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The Message 风声 Episode 8 Recap

Li Ningyu bluntly said that Gu Xiaomeng gave her this pot of Clivia because she regretted the words she had said to herself on the boat, so she used this pot of Clivia to express to herself that she was loyal to the Japanese. Gu Xiaomeng confessed that he was selfish but also sincere. Li Ningyu asked Gu Xiaomeng to tell Director Jin that she was transferred to the data department.

Gu Xiaomeng bluntly said that the intelligence department was short of people. Otherwise, Zhao Xiaoman, who had just gone out, would not be reprimanded in Li Ningyu’s office for so long because of a secret telegram. Li Ningyu said that Gu Xiaomeng was too Self-righteous, just now I was only conducting business training for Zhao Xiaoman.

Gu Xiaomeng judged from the color of the nail polish on Zhao Xiaoman’s hand that she secretly ran out to do it while Li Ningyu was away during working hours, and that she was arrogant when she first visited Li Ningyu’s office, indicating that she was right for Li Ningyu. The guests are not respected enough, so Zhao Xiaoman is not worthy of trust.

Li Ningyu said coldly that Gu Xiaomeng’s little cleverness should only be able to deal with the telecommunications section and the action team, and it would not be of use to her. Gu Xiaomeng picked up the “Jia Yuan” Chinese magazine on Li Ningyu’s desk and said that she could recite any article within the specified time, so as to prove that her memory is competent for the job, and this is the latest issue of the magazine She just started selling in the morning, and she didn’t have time to prepare in advance. Li Ningyu gave her an opportunity to take an assessment.

Gu Xiaomeng memorized it smoothly at the stipulated time. Only three words were wrong. Li Ningyu promised to give her a month of inspection time during which Gu Xiaomeng wanted Undertake half of the translation work of the department, if it can not be completed, still return to the office. She finally reminded Gu Xiaomeng: memory is important, but forgetting is more important than memory. Li Ningyu then tore up the magazine content that Gu Xiaomeng had recited by heart.

Wang Tianxiang was ordered to report to Longchuan Feiyuan to assist him in investigating the murder of Morita. He came to the scene of the cipher ship, pushed the door of the switch room and saw a pool of blood on the floor. He was about to take a closer look. He was slapped by Longchuan Hihara. Long Chuan Feihara took Jin Shengxian’s confession to satirize Wang Tianxiang as a master torturer. Mitsui Shou did not come out in the first trial all night, but he had the ability to refer to a deer as a horse, otherwise there would be such a quick death confession. Wang Tianxiang did not dare to argue. Longchuan Hihara speculated that it took only seven minutes from the murder to the reporting to leaving.

Morita left the office for a short time, but there was a footprint in his blood stain, which means that the blood dried up and stepped on it. Yes, he has compared the footprints of Mitsui and Morita, so whoever steps on the footprints is the murderer. And when Morita and Mitsui broke into the electromechanical room, the murderer had not had time to leave. He had already determined that the murderer was hiding on the roof of the ship. Therefore, it was not only impossible that Jin Shengxian was the murderer, but also Stalin’s spy.

This is because if it is to sell information, the information will be divided into two parts. The first part will be exchanged for a deposit, and the balance will be paid after inspection. People with Stalin beliefs will not do this. In terms of the success rate of the assassination, Gu Xiaomeng is most likely to succeed.

It is precisely because her father is rich in the enemy’s country that she desperately wants to enter the spy department to be born to death, and she is likely to replace the knife after the murder, but a young woman It is impossible to climb on the steel pillar ceiling for ten minutes, so Gu Xiaomeng cannot be the real murderer. Li Ningyu had an injury on her hand, and she was nervously deciphering the second-generation machine, so she could not be the murderer. Bai Xiaonian didn’t get on the ship at all when the murderer broke into the electromechanical room, and he also eliminated the suspicion.

But Jin Shenghuo is an ace agent of the military command. He is over fifty years old. The key is that he wears glasses. Even if he can climb up, his glasses will fall off, so it is impossible for Jin Shenghuo. And Wu Zhiguo did not have time to assassinate Morita. He was on the stairs at the time. It was impossible to kill and return the knife in such a short period of time. Moreover, Wu Zhiguo had no motive to kill Morita.

In this case, all five members of the General Headquarters of Suppression were ruled out, and the murderer was Only Jin Shengxian remained, but this kind of speculation Longchuan Feiyuan always felt that something was wrong, and he decided to force them to show their feet first. At this time, his subordinates came to report: the oriole sent a secret message: the old man in the underground party organization of the Chinese Communist Party finally showed signs!

Zhuangdie Theater actor Liu Zonglin sent a message to Gu Xiaomeng. Gu Xiaomeng called him angrily in the office and warned him that the general radio report was also under surveillance. Liu Zonglin asked her to buy the new version of Jiayuan with a smile on his face, saying it Belle’s waywardness towards love was written for her, Gu Xiaomeng cursed “boring” and hung up the phone. Zhao Xiaoman in the office asked her curiously if she was talking on the phone with her boyfriend.

Gu Xiaomeng ignored him and said that the relationship between Li Ningyu and Wu Zhiguo was not ordinary. He told Li Ningyu’s three husbands in detail and also said that he was from the Intelligence Department. As soon as the intelligence came out, Chief Jin didn’t know, but Wu Zhiguo knew about it first. Gu Xiaomeng reminded her that the secret work of the Intelligence Department was involved. She had to write down one by one and report to Chief Li. Zhao Xiaoman stopped talking. ,

Retaliatedly handed her translation task to Gu Xiaomeng, and asked her to complete it before 12 o’clock tomorrow, emphasizing that she must come first, then come first. Although Gu Xiaomeng agreed, she deliberately picked up the empty files for her to pick up. The conversation between the two was heard by Jin Shenghuo outside the door. He pushed the door in and reminded Zhao Xiaoman that the relationship in the office is not first-come-first-come. Time passes and changes are the most terrible. Those who are in a hurry can only stand aside.

Jin Shenghuo arranged for Gu Xiaomeng to immediately put down his work, first decipher his secret telegram, and report the result directly to him. Zhao Xiaoman listened to this and left in anguish. Jin Shenghuo told Gu Xiaomeng that Zhao Xiaoman was the niece of the former commander Qian Huyi, and the new Commander Zhang was doing her best to remove the traces of the old forces. She wanted to do so by herself.

Gu Xiaomeng perfunctorily said that Jin Shenghuo looks like Hades, but she is actually a Bodhisattva. Jin Shenghuo emphasized that the results of this deciphering must be reported directly to himself before dawn, because this is a secret telegram sent to Chongqing by the high-level military administration intercepted by the Telecommunications Section.

He knows that Chief Li is making things difficult for Gu Xiaomeng. If she succeeds in cracking this time, She can stand firm in the intelligence office, and no one dared to move her at that time. Jin Shenghuo then called the Logistics Department to arrange first-level security for Gu Xiaomeng, and told her that if the deciphering fails, she will not be able to keep her in a confidential place.

When Zhao Xiaoman handed over the documents to Li Ningyu, he specifically said that Chief Jin had let Gu Xiaomeng break the plan. In the evening, Jin Shenghuo saw that Li Ningyu was also working overtime, so he caredly called to let her go home earlier, so that she could do the unfinished work tomorrow.

Gu Xiaomeng quickly deciphered the message: Director Jun ordered to meet in Guzhou at the Phoenix Mountain Wutong Hall at 9 am on the 21st. Gu Xiaomeng was taken aback. She knew that her father’s code name was Guzhou, so she immediately called the logistics office and asked her family to send herself a can of Blue Mountain coffee, but the other party refused and said she would report to Chief Jin.

On the other side, Longchuan Feihara finally knew who the old man of the underground CCP was based on the information provided by the oriole. He ordered Wang Tianxiang to arrest him immediately, but he would not let the horror betrayed.

Jin Shenghuo went to Gu Xiaomeng’s office to urge the results. Gu Xiaomeng lied that it had not been translated yet. Jin Shenghuo saw the word “Lonely Boat” in the documents and claimed that he was Dai Li’s number one spy in Shanghai. He wanted to get them arranged before the meeting. After the arrest, Gu Xiaomeng promised to decipher it before five o’clock and send it to his office. Jin Shenghuo gave Gu Xiaomeng a can of Blue Mountain coffee before leaving.

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