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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 26 Recap

While Shen Tianshu and others fled, they happened to meet Li Jinrong’s team on a narrow road, and the two of them fought together without a word. Li Jinrong’s sword has always been domineering, and he cut Shen Tianshu’s iron hand with a single knife, but was also hit by the opponent’s left shoulder with a severed hand. Di Sha and others also took the opportunity to escape.

Before Wu Chuchu heard that Li Sheng was missing at Feihong Bridge, she searched under the river. Only then did she find Li Sheng who was hanging under the bridge and brought Li Jinrong and others to rescue him. Li Jinrong still had some comfort and approval when facing Li Sheng who was waking up, but when facing Zhou Fei who was unconscious, he still felt dissatisfied with her going down the mountain.

Li Jinrong looked at Zhou Fei who was unconscious and the new knife placed beside him, and suddenly understood what Li Zheng had said. The sword is the inheritance. This seems to be the fate that the Li family cannot escape. Zhou Fei can no longer break free from the entanglement of the rivers and lakes. Although Li Jinrong feels helpless, he can only accept it frankly.

Naturally, Li Jinrong would not love her relatives, but after investigating Zhou Fei there was nothing serious about the family affection that had not been revealed, and was replaced by harshness and accusations. But just this moment of warmth was enough to make Zhou Fei flattered and warm her long-awaited maternal love.

As soon as Li Jinrong’s forefoot was gone, Li Sheng, who had recovered physically, came to care, but although this care seemed unaccustomed, it was the most sincere. In this copycat crisis, Li Sheng convincingly admitted that he was inferior to Zhou Fei and expressed his concern. Zhou Fei’s “Brother” completely resolved the potential contradiction between the two, and also made Li Sheng escape uncomfortably.

No one was disturbed, Zhou Fei was lost in thought, but was attracted by a familiar flute. Who else was Xie Yun outside the door. I saw Xie Yun regaining the old hippie smiley face, pulling Zhou Fei sitting on the side of the bed, trying his best to tease, but seeing Zhou Fei staring at him motionlessly.

Zhou Fei discovered long ago that the more relaxed Xie Yun was, the more serious he was, but the more melancholy in his heart, the more serious he was. Xie Yun was distracted by her words, so she put away the rogue appearance, waiting for Zhou Fei to explore his life experience and purpose.

Based on Zhou Fei’s understanding of Xie Yun, she knew that it was useless to ask about his life experience, and all she got was all kinds of nonsense. She just wanted to know Xie Yun’s purpose in tracking Haitian Yishi. In the end, Zhou Fei only got a painless answer. At the same time, he learned that the scabbard of the Yin family, the longevity lock of Wu Chuchu, and the bracelet of the Li family were Haitian Yishi’s tokens. As for other things, Xie Yun refused to speak any more, even indifferent to Zhou Fei’s emotions, and shot his sleeping acupoint.

At this time, Yu Wenzhi was blaming Shen Tianshu for the failure of the attack, but apart from Earth Sha, he had no other powers available and had to tolerate the opponent. This time, they have seen that Xie Yun is the Xiao Chuan of the year, and they think that this time, letting Xie Yunqiang, who is so strong in his body, act internally, he will be beaten to death in a few months, and they feel that this trip is not a loss.

Xie Yunben wanted to spend the rest of his life with Zhou Fei for a while in the Forty-Eight Village. Although Li Jinrong thanked Yun for his help, he unceremoniously gave the order. The separation was imminent, Xie Yun repeatedly reminded Zhou Feimo to get involved in right and wrong again, let alone take the initiative to get involved with Haitian, otherwise his life would be endangered.

The two walked alone on the forest path in the village, as if they had also walked through everything they had ever experienced. Zhou Fei didn’t know about this meeting, maybe it was a farewell, and he felt sweet at this moment of peace in his heart. When Zhou Fei took the hand-sewn purse and wanted to give it to Xie Yun the next day, the other party was nowhere to be found.

Zhou Fei simply thought that Xie Yun was just not in the room, and Wu Chuchu’s arrival completely drew her attention. Zhou Fei originally wanted to take the opportunity to return the longevity lock, but after repeated checks and balances, he decided that it would be more appropriate to give these important things to Li Jinrong for safekeeping. Zhou Fei therefore lost the last chance to pursue Xie Yun.

Forty-eight Village escaped the catastrophe of destruction, and Li Sheng and Wu Chuchu’s emotions went further. Although the two did not choose clearly, Wu Chuchu’s name for Li Sheng has become more and more intimate, and they are also yearning to live here with peace of mind when the Wu family’s younger brother is brought to the village.

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