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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 18 Recap

Early in the morning, Zhang Mang sent a message to Lu Ke to wake her up and don’t run around. He bought her a breakfast. When he came to the office, Lu didn’t know how to tell everyone, Zhang Mang smiled and said directly. He was about to announce to everyone that he and Lu Ke were in love, but Da Xiong sat on his seat with a sad expression. Colleagues in the know said that he had broken up on New Year’s Eve, so everyone gathered around Da Xiong to comfort him.

Lu Ke asked Zhang Mang to take care of the big bear and don’t mention the two of them. Zhang Mang said they were going to have an underground relationship. He liked it very exciting, and then ran away when his colleague didn’t pay attention to a kiss on her face. Up.

Living family plans to do e-commerce. Seeing that colleagues are looking for well-known designers, Lu Ke suggests to find some potential new designers. Shen Siyi said that she has one beside her? Lu Ke knows what she said. Guan Yue. Then Guan Yue brought the carpet she designed, and she asked Lu Ke quietly if Siyi really recommended her. Lu Ke laughed and said, of course, Siyi is a publisher of Life Home, and she is quite appreciative.

The sales department asked Guan Yue a few detailed questions about the audience. Seeing her embarrassed and not knowing how to answer, Si Yi took the lead and walked onto the carpet barefoot to experience it. She felt very comfortable, everyone. Go up and experience. After the product introduction, Guan Yue thanked Siyi and invited her to dinner at noon.

Then Guan Yue and Ye Zhou came to the bar. She had been staring at the computer. Old Huang asked her how many sold, and she said one in frustration. Siyi found out that the transaction volume was not high and discussed with everyone. Zhang Mang suggested linking with the hotel to put Guan Yue’s carpet in the room. If the guest feels good, they can scan the code and buy it directly. Both Siyi and Lu Ke think this suggestion is good.

Then Zhang Mang saw Lu Ke reading in the reference room alone, so he quietly walked behind her and hugged her, Lu Ke pushed him away and said what to do if someone came. They were talking about what to eat at night. Suddenly a colleague walked in and they separated quickly. The colleague felt something was wrong and asked them what they were doing. Zhang Mang said he was looking for information. The colleague asked them to cancel the evening date, and they planned to buy wine to accompany the love-lost bear. In the evening, Zhang Mang saw that the party could not end for a while, so he and Lu Ke hid in the meeting room to discuss what to do, so the two made up their own reasons for leaving.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Mang saw Big Bear standing at the door as soon as he walked out of the conference room. He was pulled back to the wine table by Big Bear. He heard that Zhang Mang was interested in Qiuqiu, so he suggested that the two of them have a drink and everyone followed suit. Qiuqiu smiled shyly. , Zhang Mang smiled bitterly, Lu Ke couldn’t help feeling Coke when he saw his embarrassment.

At the end of the party, someone asked Zhang Mang to send Qiuqiu off. Zhang Mang suddenly clutched his stomach and cried out for pain. He asked Lu Ke to accompany him to the hospital. The two hurriedly got in a taxi and left. Lu Ke came home very late in the evening. She prepared to go back to the room lightly, but was stopped by Siyi behind her and asked why she had gone so late. Lu Ke said she went to the movie alone, and Siyi saw her ears red. Knowing that she was lying, Lu Ke had to tell the truth that she went with Zhang Mang.

Afterwards, the two drank beer and chatted. Siyi talked about Zhang Mang’s encounter with her ex-girlfriend when she went to a bar to pick up girls in London. Lu Ke didn’t want to listen to it because of him. Siyi said that Lu Ke and Zhang Mang belong to two worlds. People are quite complementary. Although Zhang Mang looks flowery, he will devote himself wholeheartedly when he meets someone he really likes. Guan Yue couldn’t help feeling depressed when he saw that only 8 carpets were sold.

At this time, Ye Zhou happily ran and said that he mobilized relatives and friends to buy four or five, and wanted to help her make sales. Guan Yue didn’t appreciate it, saying that he was like acknowledging that her work was mocking her, and even said that the studio would not be opened.

In the evening, Lu Ke finished her work at the magazine. Tired, she took a taxi to Zhang Mang’s house and found that he had eaten up the fried chicken she ordered. She wanted to take a bath at his house and there was no water. The next day, she and Siyi went shopping, and Siyi asked her why she was so lacklustre. She told about what happened last night and said that he forgot to take the hairy crabs she sent to his house, and in the end they all died.

Siyi said that she wanted him to be gentle and considerate to take care of all her feelings. Isn’t that Cheng Nan? Cheng Nan is meticulous but extreme, Zhang Mang is careless but cheerful, but she can’t do it if she wants to put the two together. Then Lu Ke was busy in the office. Zhang Mang told her that he had bought hairy crabs. Lu Ke said that she didn’t want to eat anymore. Zhang Mang pulled her to stop her from getting angry. Lu Ke told him not to tugged. When his colleagues saw it, they asked them what they were doing. Lu Ke said that Zhang Mang’s hair loss happened to be her friend’s cure for hair loss. He was asking her, and the colleagues couldn’t help but enjoy it.

After hard adjustments, the sales volume of Life Home’s e-commerce products has greatly increased, and Lu Ke and his colleagues are very happy. In the evening, Yao Yuan went to a snack bar to have dinner and just ran into Siyi. After a few conversations, Yao Yuan answered the phone. Siyi knew that his girlfriend was coming and went to check out.

That night, Lu Ke finished her work and was about to go home but found that it was raining. She was about to go in the rain but was stopped by Zhang Mang. Before she was angry, she wanted to go back to her home. Zhang Mang sent her to the subway station. He said that he washed the hairy crabs and ordered the fried chicken she liked. Lu Ke forgave him seeing his sincere attitude. On the second day, Siyi said that there was an underground lover in the office during a dinner.

She smiled and looked at Lu Ke. Unexpectedly, Cheng Xu stood up and said that he and Xiaoxia were together. Everyone raised their glasses to bless them. Zhang Mang got up and walked to Lu Ke’s side and said she was his girlfriend. Everyone said it was impossible unless they kissed one. Zhang Mang lowered his head and kissed her. The colleague laughed that they had hidden deep enough.

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