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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 23 Recap

Ye Xiaobai learned from the text message that his son was critically ill and needed to be transferred to hospital, so she cried eagerly. Guan’s mother and Ye Huifen immediately comforted her when they saw it. Ye Xiaobai asked the two to take care of the child quickly and wept alone.

Over the past few months, Yihe rushed to the Zhuhai market and finally reached an agreement with Mr. Liu, but he could not sign an agreement with Mr. Liu due to a leave. Guo Shijie of Shengli Financial didn’t talk about the same things, so he came out halfway to grab the credit. Guan Yihe, but Guan Yihe didn’t care about his work. Zhao Jinjin rushed into the room of the victor in the ship, furious at Guan Yihe.

Guan Muhe had no money to pay for the hospitalization due to financial constraints, so she had to speak to her mother, who didn’t have time to ask the reason. She only hoped that her son would not be able to conceal himself when something happened. Guan Muhe held her mother’s bank card with mixed feelings.

Ye Xiaobai stayed alone in the hospital, watching the photo of her son on the phone, tears rained down, the nurse changed her dressing and saw her alone, and comforted her that the child would develop into a white and fat boy. Ye Xiaobai suddenly had something in her heart. new Hope.

Wang Yueyue, who was ridiculed by her colleagues, had been busy for two or three days and had a serious lack of rest. When she went to the tea room to make coffee, she saw Gao Shan watching her own video. Gao Gao comforted her not to care about her colleagues’ comments.

Ye Xiaobai was worried about the safety of the child, so he called Guan Yihe to ask about the situation. Guan Yihe was also very upset in his heart, so he turned the phone into hands-free and let the mother on one side communicate with Ye Xiaobai. Then he accidentally told about compensation. The compensation was unacceptable for the time being. The mother-in-law lost money for Ye Xiaobai’s resignation. Now the child is lying in the hospital, thinking that all of this is Ye Xiaobai’s. Injured by Ye Xiaobai.

Ye Xiaobai was accompanied by Ye Huifen to visit the children in the intensive care unit. Because the visit time passed and missed the opportunity to visit, Ye Huifen called Guan Yihe and Liu Shufen, but Liu Shufen rushed back from the outside in an upright manner. Guan Yihe said Speechless. After Liu Shufen saw Ye Xiaobai, he vented all the unhappiness on her. He firmly believed that all of this was caused by Ye Xiaobai. Ye Huifen furiously scolded her child. Fortunately, the nurse in the hospital came forward to stop everyone from quarreling. Ye Xiaobai Back to the hospital accompanied by Ye Huifen.

Zhousheng Company held a meeting of all employees to request all employees to explore the national market and arrange for Guo Sijie to be responsible for the development of the Zhuhai market. Zhao Jinjin was very angry and sent a text message to Guan Yihe, but Guan Yihe had no intention of taking matters into account. Zhao Jinjin had to go to Liu Xia to vent his unhappiness. Liu Xia took her to play with the doll. Playing video games. Zhao Jinjin picked up two Doraemons from the claw machine, but Zhao Jinjin lied about giving one to his father and one to himself. Liu Xia naturally saw through such a bad lie, but he was still a bit unconvinced.

Wang Yueyue took the gifts chosen by the prince. Wang Yueyue was worried about the children’s situation and was unwilling to give them clothes, and worried that Ye Xiaobai and others would consider them later.

Guan Yihe accompanies Guan Yihe for dinner. I hope she will not blame Ye Xiaobai. Guan Yihe is angry and Guan Yihe didn’t discuss with herself. When Ye Xiaobai resigned, he would not face these problems now. Now he lost 3 million. , The child also entered the intensive care unit, and the new company was not going well. Guan Yihe didn’t want the mother to worry about it, so he comforted her again.

Zhao Jinzi put the lucky ball in Guan Yihe’s office, hoping to have good luck. Zhou Shengli walked into the office and told Zhao Jinzi that he was going to send Guan Yihe to Southeast Asia to explore the market. Zhao Jinzi immediately called Guan Yihe to report the situation. It happened that these words were heard by Ye Xiaobai, and Ye Xiaobai wondered why Zhao Jinzi wanted to He went to Shengli Financial Service, but Guan Yihe was anxious to return to the company and did not have time to explain.

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