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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 48 Recap

Zhang Zhenyu actively and constantly advocated Xia Zhiming’s purchase of foundry factories and promised to help increase loans. Even if Zhao Zimo kept reminding them, the Xia family and his daughter were still confident… Zhang Zhenyu’s trick seemed to be about to succeed. The problem of the old street has not been resolved. Xu Tianai moved into the Shao’s house. The two elders of the Shao’s family welcomed him, and Shao Zi was upset. Shao Zi asked clearly why Tian Ai had to stay in Shao’s house. Tian Ai did not tell the truth, but also deliberately declared sovereignty, hoping that Shao Zi would retreat.

Zhang Liqian and Shao Zi were in conflict with each other because of the disagreement in the future planning concept of Lao Cai. Zhang Liqian decides to persuade Shao Zi from Aniu’s perspective, and Tianai draws in Shao Ma. The romantic atmosphere of the meteor shower made Tianqin and Zimo open their minds. The two were unwilling to hide from their own hearts. Even if the future is destined to be fruitless, they must cherish the present and be brave to love.

Tianqin and Zi silently love sugar, but the hateful marriage thread is still entangled in Tianqin and Zhang Zhenyu’s hands. Zimo jealously asks Yuelao “Why the red thread is not broken?!”. Anxious Zimo decided to join hands to do good fortune, bluff God, and “rent a red thread” with Yuelao to rescue Tianqin’s marriage. Didn’t he expect Zhao Zimo to tie it to the hands of the god of plague? !

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