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Irresistible love (2020) 无法抗拒的恋爱

Irresistible love (2020)
Other Title: 無法抗拒的戀愛, 无法抗拒的恋爱, Wu Fa Kang Ju De Lian Ai

Genres: drama, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Zhang Haixiao
Mango TV
Release Date: 
December 29, 2020
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  • Wang Luqing
  • Yi Yiwen
  • Cui Shaoyang
  • Huai Wen

As soon as Tiantian turned school bully Guo Zhiyu into a “loyal dog” boyfriend, she was strongly opposed by her mother He Qingning. In He Qingning’s mind, Xiatian’s company president Qin Zhi was the perfect son-in-law. She was determined to do it herself, but Unexpectedly, one day the mother and daughter actually exchanged bodies! He Qingning began to do whatever he wanted with her daughter’s body, and Xia Tian used her mother’s body to fight back. The two slowly understood each other in their interchange lives. At the same time, two high sweet romances are also brewing….

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