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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 25 Recap

After Yang Jin rescued Li Yan, she wanted to escort him all the way, but couldn’t resist the opponent’s insistence, so she had to compromise and turn to help Zhou Fei. Li Yan went to the dark pile at the bottom of the mountain without any problems. Who knows that the person in charge of contact has long been controlled by Earth Sha, and when she is eager to ask for help, the two arrows are facing her head.

The secret contact person watched Li Yan hand over the most critical letter for help. He was anxious and could not say clearly. He could only show the danger around him with his eyes, but it was too late for Li Yan to see the situation. A sharp arrow flew in front of Li Yan, blocking her wanting to leave, and the letter naturally fell into the hands of the evil spirits.

The local shaman opened the kit and found that it was not a secret letter for help, but a blank sheet of paper. Li Yan then realized that Li Sheng was only deceiving her to go down the mountain under the pretext of sending the letter, so that she could escape at this critical moment. After a catastrophe. In the end, Li Yan escaped under the desperate protection of a hidden contact, and looked for Zhou Yitang alone for help.

In the darkness, in order to create an opportunity to assassinate Yu Wenzhi, people disguised as Mingfenglou deliberately assassinated Yu Wenzhi and fled. Yu Wenzhi received the news today that someone from the Forty-Eight Village came down the mountain for help. Kodan remembered that in addition to the Shanmen and Ximojiang, there was a third way out in the Forty-Eight Village. This made Yu Wenzhi suspicious. Divorce is more effective.

Zhou Fei waited all night, and finally waited until Yu Wenzhi replaced the Mingfeng disciple in charge of defense. Seeing that the time had come, Xie Yun used his profound knowledge to attract the people of the evil spirits led by Gu Tianxian, while Zhou Fei sneaked into Yu Wen’s residence alone to assassinate him.

Kou Dan appeared in time, Zhou Fei captured Yu Wenzhi, the action was blocked, and she fell into the danger of being besieged. When she fought hard, Yang Jin and Xu Duo led the disciples to rescue in time, and the situation instantly reversed. turn. Zhou Fei was able to get away from the group of friends, and successfully put the knife in his hand on Yu Wenzhi’s neck. When Gu Tian seemed to know that Tiaohu left the mountain and hurried back, everything had already settled.

At the gate of Forty-Eight Village, Shen Tianshu, who does not yet know the situation under the mountain, thought that he had a chance to win and was bound to beat Forty-Eight Village today. The two elders also took a heavy responsibility in this battle. For a time, the corpses were all over the field, and their injuries were severe. What made the two elders feel guilty is that not only did they fail to protect the Forty-eight Villages this time, even Li Sheng’s life and death were also not affected. know.

The gate of the village was successfully breached by the people of the evil spirits. Everyone in the forty-eight villages was determined to die with the evil spirits. At this moment, the sound of a truce trumpet came from the mountain. Shen Tianshu learned that Yu Wenzhi was captured by Zhou Fei and had to announce his withdrawal. However, Zhou Fei and others escorted Yu Wenzhi to come, completely strengthening the aura of the forty-eight villages.

Di Sha was willing to retreat, but Zhou Fei was unwilling to release Yu Wenzhi immediately. Who knows that Ma Jili believed that Kou Dan’s slander believed that Zhou Fei’s offending Yu Wenzhi would lead to the destruction of Forty-eight Village, so Zhou Fei personally injured , And let Yu Wenzhi escape successfully. Shen Tianshu had no worries, and immediately ordered the retreating disciples to attack the mountain again. Only then did Maggie know that he had been deceived.

Ma Jili regretted it and wanted to personally slash the traitor Kodan, but he was inferior to others and died in the hands of the opponent, but Zhou Fei personally avenged the old fish. Zhou Fei had obviously lost strength, but her heart of guarding the homeland did not allow her to fall, but Zhou Fei, who was not Shen Tianshu’s opponent, could not survive the other’s two moves at this moment.

With a heart of death, Zhou Fei handed the sea and sky of the Wu family to Xie Yun, entrusted him to return it to Wu Chuchu, and rushed into the battlefield again. Seeing this, Xie Yun acted decisively, forced out his own internal force with the soul search needle, and took the initiative to face Shen Tianshu.

The two competed against each other for internal strength, and Shen Tianshu was shaken a few meters away, but Xie Yun was unscathed. Xie Yun’s push cloud palm made Shen Tianshu shocked, and even Yu Wenzhi’s expression was unpredictable. It seemed that he had never taken advantage of Xie Yun before.

At this moment, Li Jinrong and others met Li Yan halfway after returning to the Forty-Eight Village. Knowing that the village was suffering, they hurried on their way and finally arrived in time. Shen Tianshu saw that the general situation was gone, if Li Jinrong cut off their retreat at this time, and then waited for Zhou Yitang’s reinforcements to arrive, they would become the turtles in the urn, and they had to flee in disgrace.

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