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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 16 Recap

The county magistrate called Lei Dongbao and said that they owed a lot of money to the copper factory and the plastic factory. Lei Dongbao was very wronged. Clearing up the triangular debt made the wire factory unable to make money. Have to stop, Xiaolei’s family has to drink northwest wind. The county magistrate scolded Lei Dongbao, saying that he had no party spirit and that he had to pay one-third of the money back within a week.

Lei Dongbao got up and left, saying that the county magistrate himself had no face. Lei Dongbao and Wei Chunhong complained that the county magistrate forced him to pay back the money, but they didn’t say a word when others owed them the money. Wei Chunhong advised him not to fight against the county, after all, the new official had three fires. Yang Xun made an appointment with Lei Dongbao and Song Yunhui for dinner. Lei Dongbao hurried to Jinzhou. Wei Chunhong said that it was not good for him to be empty-handed, and gave him some nutrients.

Lei Dongbao was late with something, Song Yunhui stood up and officially shook his hand, Yang Xun was taken aback and quickly finished the game. Song Yunhui asked how Xiaolei’s family was. Hearing that the new village was about to be completed, Lei Dongbao immediately began to brag about making Xiaolei’s family a model for the entire province and a wire and cable industry cluster. Song Yunhui wanted to speak, but Yang Xun hurriedly asked Lei Mu’s situation to interrupt.

Song Yunhui still couldn’t resist asking Lei Dongbao how he planned. He asked them about their debts and learned that they still owe millions of dollars. So he advised Lei Dongbao not to expand the scale, but to slow down, let alone borrow from the bank. . Lei Dongbao was dissatisfied, saying that Song Yunhui didn’t know about village-run enterprises.

The two almost quarreled at the dinner table. Lei Dongbao got up and wanted to leave and said not to meet him anymore. Song Yunhui changed after he hadn’t seen each other for more than a year. Count him down. As a result, Song Yunhui said that Yang Xun was going to the East China Sea. Lei Dongbao was annoyed and said that if he wanted to leave Jinzhou, he would abolish the affiliated company. Lei Dongbao put the things on the table and left. He felt that Song Yunhui didn’t take himself seriously. Song Yunhui took a depressed drink, and Yang Xun was at a loss.

As soon as Lei Dongbao came back, Lei Shigen told him that the bank had closed the accounts to pay off the triangle debt. He wanted to earn some interest, so there was still one million in the account. Lei Dongbao was anxious and quickly called Secretary Chen. The next day, Lei Dongbao and Lei Shigen took out all the money, and Secretary Chen persuaded them to save one hundred and eighty thousand for the county, but Lei Dongbao refused. Lei Dongbao asked Lei Shigen to open a bank in the city to deposit the money, and then ran to thank Secretary Chen. Secretary Chen was angry when he learned that he did not leave money in the county, so he did not save him face. In addition, the head of Guhe Village was arrested. He ordered people to be killed and asked for debts. Secretary Chen had a headache because of this incident. He Lei Dongbao left without saying a few words.

Yang Xun went to the Song Yunhui factory, Song Yunhui was free after the meeting, and the resignation procedures were completed. Thanks to Song Yunhui’s presence, Director Gao didn’t embarrass him. Yang Xun and Xiao Ran have both negotiated, and the market will be rebuilt first. The 600,000 yuan will be sold at the Golden State Market. Yang Xun said that Xiao Ran is very talkative, unlike Lei Dongbao. Yang Xun asked about the debt ratio of Xiaolei’s family. Song Yunhui found that it was better than he thought. Lei Dongbao deliberately exaggerated it that day and it was really annoying, which made him worry in vain for several days.

In the evening, Song Yunhui talked to Feng Gong at the dock. Cheng Kaiyan came to bring him food. Cheng Kaiyan had heard of Feng Gong, but she did not expect her to look so young. Hearing that Song Yunhui and Feng Gong were going abroad together, Cheng Kaiyan was suddenly upset. Lei Dongbao took Yangyang for a day and said that he would be transferred back to the county to study next semester. Wei Chunhong was worried that his grandparents would not bear his disapproval. Some people from the procuratorate suddenly came to Lei Dongbao.

Lei Dongbao and Wei Chunhong went down quickly. The other party wanted to bring Lei Dongbao for questioning. Before Lei Dongbao left, he asked Wei Chunhong to find Song Yunhui. Wei Chunhong was so anxious that she hurried to Xiao Lei’s house to find Lei Zhongfu. Lei Zhongfu said that the people from the procuratorate had come early in the morning and not only sealed the account, but also detained Lei Shigen and others, saying that Lei Dongbao was embezzled. .

Secretary Chen was also arrested, and Lei Dongbao was implicated. Wei Chunhong really didn’t know what to do. Please take care of Lei Zhongfu to keep an eye on the village and find someone to accompany her to the East China Sea to find Song Yunhui, but everything he knew was detained. Lei Zhongfu was not allowed to go out in the village.

Wei Chunhong told Lei Mu that Secretary Chen was arrested because of corruption and that Lei Dongbao was implicated. He was also arrested. Lei Mu knew that he could not embezzle, and yelled that Wei Chunhong would rescue him. Wei Chunhong said that Lei Dongbao wanted them to find Song Yunhui, but Lei Mu thought it was a bad idea. If Song Yunping dared to bully Lei Dongbao, let’s see who Wei Chunhong is. Wei Chunhong tried to calm down and took Lei Mu to the East China Sea, but Lei Mu knew well that they were sorry for the Song family, how could they help Lei Dongbao when they went. But Wei Chunhong couldn’t wait. Lei Shigen and Hong Wei couldn’t protect themselves, so in the voice of Lei Mu’s curse, they went to the East China Sea alone.

Song Yunhui is going to study abroad, Song father Song mother takes Song Yin to say goodbye to him, Song father asks Song Yunhui to go out to be careful, he and Cheng Kaiyan quarrel with Song Yin is not easy, don’t look at her young but understand everything. Song Yunhui said that he would have a good chat with Cheng Kaiyan when he came back this time, but Cheng Kaiyan never came out to send him.

Yang Xun came to Xiaolei’s house to find Lei Dongbao and found out that he was in an accident. Several of the village officials were arrested. Yang Xun was puzzled. Qian Lei Dongbao didn’t touch his hands. Lei Shigen remembered that if something happened, it should happen together what. But I didn’t expect that Lei Shigen would be released long ago and resumed work.

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