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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 17 Recap

Lei Shigen remembered that Lei Dongbao gave him the money to keep the account clearly. The old hoon jumped up and down in the village and said a lot of bad things about Lei Dongbao. Lei Shigen’s backbone was almost broken, and he didn’t dare to release it after being released. Pass the door. Yang Xun was so anxious that his market was still linked to Xiao Lei’s house, so he went to Lei Shigen’s house. Lei Shigen cautiously opened the door to let him in. Lei Shigen was also very self-blaming. He just wanted to make sure that he hadn’t thought of coming to check the account.

He didn’t know how to call Song Yunhui when he wanted to call. Yang Xun said that he had discussed with Song Yunhui before coming. As long as Lei Shigen reversed his confession and accepted bribes, Lei Dongbao took all the responsibilities in it. He also said that Lei Shigen was intimidated by him. Therefore, Lei Shigen can be released. Lei Shigen understands that Lei Dongbao is for Xiao Lei’s family, so no matter how others think of him, he must take good care of these companies.

The account Lei Shigen in the village knew that Lei Dongbao had no problem except paying bribes, but Yang Xun’s market was linked to Xiao Lei’s suspected collective assets. Yang Xun is in a hurry, he paid the money himself, and he still has a contract! Lei Shigen said that he had never seen this contract, not to mention that what the audit team wanted was true evidence. Yang Xun suspected that the contract was in Lei Shigen’s possession, and scolded him to put himself and Lei Dongbao to death. Lei Shigen was so angry that he scolded him away. Before Yang Xun left, people from the investigation team came and asked him to cooperate in the investigation of Lei Dongbao. Yang Xun naturally thought that Lei Shigen did it, and Lei Shigen couldn’t tell.

When Song Yunhui returned from a business trip, Ma Baoping said that he needed to discuss something with him, and the leadership team held a meeting in the conference room. The quotation for the second phase of equipment is around 23 million, but the department’s budget is only 15 million. Song Yunhui suggested that the plan should be reported to the department. The department may support them, but Han Zegang said that the foreign exchange quota is also limited. The director supported them and couldn’t approve much.

Han Zegang worked hard to demolish Song Yunhui’s station. Gao Xiangrong and Liu Yuhai hurriedly made a round. Han Zegang came up with an alternative plan, the budget was similar to theirs. Ma Baoping believes that Han Zegang’s plan is feasible, but Song Yunhui believes that this completely deviates from the original intention of the second phase. Han Zegang persuaded him to be realistic. Although his equipment is not as good as Song Yunhui, it is better than the first phase. Song Yunhui still insisted on his opinions.

After the meeting, Song Yunhui went back to the office to find a solution, and then rushed to find Ma Baoping, and said that he had come up with a way to exchange equity for their equipment, which is to build a joint venture with a foreign company to build a factory. This solved the funding problem. Get design standards.

But Ma Baoping was very worried. Song Yunhui persuaded that most of the equity is still in their hands, and the superiors should be acceptable. Ma Baoping thinks this is a big issue of right and wrong, Song Yunhui thinks this is the judgment of the ministry, and they only need to hand it in. Ma Baoping did not want Song Yunhui to take risks, but Song Yunhui insisted on doing so. After all, he made a lot of compromises on the equipment due to the embargo in the first phase, and he didn’t want to regret it anymore.

Song Yunhui just returned to the office, and Wei Chunhong found Wei Chunhong. Wei Chunhong knelt down as soon as he came in and said that Lei Dongbao was arrested. She only knew that Lei Dongbao and Secretary Chen were very close, and she didn’t know if there was any money exchange between the two. . Wei Chunhong begged Song Yunhui to rescue Lei Dongbao. When he left, he said five words to find Song Yunhui. Song Yunhui was very important to him, and only he could help Lei Dongbao. Song Yunhui said that he would do his best to help Lei Dongbao.

He must first arrange for Wei Chunhong to live in the guest house, and he would make a few phone calls first. Wei Chunhong felt that he was dismissing himself casually. Song Yunhui said that the key to this matter depends on whether Lei Dongbao has committed a crime. If he is there, there is nothing he can do. Even if his sister is arrested, he can only help her within the legal framework. .

Wei Chunhong felt that Song Yunhui had opinions on herself, saying that as long as Lei Dongbao could come out, she would divorce him, but Song Yunhui didn’t mean this at all. Wei Chunhong said that Lei Dongbao would wait for Song Yunhui to make a call every Chinese New Year. On Song Yunping’s birthday and festival, the two would not meet for a whole month. Wei Chunhong knew that the Song family was more important than him in Lei Dongbao’s heart. If Song Yunhui was cruel and didn’t save Lei Dongbao, the scar in his heart would never grow back in his life. Song Yunhui adheres to the principle. He will help Lei Dongbao with all his strength, but he cannot interfere with the law.

Wei Chunhong had left and did not live in the guest house arranged by Song Yunhui. Song Yunhui asked Fang Ping to take a closer look at the documents and make plans. He would take a few days off to deal with Lei Dongbao’s affairs. Cheng Kaiyan had been waiting for Song Yunhui’s return early at home. He didn’t send her off the day he left because he was jealous. Cheng Kaiyan thought a lot these days, and realized that he shouldn’t be suspicious, and the two of them spoke out.

Song Yunhui still didn’t look very good. Cheng Kaiyan was very worried. He repeatedly asked Song Yunhui to tell her that Lei Dongbao had been arrested. He had to go back to Jiangyang tonight and asked Cheng Kaiyan not to tell his parents. Although they didn’t say it, they still I am very worried about Lei Dongbao.

Song Yunhui bought many gifts for his family, including Song Yin’s chocolate and Cheng Kaiyan’s coat. Song Yunhui pretended to go back to the factory to deal with things, and he would be in the factory these days. Cheng Kaiyan prepared the baggage for Song Yunhui, and didn’t say he was still worried about Feng Gong and Song Yunhui’s business trip.

Lei Zhengming and Hong Wei were released. Lei Shigen said that the top priority is to get all industries to operate, and Lei Dongbao should not be worried about it. Let him suffer for nothing. However, Lei Zhongfu complained that Lei Shigen had kept the money delivery in the account. Lei Shigen knew that he had done something wrong, so he had to work hard to protect the property for him, begging them to keep the property of Xiao Lei’s family.

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