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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 17 Recap

At the bar, Lu Ke asked Lao Huang if everyone was coming to New Year’s Eve. Lao Huang felt that everyone was okay. He asked Lu Ke to come to the bar when he arrived. He wanted to come here anyway because of insufficient manpower. Just as he was talking about the appearance of a girl in the bar, Old Huang’s gaze was immediately attracted to her. Lu Ke couldn’t help laughing that he didn’t want to help him see the store, he wanted to take the opportunity to soak other people’s grapefruit. Old Huang brags that he won in minutes she was.

Shen Siyi was going to spend the Spring Festival with Xinhuan. Zhang Mang saw that Lu Ke was going to be alone and asked her if she would like to spend the New Year with him. Lu Ke said she was not interested. Then she saw the new intern Qiuqiu rushing to Zhang Mang’s to chat with him, and adding him to WeChat. Seeing Zhang Mang provoke peach blossoms so much, she couldn’t help but smile and shook her head.

Lu Ke accompanies Siyi to buy clothes. Siyi chooses a chic dress for the New Year. It is the first time Lu Ke sees her so caring, and can’t help joking that Lao Bai is unusual in her heart. Siyi thinks that Lu Ke can meet Zhang Mang for the New Year’s Eve. Lu Ke thinks that he is running the train with his mouth full. Today I saw him chatting with Qiuqiu. Siyi joked that she would open Qiuqiu and Lu Ke told her not to Fooling around, this matter has nothing to do with Qiuqiu.

Cheng Nan sent off the customer at the entrance of the hotel. When he turned around, he saw Lu Ke coming here to buy things. Lu Ke looked at his proud look and felt that his business should be smooth. She used to think he would definitely succeed in doing things. Cheng Nan was very happy to hear that. At this time, someone in the store asked him to drink, he said goodbye to Lu Ke and hurried into the hotel.

In the magazine, Lu Ke saw Zhang Mang chatting with Qiuqiu again, and Qiuqiu invited him to attend an electronic music party together during the New Year’s Eve. Lu Ke looked at them happy and laughing. Yao Yuan accidentally discovered that his mother liked Uncle Zhang, who likes the back kitchen of the hotel, so he specially arranged New Year’s Eve activities for them. His mother felt very warm when she saw her son so sensible. Lao Huang was photographed by Yuzi with his arms around his neck.

He thought she liked him. He didn’t expect her to send the photo to her boyfriend to make him give up. He heard that Yuzi and her boyfriend broke up with Lao Huang very happy. Yuzi told him to be careful of his ex-boyfriend and said he had practiced fighting. This day, a man came to him. It seemed that he was not good. He advised him to calm down. The man held him and cried and said that he likes grapefruit for many years.

On New Year’s Eve, Lu Ke wanted to stay in the office and busy working. Zhang Mang asked her to play with everyone. Lu Ke said he was going to the electronic music party. He said he hated electronic music the most, and it was so important. He wanted to say that he would spend time with her, but he was not embarrassed to say it. He loudly said that Lu Ke would go to play with everyone, and also said that she would be a treat. Seeing how happy his colleagues looked, Lu Ke agreed with a smile.

Siyi dressed up and went to see Lao Bai to be with him for the New Year’s Eve, but she couldn’t help but turn around in irritation. Lao Bai chased to the elevator entrance and said she was going to be with him for the New Year’s Eve. She said he couldn’t greet the guests in his house. He knew she wanted to be alone with him for the New Year’s Eve, so he turned around and touched the fire alarm. Everyone Hearing the alarm for some reason, he said it was a fire alarm that made everyone leave through a safe passage. After everyone dispersed, only the two of them were left in the room. Siyi teased that he was not afraid to offend everyone in the room. Old Bai smiled and said that they were not as important to her. Siyi listened very sweetly.

On New Year’s Eve, Lao Yao seemed a bit lonely by himself. He came to Wen Ruxin’s cake room and couldn’t help laughing at how hard she was when he saw her making cakes. Xinxin saw that he didn’t have a date today, so she said no wonder he had time to laugh at her. Old Yao smiled bitterly and said that he is a single dog, she is different from France and has a boyfriend, Xin Xin said that she was divided. She asked Yao Yuan to help her, and Yao Yuan simply wrote down the new year’s unhappiness on the card, and then inserted it on the little cake. At this time, someone walked into the store and saw the words on the card and couldn’t help buying the cake with a knowing smile. Xin Xin couldn’t help boasting that he could do this. The two wrote their thoughts on the card, and soon the cakes were sold out.

Lu Ke and his colleagues drank and played games. Everyone booed Zhang Mang to kiss Qiuqiu, and Lu Ke walked outside the store under the pretext of going to the bathroom. Zhang Mang chased him out and said that he did not kiss Qiuqiu. He and Qiuqiu had nothing to do. He was afraid that Lu Ke would misunderstand and that she would not misunderstand him. He asked her if she understood what he meant. Lu Ke did not know how to answer. Zhang Mang wanted to explain to her. Mind, but unexpectedly, Lu Ke stepped back and bumped into the lantern-decorated shelf at the entrance of the store.

The shelf fell. Lu Ke could not stand still and was about to fall. Zhang Mang quickly hugged her, and Lu Ke was embarrassed and pushed him away. Zhang Mang embraced her and asked if she understood what he meant now. Lu Ke no longer broke away from the sweet embrace of the two. This scene was being seen by Cheng Nan across the road, and he was holding the flower he had just bought. feeling bad.

After the cakes were sold, Xinxin sat on a chair to rest. Old Yao brought a candle to make a wish with her. He asked her what wish she had made, but she smiled and didn’t tell him, but she looked at him with love in her eyes. Old Yao asked her if she knew what he wished. He couldn’t help kissing her when Xinxin looked shy. The New Year’s bell rang, and people said a happy new year to each other with good expectations for the future in the splendid fireworks. However, the joy outside has nothing to do with Cheng Nan. He flipped through the computer at home and looked at the sweet photo of him and Lu Ke before, filled with dissatisfaction and regret, and then he deleted it with one click, completely saying goodbye to the past emotions.

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