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Across the Yalu River 跨过鸭绿江 Episode 4 Recap

The North Korean envoy finally saw Mao Zedong, his hands were excited with tears in his eyes. They are already well aware of the situation in North Korea, and the special envoy took out a letter from Kim Il Sung that North Korea’s desire for China to fight in North Korea is very urgent. The South Korean army has crossed the 38th line, and the 13th Corps will soon cross the river to fight.

At present, only three bridges can pass through in Ji’an, Changdian River Mouth, and Andong, but the U.S. military is likely to blow up the bridges. They must be prepared to build pontoon bridges on the Yalu River. The military and civilians must be fully mobilized to prepare ships. All preparations must be made to cross the river before October 10.

Zhao Rudi, chief of the combat division of the 13th Corps, was ordered to investigate the situation of the Yalu River and prepare for the erection of the floating bridge. The old horse of a certain car company in Anton was asked by the company commander to pack his things and set off. The hippy smile made the company commander helpless. Pulling aside, the company commander called his master. Now there are important tasks that he needs to complete with the outstanding soldiers behind him. The commander calls him to go. Lao Ma had already packed his luggage and put it in the car. He knew it was about to cross the river.

The bombing by the US army has also brought great challenges and threats to the automobile company, and it is even more necessary to select the best soldiers to drive the leaders. First, in order to keep their sight, they must adapt to driving without a windshield. Second, the carport must be tilted to listen to the movement of the aircraft. Third, they must be owls.

They must be able to turn off the lights in time at night, or even gallop without lights. Hong Xuezhi’s speech encouraged the officers and soldiers of the automobile company and asked them to practice hard work and prepare for battle. In order to adapt to the battlefield, officers and soldiers had to train late every night. Such tenacious willpower is really admirable.

Daughter Jiaojiao came to Mao Zedong and shared her Peking opera “Red Cliff”. When the brave meets on a narrow road, the brave wins. Mao Zedong happened to receive a call from Zhou Enlai and asked him to send a special plane to take Peng Dehuai back to Beijing to attend the enlarged Politburo meeting. The dispatch of troops to North Korea is of great importance, and it is sooner rather than later. At the meeting, Lin Biao suggested that it is most appropriate to send troops to the four fields in the northeast.

The weather near the water tower is similar, but his idea of ​​sending troops to North Korea is to go out instead of fighting to avoid a full-scale war with the United States. Mao Zedong did not agree with this view. The political angle of the Communists is to carry the revolution to the end. Deng Xiaoping looked at Lin Biao, who was holding his forehead, and this old headache was committed again.

The secretary came in to tell Mao Zedong that Peng Dehuai had arrived. Zhou Enlai got up and walked to the gate to meet Peng Dehuai. Zhou Enlai analyzed the intentions of the United States, saying that the deployment of the United States in Asia would force China to compete with Taiwan and Vietnam. Peng Dehuai asked the Gaogang Central Committee next to him whether he decided to send troops, but now there are too many different opinions to make a final decision.

Peng Dehuai also wanted to ask his personal opinion, but Mao Zedong interrupted their small meeting and let everyone speak freely. Gao Gang also believes that it is not appropriate to start a war with the United States. Some of the participants think that they should not wait to die, and some think that the Soviet Union should be invited to send troops. Peng Dehuai frowned and did not comment, and the meeting ended in disagreement.

Peng Dehuai browsed through the documents in Mao Zedong’s office. The US military has crossed the 38th line in ignorance of China’s warnings. North Korea is facing life and death, and China, also a communist country, cannot stand alone. Peng Dehuai saw that Mao Zedong had made up his mind. It was not so easy for him to make up his mind, which concerns the safety of the people of the country and the lives of hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Peng Dehuai recognized Mao Zedong’s thinking. The question now is not whether to fight but how to win.

Mao Zedong analyzed that although the Air Force was a weakness of New China, the Soviet Union could provide air support. The U.S. sent troops to have too many malpractices, the logistics supply line was too long, and other countries did not send many troops to each other and it was difficult to coordinate. Moreover, the Soviet Union also mastered the atomic bomb and did not worry about the U.S. nuclear threat.

Mao Zedong considered supporting in the name of the volunteer army, not giving the United States a pretext for declaring war on China, localizing the North Korean issue, and avoiding the outbreak of World War III. Peng Dehuai of the Northeast 13th Corps under the Four Field Corps proposed that Lin Biao would be the most suitable leader. Mao Zedong gave Peng Dehuai a night to consider the candidate for Lin Biao’s headache. After tossing and turning, Peng Dehuai was lying on the ground and couldn’t sleep. He simply wanted to come to the North Korean map to start research.

Fu Zuoyi sent a letter in support of sending troops to North Korea, and Mao Zedong said that the democrats are still like this, and the Communists cannot shrink back. The United States has repeatedly dropped bombs and is extremely arrogant. Peng Dehuai expressed his opinion that US control of North Korea and Taiwan is a serious threat to the security of East China and Shanghai. They can start a war at any time. China is no longer a time of poverty and weakness. Even if some bottles and cans are broken, it is nothing more than a victory in the war of liberation a few years later.

After that, China will be able to carry out construction in a down-to-earth manner. At this point, sending troops to North Korea was a foregone conclusion, and Mao Zedong officially announced that Peng Dehuai would lead his troops out. When he was in danger, Peng Dehuai came to the 13th Corps to meet with these old men. He firmly stated that he would fight tenaciously on the Korean battlefield with everyone present.

In North Korea, Zhang Mingyuan, deputy director of the Northeast Army’s logistics department, led the investigation chief Cui Xingnong, as well as Zheng Rui and Lu Chengfeng to conduct investigations under the leadership of the local villagers. Lu Chengfeng watched the situation with binoculars and suddenly asked them to get in the car. Then an enemy plane from the US army flew out from behind the mountain to chase their car and shoot. Fortunately, they were able to escape the pursuit in time.

Lu Chengfeng saw the radar and antenna through the reflection of the telescope. He immediately understood that the U.S. military must have set up an observation point and air force guidance station there, and they had spotted himself and the group from a high level. Zheng Rui admired this comrade-in-arms very much with a thumbs up. Lu Chengfeng was a veritable military talent after staying abroad and went to the military academy, but he just bowed his head and said nothing in the face of praise from the chief and his comrades.

After investigation, the 13th Corps found that North Korea’s transportation routes were almost completely destroyed, large-scale artillery support was also difficult to achieve, and logistical supplies such as food and vegetables were difficult to guarantee. The temperature in North Korea in winter is extremely low and the thickness of snow is deep. The troops must do well. To prepare for the cold, this battle is bound to be difficult.

The name of the Volunteer Army officially fell on the soldiers of the 13th Corps. Peng Dehuai encouraged the soldiers to twist into a rope. There is nothing to be afraid of if you dare to fight.

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