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Love Script 她和他的恋爱剧本 Episode 13 Recap

The sharp tingling was transmitted directly to Luo Kaihuai’s memories through vision. The bad picture was tempted to appear, and she was about to faint. At this time, Zhu Xuanwen covered her coat on her head, isolated the fear from her, and immediately appeared to make her protective wall. He took her out of the Yike Building all the way.

When he arrived at the gate, Zhu Xuanwen saw a very familiar person, but there was only a virtual shadow in his heart, so he did not stop. Shortly after she came out, Luo Kaihuai returned to normal. Seeing Zhu Xuanwen getting normal day by day, her cutting-edge phobia did not improve at all. She couldn’t help feeling a little depressed.

Seeing that she was short of interest, Zhu Xuanwen asked her to see her tonight. Luo Kaihuai walked all the way to the lake with flowers and candles according to the instructions. At the end of the flowers was her prince. The two rowed on the lake together. Hearing that Zhu Xuanwen had prepared a surprise for her, Luo Kaihuai’s gloomy mood had a little bright meaning.

Unexpectedly, the next moment he let go and hit the oars far away. The surprise hidden in the bushes was not ordered, and Ford also held a cage of fireflies and fed the mosquitoes for nothing. Fortunately, there are meteors crossing tonight. Coincidentally, it is also a surprise.

Lianyi hid behind Zhu Xuanwen to tease him, but was hugged. Now she is not stubborn and ready to marry. Now Zhu Xuanwen has recently become addicted to Xiaole, and gradually agreed to work in modern offices under Luo Kaihuai’s seduction and pretending to be angry. Dave and Linda are still fighting. Although a sick number is always taken care of, the murderer is not ambiguous at all. Fortunately, Dave is careful and knows how to give in time.

Dave found that Yang Qian, under Mei Changting’s men, may be the murderer who caused him in a car accident, and was loyal to Mei Changting. If you want to find out his handle, you have to know how to fish a long line and watch it first. Mei Changting thought Zhu Xuanwen was stupid as a prince.

Zhu Li came to the royal palace to visit Zhu Xuanwen that day and deliberately dropped a watch to test him. This was his brother’s watch with his second uncle Zhu Li when he was alive. Now it has been passed on to him, but Zhu Xuanwen still pretends to be curious but he doesn’t know him.

When Zhu Li of Wangfu happened to meet Yang Qian and another man in a hat in the coffee shop, he took the opportunity to find out that he was an employee of the auto repair shop. Will this have anything to do with Zhu Xuanwen’s car accident? So he emailed Zhu Xuanwen a photo of the auto repair shop.

The point of the matter is to an auto mechanic, but of course, you can’t let an acquaintance like you take the lead, so Luo Kaixiao became the best candidate, both a raw face and his own person. Luo Kaihuai met Zhu Li after visiting Linda on that day. He specially checked the information about acute phobia and bought a string of bells for her. If you are in trouble, you can shake it to distract her.

Zhu Xuanwen wants to find out the facts and return to normal life as soon as possible, and face Luo Kaihuai with a modern Zhu Xuanwen. Luo Kaihuai was still concerned about a food festival here. He wanted to invite the handsome men and women dressed up with him to go out. Zhu Xuanwen just laughed at his head, which made Luo Kaihuai feel angry and insisted on dressing very quietly and beautiful to go out with him.

The food street is full of the fragrance of all kinds of snacks. The trees on both sides are decorated with colored lights to illuminate the road. People come and go and couples love each other sweetly. They also walked through the crowd like ordinary couples, eating all kinds of delicious food.

When they were tired, Luo Kaihuai sat down and rested. Seeing that his high heels were really hard, Zhu Xuanwen bought a pair of slippers for her to change and threw them away directly. After that, he took him to catch the doll, but unfortunately, none of them succeeded, so Zhu Xuanwen found a head to turn Cairo to make fun, and when she came back, Zhu Xuanwen held a doll for her.

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