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Across the Yalu River 跨过鸭绿江 Episode 3 Recap

Zheng Rui wrote down the address in Dr. Jin’s hand and ran home excitedly. Propaganda cadre Li Yongming wanted to interview Zheng Rui who was fighting the fire, just in time for the family to invite all the fire fighting comrades that day. Zheng Rui returned home and saw the old company commander. He was excited again. The old company commander told him that the 38th Army had been stationed in Qinling. As the backbone of the scout, Zheng Rui was a talent urgently needed by the army. Secret mission, set out within three days.

Doctor Jin and comrades all came to the house, and Li Yongming suggested that everyone should take pictures together. He used a stool to set up a camera and took a photo with a few brave soldiers. Just as he was about to sit down to eat and the air defense alarm sounded again, the comrades returned to the army one after another, and Zheng Rui had to leave home with his bags. Zheng’s mother lost her husband, and now she wants to send her son to the battlefield, but the country is in trouble, even though she has a lot of reluctance in her heart, she has to let her son go to protect her family in pain.

The U.S. Army landed in Incheon, and the Eighth Army Commander Walker began counterattacking on the second day, and the Korean War was reversed. Nie Rongzhen and Zhou Enlai have already seen that the situation in North Korea is not optimistic. Mao Zedong approved the proposal of sending some military cadres to North Korea for military inspections.

Zheng Rui and other cadres came to the Northeast Army headquarters, and Lu Chengfeng sitting beside him was a veritable sharpshooter. Now the headquarters decided to send a five-member team to the DPRK to investigate the logistics support of the large corps after crossing the river.

Lu Chengfeng, who has an excellent memory, recorded the main points of the mission in his mind. Zheng Rui and others changed into suits, and the old company commander who was going to return to Qinling specifically came over and asked him to protect the safety of the chief and his comrades.

Zhou Enlai took a telegram and hurried to find Mao Zedong. According to North Korea’s observation, the U.S. troops landing in Incheon is expected to have a division, while the People’s Army has only two newly formed regiments, and the follow-up troops failed to arrive in time. The U.S. army has already approached Seoul. Mao Zedong analyzed that the U.S. military will continue to increase its troops and extend eastward to approach the 38th parallel.

The People’s Army must ensure a protracted war north of the 38th parallel. Zhou Enlai asked how to return the call, and Mao Zedong looked at the file in his hand and they had to think about it. The Political Counselor Chai Sengwen informed Ambassador Ni Zhiliang of Zhou Enlai’s call back, asking him to forward Kim Il Sung’s suggestions: First, affirm North Korea’s political thinking, second, maintain the main force, and third, if Seoul is captured, the enemy may cut off the way.

Soviet Foreign Minister Vyshinsky informed Stalin that the US troops had occupied Seoul, and North Korea sent them to request support and support Chinese comrades to provide direct military assistance. Stalin believed that the strategic focus of the United States was still in Europe, and so did they. They should not be distracted.

This is also an important confrontation to keep the socialist countries from being divided and to avoid the third world war. Stalin demanded that Mao Zedong be telegraphed immediately if the US military crosses the 38th parallel and directly enters North Korea to fight, and the Soviet Union will send out air force support.

The “United Nations Army” headed by the United States has exceeded 300,000, and has approached the 38th line. In addition, the air force and navy have nearly 400,000 troops. Zhou Enlai asked the Indian ambassador to send a letter to the United States to warn the United States. Truman asked the Security Council to make an eight-nation proposal in an attempt to provide a legal basis for the “United Nations forces” to occupy North Korea.

After being rejected by the Soviet Union, it was directly submitted to the United Nations and prepared to be controlled by them. The assembly comes to pass. Mao Zedong asked about the attitude of the Soviet Union. Stalin advocated the localization of the North Korean issue, but Mao Zedong said that if the US military passed the 38th parallel, China would have to control it.

At the press conference, MacArthur kept flaunting his achievements, and even declared that he had occupied Seoul while Seoul was still fighting. He will issue an ultimatum to Kim Il Sung to order him to surrender, otherwise he will cross the 38th line to the Yalu River and clear the entire northern part of the peninsula. The big reason he dared to do this was that he believed that China had no ability to intervene in wars, and the 38th parallel of the Soviet Union had no meaning to them.

General Walker on the front said that he would stop at the 38th Parallel and wait for the UN’s order, but MacArthur rejected this statement. The plan to cross the 38th Parallel to the north was about to be implemented. His combat plan was to attack.

Late at night, Zhou Enlai received a telegram from Kim Il-sung requesting to enter the DPRK directly, and his special envoy would come to Beijing with Kim Il-sung’s letter of request for help the day after tomorrow. After reading the telegram, Mao Zedong asked the secretary Ye Zilong to draw up the telegram immediately. Once Comrade Gao Gang entered Beijing immediately, and second, he informed Deng Hua to stand by at any time. And let Zhou Enlai instruct the North Korean side to disperse the severed troops and retreat north, and the troops that could not retreat insisted on fighting guerrilla warfare on the spot. Only then can there be hope of victory.

In the Yi Nian Hall, a meeting with no minutes was underway. Mao Zedong encouraged the comrades to speak freely. Lin Biao affirmed North Korea’s important strategic position. However, China has been devastated due to the war. Still fighting the bandits, the KMT secret agents are also ready to move. In addition, the current domestic industrial capacity is far from that of the United States, and the disparity in national power is really hard to fight.

Mao Zedong had already decided in his mind that this battle would be fought, and how to fight and who to fight was his consideration. Lin Biao’s speech disappointed him, but most of the people present agreed with Lin Biao’s ideas. The economic, political and military strengths of China and the United States are too far apart, and it is not worth paying for the New China to save North Korea. Mao Zedong believes that there cannot be only one voice in this world. Such a powerful enemy will be entrenched at the door of the house. China will never have peace and cannot adopt the ostrich policy. The meeting did not discuss a result and can only end there.

Mao Anying showed his father the agricultural tools produced by the machine tool factory, and the father and son talked about the situation in North Korea. Mao Anying and his father’s ideas coincide. Although New China cannot match the United States in material terms, the Chinese people can certainly overcome difficulties with strong spiritual power.

MacArthur decided to let the troops cross the 38th line as soon as possible. Walker stood up excitedly. North Korea is now having a corps marching northward, just before the U.S. Army arrives from the sea. This will distract the U.S. military. He does not agree to let his own. The troops withdrew from the front line and detoured to Incheon to land on Wonsan. But Seoul’s supply cannot maintain two legions at the same time, so they must find a new supply port. Wonsan is their best choice. Walker wanted to fight again, but the arrogant MacArthur didn’t want to listen at all.

Kim Il Sung’s envoy arrived in Beijing eager to meet Mao Zedong, and Stalin of the Soviet Union also believed that China’s sending of troops at this time was the best choice.

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