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Across the Yalu River 跨过鸭绿江 Episode 6 Recap

Seeing the children frolicking, Peng Dehuai’s heart was both joyful and sad, and he had to face the cruelty of war again. Mao Anying was sitting on the plane and found an apple in the envelope of her schoolbag and her father’s handwritten journey. She recalled that she went to the tomb of her mother Yang Kaihui and confided in her 20 years of missing.

He was proud of his parents’ ambition and courage. To make meritorious deeds and not to shame his parents, I hope people will no longer call him Mao Zedong’s son, but remember him as Mao Anying. Peng Dehuai watched Mao Anying be beside him in a trance behind him, and told him to rename his identity to keep his identity secret. Mao Anying became an ordinary volunteer soldier under Liu Yongfu’s name.

Truman told MacArthur that all intelligence shows that China is likely to participate in the war, but MacArthur still insists that the current situation has been reversed. The number of troops that can enter North Korea through the narrow Yalu River is only 50,000 to 60,000. China without an air force will directly face the slaughter.

It would take one or two months to complete the crossing of the river, when North Korea had already been unified by South Korea. Truman asked about his plan after the reunification of the Korean peninsula. MacArthur said that only the Tenth Army needs to be left, and the rest of the army will be withdrawn.

Zheng Rui asked Lu Chengfeng to guess the head’s next move. Lu Chengfeng didn’t pay attention to the book at all, and it was rare for Lu Chengfeng to bluntly conduct investigations like Zheng Rui. The self-defeating Zheng Rui bluntly said that he was really uncomfortable with Lu Chengfeng in the past, but his performance in North Korea made him admire and wanted to make friends with him, but since he had such an attitude, he would break up. Peng Dehuai would go to North Korea to meet with Kim Il Sung in person. Hong Xuezhi asked Zheng Rui and Lu Chengfeng to accompany the chief to protect Peng Dehuai closely.

Pyongyang is also about to fall, Mao Zedong ordered a power generation to tell Peng Dehuai to cross the Yalu River on the evening of the 19th, Zhou Enlai and others reconsidered. At the same time, Mao Zedong reminded North Korea to send troops to North Korea only to do nothing, and there must be no news in the newspapers.

The troops will cross the river secretly in the dark, and victory in the first battle is critical to the transformation of the Korean war. Xie Fang made arrangements for the entire arrangement of crossing the river, and the radio will remain silent throughout the process. Deng Hua said that the preparations for crossing the river are now complete.

As for confidentiality, the requirements can be refined after the crossing is completed. Peng Dehuai ordered Deng Hua and Hong Xuezhi to take charge of the work of the headquarters. Deputy Commander Han Xianchu followed the Forty Army. They were probably the first troops to encounter the South Korean Army after entering the DPRK.

Du Ping and Deng Hua would go to fight the first battle, and Zhao Rudi was responsible for the transfer of agencies. The first time the Chinese army goes abroad to fight, it is very likely that there will be many unpredictable things. Peng Dehuai proposed that the discipline of the army must be closely followed, and if there is any violation of military law, it will be dealt with.

North Korea sent a special envoy to see Peng Dehuai, who held Peng Dehuai’s hands and eagerly asked about the date of the dispatch of troops. He was finally relieved to learn that the volunteers would dispatch troops tonight. The fall of Pyongyang has become a settlement, MacArthur also clamored to occupy the entire territory of North Korea before Thanksgiving, drink horses and Yalu River.

North Korea transferred the temporary down payment in order to preserve its strength. Kim Il-sung urgently needs to meet with Peng Dehuai. However, for safety reasons, Kim Il-sung’s movements are not even clear to the special envoy. He just urged Peng Dehuai to leave immediately.

Deng Hua was very worried about Peng Dehuai who went to North Korea alone, but Peng Dehuai had to meet with Kim Il Sung in person to understand the truth. Zheng Rui saw Peng Dehuai and Lu Chengfeng hurried forward to salute. Peng Dehuai recognized that these were the two lads who had entered the DPRK to investigate, but refused their mission to protect themselves. The troops are now in need of talents, even if they are really in danger, the two of them will not help.

The two had to stay where they were, and were arranged to enter the DPRK together at random. Before leaving, Peng Dehuai took a deep look at the five-star red flag raising the flag. Deng Hua said with emotion that Peng Dehuai is still wearing clothes from the northwest. He has gone back and forth to Beijing three times in ten days. The hardship is self-evident.

Lu Chengfeng was angry that Zheng Rui’s talk was too much at a critical moment, and Zheng Rui also knew that he had been overly excited and did something wrong, but his troops still don’t know where and how to enter the court. Mao Anying, who has the pseudonym Liu Yongfu, notified the two of them to enter the dynasty together at random. Zheng Rui thanked Secretary Liu excitedly and said that he would teach him how to use it on the battlefield.

When asked about his hometown, Liu Yongfu replied that he was born in Hunan and his family was in Beijing. Zheng Rui envied him that his capital was close to Chairman Mao. He also asked the elders in his family and invited him to eat dumplings at Anton’s home after the war. The two left with shoulders and backs, Lu Chengfeng complained about Zheng Rui’s last sentence.

Ma Fuyao, the instructor of the fifth company of the artillery regiment, was about to hold the oath meeting, and he had to chase after Officer Li to change the words he wrote for himself. But when he looked at it this way, Li Guan told him excitedly that these words may be liked by the people of the whole country, and they may even go down in history. This Ma Fuyao is the lyricist of the volunteer army’s battle hymn.

On the Yalu River Bridge, Peng Dehuai got out of the car and looked at the New China to salute. Here, the future is uncertain but the heart of defending the country is jumping in the chest of every Chinese soldier. The troops concealed their entry into the DPRK and successfully crossed the river. Nie Rongzhen reported to Mao Zedong that the troops would arrive at the scheduled location tomorrow night. Taking advantage of the tranquility before the storm, he told the chairman that he wanted to sleep well. Once the war started, it would be difficult to sleep well. Up.

The North Korean people were displaced because of the war, and Peng Dehuai looked anxious in his eyes. Pyongyang has fallen, and Kim Il Sung evacuated from Deokcheon, which means that the volunteers cannot reach Pyongyang and Wonsan smoothly after crossing the river. The envoy speculated that Kim Il Sung might be in the train tunnel in Heecheon, but now Peng Dehuai can only contact him through a phone.

MacArthur ordered the troops to accelerate and end the fighting before Thanksgiving. However, the Staff Council opposed him distributing the two forces at both ends of North Korea and establishing their own headquarters, which was too distracting in terms of deployment. MacArthur despised the strength of North Korea. According to Washington’s method, the war would last until next year, and then ordered the Airborne Corps to intersperse in the rear of North Korea.

The wheels of Cui Lun’s truck plunged into the mud, and he could only watch Peng Dehuai’s car drift away. It would be too dangerous to enter the DPRK without a radio. Peng Dehuai ordered to follow the special envoy’s vehicle, and if it is not dangerous, he will be required to do anything.

The communication vehicle that caught up could not determine the direction of Peng Dehuai’s vehicle. Hong Xuezhi also caused conflicts between enemy planes and local people because the driver turned on the lights. An old man who could speak Chinese reminded them that enemy planes ahead of them were not suitable for bombing. Forward. Deng Hua and others, who had lost contact with Peng Dehuai, were worried, and the People’s Army was about to withdraw to the Yalu River, and Peng Dehuai’s safety became a problem. : The marching speed is also very slow now, it is impossible to arrive on time if it continues.

Peng Dehuai still has no news. Deng Hua held a meeting and the enemy was less than 70 kilometers away from the planned combat area. The domestic plan has been completely broken. As soon as the telegram was intercepted, MacArthur personally commanded the airdrop of troops and tanks. What is more troublesome is that Peng Dehuai is currently marching towards Xichuan, while the radio vehicle is running in the opposite direction. They have not yet grasped the situation of Xichuan.

Deng Hua issued an order that all radio stations must respond to calls from the headquarters, strictly abide by discipline and not use radio at will. At the same time, Han Xianchu and Hong Xuezhi emphasized that all troops should try their best to understand the enemy’s situation, arrange logistics and deployment, and never reveal their whereabouts. Deng Hua decided to send Zheng Rui and Lu Chengfeng to look for the radio car and immediately go to Xichuan to meet Peng Dehuai.

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