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Love Script 她和他的恋爱剧本 Episode 12 Recap

Linda finally woke up. Dave was worried aside, seeing her cracked mouth and personally smearing her some water, and fearing that she would be bored to show him a movie, Linda was flattered by her sudden good attitude.

In the palace, Luo Kaihuai confessed his mistakes in a low voice. The medicine in chicken soup was used to treat Luo Kaihuai but was poisoned by Linda, who was accidentally hit. She should be punished. So Zhu Xuanwen slapped her in the palm of her hand lightly, with a force comparable to tickling. Nian, when she is full of love, punish her to be simple and to wash and wrap her feet, since this time she is ashamed of Zhu Xuanwen and has to admit her death. After dismissing Luo Kaihuai, Zhu Xuanwen listened to Dave’s report on the progress of the investigation. The man behind him dared to use Luo Kaihuai as a gunman, and he must get to the bottom of it.

When Zhu Xuanwen got up early in the morning, he couldn’t touch any clothes, including all the clothes in the cabinet, so Luo Kaihuai should wash them all, so he could only come to Luo Kaihuai to wear clothes wrapped in a quilt. The clothes are all washed, and they must be ironed to dry. So Zhu Xuanwen wrapped the quilt in this way, and felt sorry for her sore hands and helped her knead the clothes. The clothes were burned by the iron. This is Luo Kaihuaiji After doing bad things with good intentions, doing bad things with kind intentions again.

After getting the correct bracelet, Luo Kai laughed and intended to give it to Tao Zi directly. When she went to the gym, she heard that Tao Zi was urged to marry and was arranged for a blind date. After hesitating in his hand, this bracelet still did not send it out. He pretends to follow Taozi all the way to the blind date. The other party is a conceited big man’s idea. Taozi doesn’t like it and leaves. Who knows that the other party is very dishonest. When the blind date is unsuccessful, he still has to ridicule her. Luo couldn’t help laughing anymore. Live come forward.

Appearing in the image of a peach’s model boyfriend, he spoke with exaggerated and sincere words, as if he was giving the standard answer to the person next to him, and finally put on a bracelet on one knee. In the end, the two of them threw down the man in the posture of a winner and walked away.

Zhu Li brought Luo Kaihuai to an art museum, where it was white and bright. Luo Kaihuai was enjoying those advanced artworks. Suddenly the piano sound came. The music can give people strength and calm the restless heart. Zhu Li hopes she will calm down. , And wait until sanity returns. That night, Luo Kaihuai began to check the recent monitoring of the treatment center, and recorded and screened one by one, but the workload was too large, even if she was too aggressive, she couldn’t stand it. When she fell asleep, Zhu Xuanwen gently clothed her.

In the dream, Lianyi is guarding the blessing card and under the peach blossom tree, waiting for Zhu Xuanwen’s return. The return date has come. If he does not come back, Lianyi decides to go out and look for him. Holding her with both hands at this time, he came back. The frontier fortress battle was well-tested, and in the end he not only brought back the news of victory but also obtained the Xuanyuan Pill, and Lianyi was saved from illness.

Luo Kaihuai was still sleepy when he woke up, and couldn’t lift the energy in anything. Even the “delicious” made by the Lord himself was not enough to wake up tired Luo Kaihuai. Zhu Xuanwen couldn’t. He picked her up and asked her to wait for the bed. The daytime bed was really inappropriate. Luo Kaihuai was embarrassed, but Zhu Xuanwen said that the waiter was just sleeping with her. I didn’t expect Luo Kaihuai to watch it. No sound, there was such a lustful woman inside, Zhu Xuanwen only found her amused.

Finally coaxed Luo to sleep. The last sentence of her sleep was still saying that he would be cured. Zhu Xuanwen couldn’t bear her fatigue. He ordered Dave to take Luo Kaihuai’s work and screened the surveillance overnight, and finally found treatment. Sister Juan in the center had contact with a tightly bound person, and the masked mysterious person instructed her to change the medicine. Zhu Xuanwen looked at the masked man in the surveillance system and felt familiar, but he couldn’t remember it for a while.

While waiting for Luo Kaihuai to wake up from sleep, Zhu Xuanwen still had a leisurely mood to make a vibrato. Who knew that a mosquito was flying around to disturb her dreams, Zhu Xuanwen ran around to catch the mosquitoes, and finally came to the bed. Standing firmly and falling to Luo Kaihuai, pressing over was a kiss. The two of them were so awake at the moment, and they were sitting in a hurry. At this time, the vibrato on his hand was still ringing. Luo Kaihuai was surprised, but Zhu Xuanwen was evasive.

The truth must be linked to benefits, and benefits can only be seen from data. Zhu Xuanwen now has to take the risk of going back to the company to get data. Luo Kaihuai also came to Yike. She was going to take a few photos of Zhu Xuanwen’s office to help him remember. So Zhu Xuanwen disguised as a maintenance worker and came to the office to download the data. On the other hand, Luo Kaihuai came to the office to take photos. Zhu Xuanwen was in a hurry. Hiding under the desk, Luo Kaihuai suddenly became addicted to drama and played the daily life of President Zhu Xuanwen. This made Zhu Xuanwen, who was hiding under the table, nervous, and his heart would rise and fall out of his body.

Finally, when Luo Kaihuai left, Zhu Xuanwen managed to escape from here. He heard an employee say that there was a beautiful brooch in the new design today. Who was Zhu Li to admire? He stopped and changed his steps. The new products were displayed exquisitely, Luo Kaihuai swam lazily, and suddenly saw a brooch, the sharp thorn made him dizzy, and he was about to faint for a while.

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