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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 25 Recap

Che Lizi said he knew that Gan Tianlei had an agreement with the police, and he would not care, as long as he didn’t delay business matters. Che Lizi asked Gan Tianlei if he thought of anything, such as God of Wealth. Gan Tianlei said that if he was familiar with it, Che Lizi stopped talking. The horse team came to a cafe that Tai Yongfeng and Gan Tianlei had seen before.

Yang Xiaolei and Xiong Guoliang called. Dao Yuhan drove next to her. Xiong Guoliang was very worried about Yang Xiaolei, and Yang Xiaolei hung up without saying a word. Yang Xiaolei saw that Dao Yuhan liked Xiong Guoliang, and Dao Yuhan admitted, but she also knew about Xiong Guoliang’s pursuit of Yang Xiaolei. Yang Xiaolei said that she has someone she likes and won’t fight with her. Gan Tianlei also came to the cafe.

In 2004, he met Tai Yongfeng and gave the things left by Uncle Hai to Tai Yongfeng. Please give him to his wife. At that time, Gan Tianlei didn’t want to have anything to do with the police, but Tai Yongfeng said that he had chosen him in his sophomore year. If it weren’t for the bar, he is already a policeman. When Gan Tianlei was about to leave, Tai Yongfeng stopped him and cursed him. Is he still like a soldier’s son like this?

Uncle Hai had mentioned Gan Tianlei with Tai Yongfeng before his death, saying that he was white in his bones, and Gan Tianlei knew who he was the best. Tai Yongfeng said that Uncle Hai’s wife did not cry or make trouble, and that he just hoped that he would not die in vain. This gun must always be picked up, and Gan Tianlei is very suitable. Gan Tianlei refused, but Tai Yongfeng asked him to think about it.

Gan Tianlei went to the bathroom and found the mark and mobile phone left by the horse team. Tai Yongfeng sent a message asking him how he was. Gan Tianlei said that he was fine, and the previous things are almost remembered. Che Lizi wants him. The set of passwords in my mind, and there are a lot of goods hidden in different places, from the reactions of Dr. Niu and Sanjie She, the picture is true. Nanhai is very complicated, but Gan Tianlei will be safe tomorrow before Che Lizi gets the code.

Yang Xiaolei went to the agreed place, but Gan Tianlei didn’t come. Cherries came. Che Lizi obviously understood everything about them and asked Yang Xiaolei to call Xiong Guoliang. He just wanted to have a chat. Yang Xiaolei clenched her fist and called, Xiong Guoliang suddenly became nervous when she heard Che Lizi’s voice. Che Lizi said that Gan Tianlei was theirs at first, but later it was theirs. Anything he did was enough to get shot at them.

Che Lizi said that their goal is the same, that is, to retrieve the former Gantianlei, and he is not bad at Gantianlei. Yang Xiaolei and Xiong Guoliang refused to believe him, but Che Lizi said that he sincerely wanted to cooperate with them. The most important thing was that Gan Tianlei was in his hands. They had no choice. Just listen. Xiong Guoliang asked Yang Xiaolei to wait for him. news.

Gan Tianlei was pouring around in the house, and the memories of Uncle Hai in his mind kept pouring out, and Gan Tianlei shattered the mirror in front of him in a rage. Che Lizi heard the noise coming in, and Gan Tianlei asked him where his mobile phone was. Che Lizi took out a new mobile phone. Gan Tianlei was very angry. He didn’t like others touching his things. Che Lizi stepped back and bowed and apologized.

The current Gantianlei is the Gantianlei of the year, and the Gantianlei who said nothing is too powerful. Gan Tianlei asked Che Lizi to give him those pictures, Che Lizi took out the gun and asked him to kill himself, so that Caesar and the damned drugs would go to hell. Gan Tianlei gritted his teeth and pressed the cherry on the table. Do you think he dare not? Gan Tianlei didn’t kill Che Lizi, even if he wanted to die, he would have to wait for it to be done.

Po Tan asked someone to give Mustache a newspaper, she meant to solve the cherry and interference on the spot. Xiong Guoliang asked Yang Xiaolei to stay in the South China Sea, and he was always available as a backup. Moustache and Abao drink tea and provoke that Sanjie She will not take the brothers to heart. Moustache said that Gan Tianlei was San Sister She’s dream lover back then, and A Bao couldn’t bear the charm of She San Sister. Moustache took the opportunity to tell A Bao that Gan Tian Lei was not Caesar’s at all, he was a policeman!

In the Gandu Shopping Mall, Hong Wu and Chen Sidong made an appointment to meet here. Xiong Guoliang led some people to stare in the dark, but Chen Sidong did not expect to show up. A large package appeared on the elevator, which was full of cash. Tan Xiaosi said that he took a ten-jin big order and ran to look for Tan Laosan to show his power.

Tan Laosan was worried about his safety, but Tan Xiaosi didn’t care at all. Li Ke and others came to Sister Fang, and they asked Sister Fang to ask Tan Xiaosi for ten kilograms of goods. Sister Fang had done ugly things before and said they would like to work for them in the future. In Huacheng Hospital, Lao Bai’s brother died, and Lao Bai hated Tianlei even more, and agreed to Chen Sidong’s request.

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