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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 22 Recap

Ye Xiaobai found Marvin and hoped that he would help him cover. Marvin was willing to help him, but thinking that he was with Mike every day, Mike had opinions about her, Ye Xiaobai decided to get Mike on him, and he was willing to help him. The credit and performance are counted on him, because he doesn’t want the company to think she is worthless.

Ye Xiaobai is busy with work every day, helping Marvin and Mike complete their tasks, and he is in a good mood. With the help of Liu Shufen in life, she gained weight smoothly, and her mother-in-law relationship has also improved a lot.

There was a problem with the acquisition project of Xinhe Heavy Industry. Ye Xiaobai walked upstairs in a hurry. Unexpectedly, when he arrived at the office, there was a sign of premature birth. Wang Yueyue immediately pushed Ye Xiaobai downstairs. Mary saw that he drove Ye Xiao. Go to the hospital for nothing. Sister Ye Xiaobai panicked for a while and she didn’t know what to do. As a person who came by, Mary told Wang Yueyue to contact Ye Xiaobai’s immediate family members, but Guan Yihe’s cell phone could not be connected, so she had to contact her mother Liu Shufen.

Mary accompanied Wang Yueyue outside to wait for Ye Xiaobai to give birth. Mary suddenly felt a little sad. She used to think she was omnipotent. After giving birth, she realized that she was the mother first and career second. She worked hard to be a role model for her children. .

Wang Yueyue told Ye Huifen about Ye Xiaobai’s situation. It happened that the doctor came out and asked his family to sign and mentioned Ye Xiaobai’s dystocia. The doctor told them that Ye Xiaobai was going to change the Caesarean section. Liu Shumin was worried that the child would ask for a baby in less than a month. For the safety of Xiaobai and the child, Mary promptly asked Liu Shumin to sign the operation consent form. Ye Huifen, who was on the other side of the phone, was worried about her daughter’s situation and collapsed on the ground in fright.

Mary received a call from the company. After she left, the employees didn’t try to let Gaoshan take control of the overall situation, so she rushed to the company with Wang Yueyue, leaving Ye Xiaobai’s mobile phone with Liu Shufen before leaving. After a few hours of surgery, Ye Xiaobai had Xia Lin’er, because he was too light and could only be sent to the nursing room for care. Liu Shufen worried about the situation of her grandson and went to the nursing room to take care of her grandson.

Reporters gathered around Gaoshan to interview about the acquisition of Xinhe Heavy Industries. There was a lot of discussion about Qin’s marital status. Marvin and Mike chatted in the toilet. The reporter heard about Ye Xiaobai and Guan Yihe. The matter was publicized, and Mr. Cui was very angry when he saw it. Gao Shan hopes that Ye Xiaobai will come forward and make a statement, so as not to be misunderstood that she is being squeezed by Feng Sheng, Mary feels sorry for Ye Xiaobai and does not want her to come forward.

Ye Xiaobai dreamed that his husband and other relatives were guarding him after he had given birth to a child, but when he woke up, he found the aunt next to the bed was helping him massage, and she shed tears of grievance. At this time, the prince received the news and rushed to the hospital. Ye Xiaobai thought it was inconvenient for him to be a man in the lounge.

A few hours later, Ye Huifen rushed to the hospital and saw Ye Xiaobai screamed in pain and distressed her daughter’s efforts. Ye Xiaobai finally felt relieved after seeing her mother’s arrival and ordered Ye Huifen to see the child. Seeing Liu Shufen staying in the intensive care unit, Ye Huifen blamed her for disregarding her daughter. Liu Shufen was worried about the safety of her grandson and was angry that Ye Xiaobai ignored the child in her belly for work. Now the child is born prematurely and the condition of neonatal pneumonia is very bad. It was expected that Ye Xiaobai, who had just given birth, heard these words and almost fell to the ground in fright. Fortunately, Guan Yihe appeared in time and persuaded Ye Xiaobai to go back to the room to rest.

Wang Yueyue issued a statement as Ye Xiaobai’s sister, saving her reputation for Fengsheng. The reporter went after Guan He to resign, and the company retaliated against Ye Xiaobai. Wang Yueyue said that Fengsheng does have discrimination, but there is discrimination in society. Men discriminate against women. Ye Xiaobai knows his situation, but still insists The position is enough to explain her enthusiasm for work.

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