent said that Siyi was very concerned about her, most of the time Siyi wanted to say sorry to her. Zhang Mang knew that Lu Ke could not bear Siyi, he would support her if she wanted to go back, he would go where she went anyway.

Returning to the hotel in the evening, Lu Kezheng hesitated to call Siyi. He didn’t expect Siyi’s phone number to come. After the connection, the two chatted with each other. Siyi heard that Lu Ke said that the environment in the London headquarters is good and the people are enthusiastic. She also met Zhang Mang’s parents and saw that everything was good there. Siyi asked her if she had decided. Before Lu Ke could answer, she asked if she had any After watching the latest talent show, the two turned on their laptops and happily watched and chatted together.

Bai Xiaochuan came back from a business trip. He invited Si Yi to dinner and gave her a gift. He apologized to her and said that he hesitated before. He thought a lot in New York. He was more afraid of losing her than losing his freedom. He rented her a house. Her company is not far away. Siyi was also unhappy because Lu Ke was going to work in London. She was her best friend and she didn’t want her to leave. Bai Xiaochuan embraced her and said that if he didn’t leave, she still had him.

Zhang Mang and Lu Ke returned from London and brought a lot of souvenirs to their colleagues. Lu Ke happily came to Siyi’s office with a gift, but saw that she was talking to others. The person she was talking to was Yu Shan and was working in fashion. Siyi introduced to Yu Shan that Lu Ke was the former editor-in-chief of Life Home Going to be the editor-in-chief of London Living. Seeing that Siyi was already looking for the editor-in-chief, Lu Ke was a little depressed. Siyi felt that Yu Shan was pretty good.

Although she had less experience than Lu Ke, she could not tie Lu Ke to her side forever. Siyi asked her if Miriam had decided there, and Lu Ke said Miriam wanted her to go there as soon as possible. Siyi told Lu Ke that she was going to move out soon and was near Bai Xiaochuan’s home. Lu Ke was surprised when she heard it. She didn’t expect Si Yi to move for Bai Xiaochuan. Si Yi smiled and said that she had never expected it.

Then Lu Ke went to find Zhang Mang and gave him a pair of boots and said that they were going to a place where it rained frequently. Zhang Mang thought it was Chengdu. Lu Ke asked him to think farther away. Zhang Mang could not help but see Lu Ke decide to go to London. Surprised. Lu Ke said that Siyi was looking for a new editor-in-chief, and life would be fine without her.

One day Siyi overheard Bai Xiaochuan calling. Bai Xiaochuan hung up the phone but saw Siyi looking at him quietly. She said that it would be boring to act again. Bai Xiaochuan said that Brown Stone wanted him To be the vice president of North America, he wanted Siyi to go with him. Siyi felt that he had not considered her at all. She knew him too well that they were a kind of person.

Bai Xiaochuan wanted to contact her when she was in a good mood, but Siyi said that they don’t need to contact in the future, saying that she picked up her bag and coat and left. The tears of Si Yi walking in the cold street couldn’t help but she took out her sunglasses and put on her sadness to cover her heart.

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