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The Message 风声 Episode 9 Recap

Wang Tianxiang suddenly noticed that the light in the monitoring room on the opposite side was flashing. He quickly led people in and searched, only to find that the room was empty, full of plaster figures, but after they smashed all the plaster models, they found a woman by accident. Hidden inside.

Just before five o’clock, Gu Xiaomeng handed over the translated secret telegram to Jin Shenghuo. Li Ningyu came out of the office and asked her that the business process of the Intelligence Department was that the deciphered documents must be signed by themselves before they were reported. Jin Shenghuo quickly explained that it was himself.

Please forgive her for any offense in the deciphering task assigned. Li Ningyu asked Gu Xiaomeng to hand over the original to re-check the calculations, and then report it after confirming the correct signature, otherwise she would immediately report to the commander’s office in accordance with the requirements of the confidentiality code.

Jin Shenghuo had no choice but to ask Gu Xiaomeng to surrender the original and give Li Ningyu 20 minutes. Regardless of the result of the verification, he must report it. Gu Xiaomeng accused Li Ningyu of only deciphering and refused to hand over the original. Li Ningyu broke into Gu Xiaomeng’s office and took the materials on her desk. Only 17 minutes were left.

Jin Shenghuo returned to the office and immediately called Captain Xu of the operation team and asked him to prepare all thirty plainclothes with guns. Jin Shenghuo pointed out that Gu Xiaomeng was completely self-inflicted. She had been forcing herself to save Li Ningyu on the boat. She also had a chance to get rid of her. As long as the medicine was put in coffee for 30 seconds, it could be fatal.

Gu Xiaomeng said that she would be killed by Wu Zhiguo. Yes, Jin Shenghuo laughed and replied that this is the reason why a woman like Li Ningyu can live in this place. When Gu Xiao applied to go home, Jin Shenghuo told her: Once the secret code is deciphered, no one who handles it is allowed to contact the outside world. This is a dead rule in the confidentiality code. Gu Xiaomeng had to say that he had to get out of the bathroom.

Gu Xiaomeng was very confused. She knew that she had tampered with the meeting time on the secret telegram for two hours. This change would never escape Li Ningyu’s eyes. She imagined that Jin Shenghuo said the time was up, and she took her to find it. Li Ningyu, Li Ningyu would definitely tell them that the secret meeting was not at eleven, but at nine, and based on the traces of the process, she judged that the error was deliberate, and then she accused Li Ningyu of squeezing herself out everywhere and taking the opportunity to touch the poison Go to the wound on her hand, then set Jin to fire and kill.

The following process was the same as she had guessed, but Li Ningyu’s answer was: According to the traces of the deciphering process, she found that there were three errors. The time was nine o’clock instead of eleven, and the code name and location were also wrong. Gu Xiaomeng’s Business ability is too bad. Jin Shenghuo said that Gu Xiaomeng had almost missed his major event, and hurried away.

Li Ningyu asked Gu Xiaomeng to retranslate the correct translation content and write her signature. Gu Xiaomeng told her that she was going to quit the intelligence department. Li Ningyu pointed out that she made a deliberate translation error, but one translation error was a motivational problem, and many translation errors It was a technical problem. Gu Xiaomeng did not expect such a result, and thanked Li Ningyu blankly.

Gu Xiaomeng immediately called home and found out that her father had left early in the morning, and she was anxious. Li Ningyu, who was on the other side, called Secretary Bai to tell the story. After Gu Xiaomeng went downstairs, she saw Wu Zhiguo’s wind and fire leading the team straight to Phoenix City in the west of the city. She was up and down in her heart. Suddenly she saw that her father came to the work unit to look for her. Finally let go of his heart.

Jin Shenghuo asked Li Ningyu why she had just deciphered the telegram, and Captain Wu took the people to catch it first. After Li Ningyu admitted that he had gone, he reported the secret telegram to Commander Zhang. This was done to protect himself. She guessed that the content of this secret telegram was fake. Gu Xiaomeng’s deciphering error should have been inherently interfered by the law of military union encryption.

This is like a fake message forged by a certain spy agency, but once the action leads to undesirable consequences, the confidential responsibility cannot be shirk. Jin Shenghuo understood that Li Ningyu was wrong. Li Ningyu immediately apologized to her, but Li Ningyu offered to resign, saying that Gu Xiaomeng had also said to leave two hours ago. She knew that not only was it confidential, but the entire headquarters had no place for her.

Jin Shenghuo apologized again sincerely, and I implore Li Ningyu to help him analyze who has forged this sealed telegram for what motive. Li Ningyu said that this is not his strength. However, Jin Shenghuo figured it out: from the interception of the telegram by the Telecommunications Division, to his asking Gu Xiaomeng to decipher it, and then to Bai Xiaonian reporting to Commander Zhang, Commander Zhang arranged for Wu Zhiguo to arrest them.

Together, these five people were the five people on the crypto ship. There is only one possibility, thanks to Commander Zhang. Li Ningyu was surprised that Commander Zhang was actually the concocter of the fake text. Jin Shenghuo explained that Commander Zhang was worried that a real military agent would appear among the five and that he would not survive or die. This all stems from Wu Zhiguo’s text: Qiu village.

After arriving home, Gu Minzhang told his daughter that the sealed telegram should be fake, because Wutong Guild Hall was the secret contact point of Zhongtong, and it was impossible for Dai Li’s secret envoy to meet there. Gu Xiaomeng understood that it turned out that Jin Shenghuo was testing herself, because she had framed him since the code boat, but the person who really saw her flaws was Li Ningyu. Gu Minzhang told his daughter that no matter who made the fake secret electricity, they did not suspect Xiaomeng, and now Gu Xiaomeng has to forget the fake secret electricity.

If Jin Shenghuo was the person who forged the fake secret electricity, Xiao Meng would have been exposed when Li Ningyu exposed her. But Li Ningyu was also impossible, because she pointed out to Jin Shenghuo that the error actually helped her out, so she was not a tempter.

Gu Xiao dreamed of not understanding why Li Ningyu kept repelling herself from approaching her, but took the risk to save herself while on the code boat, and then hid it for her when she discovered her problem. Why did she save herself several times. Her father told her: According to the secret telegram they deciphered on the ship, the German army will attack the Soviet Union in the next few days. The German telegram encryption method is related to the overall situation, which is more valuable than any mission.

Wang Tianxiang came to the morgue to look for Longchuan Hihara. He saw Morita’s body and felt gloomy. He reported to Longchuan that he had sent four secret telegrams to different places according to his instructions. Only Jin Shenghuo immediately organized the deciphering and reporting. After the deciphering result, the other three, Liang Hongzhi, deciphered it but did not report it.

Wang Kemin’s people did not act. Wang Tianxiang felt that there was no problem with the deciphering process of the suppression headquarters, so they could rule out suspicion, but Long Chuanfei Yuan however thought that the suspicion of suppressing the headquarters was the greatest. He congratulated Wang Tianxiang for arresting the old man, a member of the underground organization of the Communist Party of China, for another contribution! He obtained the information from the content of the “Jiayuan” magazine.

He found that when the leak occurred, the cover girl of the magazine changed from Chinese to Japanese, so he inferred that the old man used the most arrogant way to transmit information: A best-selling magazine is widely advertised, and the sales of this magazine are very good. Therefore, only the beauty invited by Wang Tianxiang can determine the cover girl. He believes that they can come up with this way of conveying information on the cover of the magazine, and they must also have it. Self-preservation.

At this time, the CCP’s Hangzhou station intelligence agent Eagle Eagle was secretly connecting with his superiors in the bookstore. The superiors instructed him: Immediately find out the internal situation of the arrest and the person in charge of the operation. Eagle said that the old man is a one-way intelligence line to contact the old gun and the old ghost. , He suggested that the old gun and Songgui evacuate or dormant immediately. The superiors said that the old man did not know their true identities.

Longchuan Feihara told Wang Tianxiang: It took him a year to find out that the CCP still hides an old ghost and an old spear among them after using the oriole. Wang Tianxiang suddenly remembered who the old man is: she is Qianhu Yi’s second wife, Long Chuan ordered him to immediately investigate the relationship between the five commanders-in-chief and the magazine.

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