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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 19 Recap

Zhang Mang kept a lot of his ex-girlfriend’s things at home, such as hand cream, carpets, aromatherapy, etc. Lu Ke said why he likes to keep his ex-girlfriend’s things so much. He said that these things are correct and it is wasteful to lose. Lu Ke was speechless.

Guan Yue invited her parents to the restaurant for dinner. When she went to get the fruit, a guy in hip-hop clothes and sunglasses greeted her. He took off the sunglasses and she recognized Ye Zhou. Ye Zhou said that a friend of his had his birthday today, and the theme of the party was hip-hop, so he dressed like this. He asked her to go with him. Guan Yue said that she would accompany her parents to eat, and as her mother came over, Ye Zhou left quickly. Mom asked Guan Yue who he was. Guan Yue told his parents that he was really a policeman. Mom said he was dressed like a gangster. Guan Yue showed them a photo of him in a police uniform. Dad thought the guy was good and wanted to spend the weekend. Meet him.

After Lu Ke had a meeting with everyone, Zhang Mang closed the door of the meeting room after seeing everyone left. Lu Ke didn’t reply to his WeChat account. He knew that she was still angry with him about his ex-girlfriend, so he coaxed her with a smile. Happy, he also invited her to his friend’s birthday party on the weekend, saying that they wanted to see her, and Lu Ke agreed.

After returning home, Lu Ke picked up a suit for the party and asked Shen Siyi if she looked good, but Siyi concentrated on playing with blocks. Lu Ke knew that she wanted to win against Lao Bai. She felt that they were in a relationship like playing a game. , Siyi said the game was so fun, and Lu Ke worried that she was too competitive and eager to win, what if she was scared away.

On the weekend, Guan Yue took Ye Zhou back to see his parents. His mother asked him what he was doing at home. Ye Zhou said that he had opened a company. She wondered why his family didn’t let him go to work at his own company. Ye Zhou laughed and said that his father wanted him to go back. But he has his own ideas. Guan Yue’s mother heard that he was still doing an internship, and when she asked that he was only 22, she couldn’t help being surprised that he was so young. Lu Ke bought a birthday cake with Zhang Mang to attend his friend’s birthday party. When she went to the bathroom, she accidentally heard Zhang Mang’s friend mistook her for his ex-girlfriend and felt very depressed.

On the way back after the party, she asked Zhang Mang how many ex-girlfriends he had. Zhang Mang began to say one or two. She asked him to tell the truth, and he asked her to promise not to be angry. Then he said, Lu Ke promised that he would still pull the hook with her. , And then he said a number in her ear, and Lu Ke was surprised to hear that and turned around and left. When she got home, she put on a facial mask and complained to Siyi that Zhang Mang had so many ex-girlfriends, but Siyi couldn’t help but feel discouraged when she saw that the building blocks fell down.

Lu Ke felt that the two of them were quite naive and would only get sulking at home. Siyi suddenly had an idea, and she proposed to beat them up. After that, Siyi brought colleagues from the magazine and called Lao Bai, Guan Yue and Ye Zhou to play CS. A group of boys and girls entered the “battlefield” in camouflage uniforms with guns.

Lao Bai told Siyi that he had no bullets, and then threw the gun out. Siyi asked him if he didn’t like her being competitive. Lao Bai thought she was sexy like this. Siyi was very happy when she heard that, she threw the gun out and said she had no bullets. When she looked up, she found that Bai Xiaochuan was gone. She was looking around. Bai Xiaochuan suddenly came behind her with a gun. She knew that she had been fooled. Annoyed, Bai Xiaochuan laughed and said that the soldiers did not tire of fraud.

Zhang Mang took Lu Ke to his house that day. He covered her eyes with his hand before letting go into the house. Lu Ke was very happy to find that he had thrown away all the things of his ex-girlfriend. Then he knelt on one knee and took out a delicate box. Lu Ke felt that suddenly she hadn’t thought about it. Zhang Mang said that she could think about it slowly when she grew up in the future, but he had to give her this thing. Lu Ke opened the box and saw that it was the key. Zhang Mang smiled and asked if she thought he was going to propose to her, Lu Ke laughed and denied it. Zhang Mang said seriously that he had never given the key to his house before, but Lu was the first.

With Xinxin’s encouragement, Yao Yuan continued to work at the homestay. Xinxin asked him how to thank him. He said that he would give her a party. Xinxin said that it was not enough. Yao Yuan asked her to be the proprietress. Xinxin was very happy. They were drinking red wine and chatting in the restaurant. At this time, the waiter brought a small cake. She took a bite and felt something was wrong. It turned out that there was a ring hidden in the cake.

She was pleasantly surprised to ask Yao Yuan if he was serious. Yao Yuan couldn’t bear to discourage her. I don’t know what to say for a while. At this time, the waiter walked over to apologize that they had made a mistake, and immediately brought another cake.

Then they walked along the river, Yao Yuan asked her if she would agree to the marriage proposal just now, Xinxin said he could try. He asked her to wait a while and left. After returning, he took her hand and drew her a ring. She looked at the ring in her hand in surprise and said it was so big and beautiful. He asked her if she would marry him, Xinxin Said that he had painted her, would she still not want to? Yao Yuan was very happy and embraced her sweetly.

Lu Ke took Zhang Mang to the bar. They were chatting with Lao Huang and Guan Yue when Shi Chengnan came. The atmosphere was a bit cold at once. Lao Huang said that Lu Ke and Zhang Mang were going to watch a movie, so he asked them to go early. . After Lu Ke and Zhang Mang left, Cheng Nan was a little bit disappointed, saying that his feelings had turned over, but he still couldn’t get past that hurdle. Lao Bai went to Siyi and they went to play CS again. Siyi kept playing until Lao Bai begged for mercy. Lao Bai looked at the paint on her body and couldn’t help but complain how much emotion she had accumulated. Then the two fought side by side against other “enemy” “

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