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The Message 风声 Episode 10 Recap

In the general headquarters of the suppression, Gu Xiaomeng gave the letter of reflection to Li Ningyu, but Li Baoyu informed her that she had said in the morning that she could go through the resignation procedures as soon as possible. His resignation letter was also confiscated, and at seven o’clock tonight, Commander Zhang’s family banquet called them all. Li Ningyu said that he could not go because he had to go back to celebrate her husband Lao Pan’s birthday. She told Jin Shenghuo that only one of herself and Gu Xiaomeng could stay in the Intelligence Section, or both of them could leave.

Director Jin asked for a ruling, and then turned around and left. Jin Shenghuo reluctantly said that Gu Xiaomeng really offended Li Tiancai. At this time, the two heard that someone outside seemed to be making trouble. They rushed to see that it was Pan Hanqing who slapped Li Ningyu in public on the stairs of the hall. Gu Xiaomeng shouted loudly. Reprimanding him for daring to fight an officer in the headquarters of the suppression, Zhao Xiaoman also persuaded the young couple that the matter should be dealt with at home.

Only then did Gu Xiaomeng know the relationship between the two, and Pan Hanqing did not stop and warned Li Ningyu not to allow her to return home. Li Ningyu was wronged that he was going back to celebrate his birthday. Pan Hanqing smiled bitterly that she was a trash and asked her to find her man. He threw Li Ningyu’s suitcase on the stairs and turned around. Gu Xiaomeng stopped him and accused him of the marriage certificate.

It’s not a death-free gold medal. He is not just a trash, but also a lunatic. She slapped Pan Hanqing severely. Li Ningyu was angry that even if Gu Xiaomeng did this, she would not agree to her return to the intelligence department. Gu Xiaomeng claimed that he was not for her, but For her sister Yu, Pan Hanqing asked to beat Li Ningyu again. Wu Zhiguo rushed over and pinched Pan Hanqing to the ground.

Li Ningyu couldn’t pull him away, so he simply pulled the dagger from Wu Zhiguo’s waist and stabbed Wu Zhiguo. With a stab in his arm, Wu Zhiguo was stunned and finally let go. Pan Hanqing staggered up and said that as long as he didn’t die, he would be trapped in Li Ningyu for the rest of his life. He laughed and walked away.

Wang Tianxiang reported to Longchuan Feihara that, except for Jin Shenghuo, everyone was related to this Jiayuan magazine. This magazine was very popular among the ladies. They all made cheongsams according to the cut in the magazine, Wang Tianxiang said Bai Xiaonian was to show his goddamn filial piety. Gu Xiaomeng was a cover girl for an issue. Li Ningyu often reads this magazine. So Longchuan Feiyuan ordered a combined investigation of the code ship and underground party cases.

Wang Tianxiang asked his subordinates to check if there was any contact between Longchuan Feiyuan and the people of the General Headquarters of Suppression, because he saw that Longchuan had just seen the body of the former commander-in-chief Qian Huyi in the autopsy room.

Wu Zhiguo was injured. Jin Shenghuo said that Commander Zhang’s family banquet might not be completed. Wu Zhiguo asked Li Ningyu sadly. Li Ningyu replied that he did not want to be the third survivor. Wu Zhiguo told Jin Shenghuo: There was no Lone Boat on Phoenix Mountain. Perhaps their intelligence was wrong or there was a leak, so he killed everyone who could be caught on the mountain. Jin Shenghuo sighed that Chief Li was really a genius, but Wu Zhiguo had killed dozens of people, which was too much of a favor.

On the other side, Commander Zhang and Bai Xiaonian were chatting at home. Commander Zhang said that the position of deputy commander of the General Headquarters was always vacant. Jin Shenghuo and Wu Zhiguo were both staring, but Bai Xiaonian and Bai Xiaonian were most important to him. Self-humility qualifications and military merits are not comparable to them, but Commander Zhang said that he was just looking for a butler who would be in harmony with him. At this time, Jin Shenghuo called and explained the situation to Bai Xiaonian and rejected the banquet.

Commander Zhang was a bit annoyed. Bai Xiaonian explained to him what happened today. Commander Zhang said that he did not believe this excuse. What are the four of them? Everything is done, it is because there is a ghost in my heart that I feel that every meal is a banquet. Moreover, Wang Tianxiang told him that the Japanese Intelligence Department had not received Jin Shengxian’s confession.

Now the case has fallen into the hands of Longchuan Hihara. The Japanese need to investigate again. Commander Zhang’s instructions to Bai Xiaonian are eight words: Kill with a knife. , Chopping grass and rooting.

Gu Xiaomeng invited Li Ningyu to the house after get off work, and gave her the photos when disembarking, saying that this was the real Li Ningyu. She didn’t understand why Li Ningyu had to tolerate that bastard. If she wanted to kill him, she could help. Li Ningyu said coldly that it was her husband, and even if she abused herself, it had nothing to do with Gu Xiaomeng. She left and got up, Gu Minzhang went downstairs and stopped her, and invited them to dinner. During the dinner, Gu Minzhang thanked Li Ningyu face-to-face, saying that he recognized Li Ningyu at a glance in the living room.

He saw the photos his daughter took of Li Ningyu, and he knew that Xiaomeng’s life on the code boat was saved by Li Ningyu. Xiao Meng didn’t know the seriousness and brought the illegal camera on board. Since the Suppression Headquarters did not pursue it, the Japanese Intelligence Department would also investigate it. However, with the inappropriate photo of Li Ningyu, her violation became the newcomer’s recklessness.

It saves a fatal disaster. Li Ningyu admitted that she had deliberately let Xiaomeng take the photos, in order to dispel Xiaomeng’s suspicion and to test her, so she always believed that Gu Xiaomeng was not suitable for intelligence deciphering work, and tried her best to oppose her entering the intelligence department, and she knew that Gu Hui She has only one daughter and loves her like her life, so I don’t want her to take such risks. Gu Minzhang said that he would respect his daughter’s choice, but he didn’t say thank you.

After that, Li Ningyu could use his own place to speak, but Li Ningyu thanked Gu Minzhang for his kindness and did not drink. Before leaving, Gu Xiaomeng wanted to give Li Ningyu the photo, but Li Ningyu didn’t pick it up, saying that the crisis had been resolved and there was no need, so Gu Xiaomeng drove her away. Gu Minzhang looked solemn when he saw the two leaving at the window.

On the way, Gu Xiaomeng asked Li Ningyu whether the injury on her hand was healed. Li Ningyu said meaningfully as long as she didn’t eat the licorice she gave. She knew that licorice could relieve cough, but only a few more slices could cause edema. Unfortunately, Gu Xiaomeng Her painstaking design made her hand injury worse, and she tried to get close to herself and enter the intelligence department.

Is it for the second generation Enigma machine? But she thought that Gu Xiaomeng was the daughter of the ship king, and the price of buying her was too high, so she could not be a spy. Gu Xiaomeng confessed that she gave up the foreign aristocratic social circle, not to witness genius, but to experience adventure. It feels like a French lion hunting. They have been intoxicated by the dopamine that burst out in the blink of life and death. Li Ningyu called her a lunatic .

Gu Xiaomeng asked Li Ningyu again why he helped this lunatic out of danger over and over again. The two were talking. Suddenly, the car was forced to stop by Wang Tianxiang’s car. Wang Tianxiang said that they were ordered to go to the 76th to decipher the secret telegram on the 76th. Gu Xiaomeng asked him to stop the car. After showing the warrant of Commander Zhang, Wang Tianxiang took out a warrant from Chairman Wang.

After getting in the car, the two knew that Jin Shenghuo and Bai Xiaonian were also there. On the way, Li Ningyu suddenly coughed continuously. She wiped it with a handkerchief and got out of the car. The window was thrown out, and the handkerchief was picked up by Lao Bie, a liaison officer at the Hangzhou Station of the CCP who was dressed as a cleaner.

Wang Tianxiang took the four to the east building of Qiuzhuang, where Commander Qian was killed. Gu Xiaomeng saw a fish next to the pond and was about to reach out to touch it. Bai Xiaonian reminded her that there was a piranha inside. Jin Shenghuo lamented that it was a ghost place. After the four entered the room, they found that Wu Zhiguo had been waiting for a long time. Jin Shenghuo told Wu Zhiguo that after the mission was over, the large team and the confidential department were merged to save him from running in two places. Bai Xiaonian joked that once the merger, Chief Jin became the deputy commander.

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