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Across the Yalu River 跨过鸭绿江 Episode 7 Recap

Unable to contact Peng Dehuai, Deng Hua and others decided to take precautions against the current situation first. Although the original plan is no longer feasible, the US military’s mentality of pursuing victory and the anxiety of trying to get the lead is a weakness. The Wolfwood Mountains divided North Korea into two battlefields, the east and the west. The dispersion of the US forces caused a gap in the middle. This is a volunteer army. An opportunity.

Mao Zedong, who was asleep in a chair, woke up suddenly, and then wrote a telegram to the volunteers. The 42nd Army was ordered to cut off the Wonsan-Pyongyang railway line to contain its forces so that the main force could wipe out the three enemy divisions, and emphasized that living with Peng Dehuai should not be dispersed. This arrangement was in line with the ideas of Deng Hua and others. They immediately ordered the 42nd Army to arrange the main force of the army.

As for Peng Dehuai’s situation, I had to postpone the call back. Because the vehicle was too slow, the envoy had to stop and wait for Peng Dehuai. Peng Dehuai got out of the car and got into the car of the North Korean special envoy and went straight to the base camp of Kim Il Sung. President Peng urgently needs to see Kim Il-sung. At present, the US and puppet agents have not found this place. The safety can be guaranteed. He decided to go alone and not wait for the guards behind.

After reading the telegram, Mao Zedong called again to make sure whether they lived with Peng Dehuai and were not scattered. Deng Hua had no choice but to send people to step up the search, and at the same time demanded that the 42nd Army must separate the US forces on the east and west sides, and must not allow the two waves to merge. Zheng Rui analyzed the tire marks on the ground and found that the radio car was heading towards the 24th Division of the US Army. Zheng Rui and Lu Chengfeng finally caught up with the communications vehicle that was stuck on the road again, and turned around to take a shortcut to join Peng Dehuai.

Mao Zedong sent a third urgent call, demanding that the US military’s east-west line must be prevented from converging, and air-raid shelters should be built to ensure the safety of Peng’s headquarters. The overnight urgent telegrams showed Mao Zedong’s concern and concern about the Korean War and Peng Dehuai’s safety. Zheng Rui and Lu Chengfeng had already turned to look for President Peng, which gave the command headquarters finally some hope.

The Political Counsellor in Dadongli, North Korea, Chai Chengwen is already waiting. Kim Il’s representative manager Peng will send a car to meet him for a short break. The unsure Peng Dehuai washed his face and asked about the battle. Chai Chengwen told him that the situation was not optimistic. The main force of North Korea was cut off, and the army that the People’s Army could still fight might only be explained clearly by Kim Il-sung himself.

The enemy army is still two hundred miles away, but when talking with President Peng, he can clearly hear the explosion on the other side, perhaps they are already surrounded by the enemy. In order to ensure the safety of Kim Il Sung, North Korea only uses human-to-human communication. President Peng ordered Chai Chengwen to find a radio station to get in touch with the troops. The North Korean comrades brought President Peng to Kim Il Sung’s place, and the two sides finally met after many hardships.

Lu Chengfeng spotted the American paratroopers by the river in the woods. The U.S. troops advanced smoothly. He speculated that these paratroopers should be a reconnaissance squad. The danger is approaching them and they must quickly find President Peng. Zheng Rui and Lu Chengfeng discovered the enemy while running, and quickly slid to the low-lying side. Fortunately, the opponent was the Korean People’s Army.

The Korean-speaking two informed each other about the discovery of the American airborne troops, and the North Korean soldiers also told them that they were performing a special defense mission and told them to pay attention to safety. Knowing that it was a special defense mission, indicated that they might be very close to Mr. Peng.

At the end of the meeting, Peng Dehuai saw that the guards had just arrived, a row of fighter planes flew in the sky, and President Peng stood calmly on the ground to observe the situation. After fighting for so long, he encountered such a situation where he could not contact the troops and the enemy and us is unknown. Kim Il Sung ordered his subordinates to find a gold mine named Dayu Cave which could be used as an air-raid shelter for the Volunteer Army headquarters. Go, here is very suitable as a temporary residence.

President Peng couldn’t sleep at night. He ran up to the top of the mountain and looked at the enemy planes flying above him. Without the radio car, he could not find the troops nor contact the Central Committee and was very disturbed. Cui Lun finally drove to Dayu Cave. The angry President Peng threatened to be punished. Fortunately, the radio is not damaged and can be sent immediately. The explosion sounded again. Listening to the noise from the north, Mr. Peng wondered if the enemy had gone around behind him.

Zheng Rui and Lu Chengfeng also rushed to learn that they had discovered that the enemy President Peng had inquired about the situation. The US airborne troops had already invaded Suchuan, not far from here. Zheng Rui worried that President Peng suggested to evacuate. But the troops have not arrived yet, and President Peng cannot retreat as the coach. The mission of Lu Chengfeng and Zheng Rui was over, and President Peng ordered the two to return to the team to participate in the battle.

Mao Zedong finally waited for Peng Dehuai’s situation. This lonely hero made everyone take a breath. The number of enemy troops has reached more than 440,000. Mao Zedong suggested that we should concentrate our forces on the enemy on the western front in order to open up the situation. Nie Rongzhen, as a volunteer army, wins in secret. The importance of victory in the first battle is very important to them and the entire situation in the Far East.

The command finally received a telegram from President Peng. The situation on the North Korean side was very unclear. He ordered Deng Hua to come and meet as soon as possible. The plans of President Peng and Mao Zedong coincided with each other. Deng Hua ordered the 38th Army to quickly seize Miaoxiang Mountain to block the enemy on the eastern front. .

MacArthur arranged for the Eighth Army to advance to the Yalu River at the fastest speed, but the US government required that non-North Korean troops not enter the area north of Xuanchuan to avoid stimulating the Chinese Communist army. MacArthur was convinced that China would not dare to send troops, and he must confront China on the Yalu River.

Lu Chengfeng and Zheng Rui were teasing each other. A car passed by Lu Chengfeng and shook hands with his brothers. They set foot on the way to the 42nd Army and returned to the army to fight. No one knows whether the two can meet again during the war.

The 118th Division finally arrived at the station, and the commander Deng Yue and political commissar Zhang Yuhua came to report to Peng Dehuai. Peng Zongxi smiled and could finally see the troops. When he didn’t encounter the enemy, the two found that there were continuous cannons in Wenjing’s direction. They were only 30 miles away from here, and Mr. Peng was in danger. President Peng was still fearless, and he asked the 118th Division to immediately rush to the north of Wenjing to lay in an ambush to form an encirclement to destroy the enemy.

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