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Across the Yalu River 跨过鸭绿江 Episode 2 Recap

Mao Zedong thought that there is no need to worry about Chiang Kai-shek, and now he only dares to make small moves will not pose a big threat. Zhou Enlai clearly pointed out that Truman wanted to use Taiwan to contain the mainland’s ghosts and sent the fleet to create a contradiction between Taiwan and the mainland, but Chiang Kai-shek would not necessarily be fooled. Nie Rongzhen came to report the situation of the troops stationed, and Mao Zedong pointed out that the 13th Corps and the 38th to 40th Army from the Central South Military Region would immediately go to the northeast.

MacArthur convened a press conference and pointed out that the battle was a joint force formed by the United Nations and formed by 16 countries to resist the aggression against South Korea. MacArthur was very contemptuous of reporters’ concerns about conflict with China. Should China use it? Kung Fu and the US Army’s aircraft and artillery can be compared.

Lin Biao and Luo Ronghuan proposed to be appointed as the commander of Denghua’s 13th Corps, who had outstanding performance in the battle of Liaoshen and the liberation of Hainan. Fighting in North Korea is different from that in China. This man has both military and political advantages and is better at handling complex relationships.

On July 31, 1950, MacArthur privately visited Taiwan in a flash, and also reached a strategic intent to defend Taiwan and military cooperation between the United States and Taiwan. Zhou Enlai talked to Mao Zedong about this incident. Chiang Kai-shek publicized his visit to Taiwan in an attempt to declare that the United States would defend Taiwan together with him. The Korean War allowed Chiang Kai-shek to see the hope of the outbreak of World War III.

He and MacArthur expressed that he would send troops to North Korea to participate in the war, imagining that the reversal of the situation in North Korea could attack the Yalu River from the north, and counterattack the mainland with the support of the US naval and air forces in the south. But Mao Zedong understood that Truman would not let Chiang Kai-shek’s troops participate in the war, and he must hang up the fig leaf of Taiwan.

Sure enough, Truman angrily took the report of MacArthur’s visit to Taiwan on the table and called Acheson a liar. MacArthur used to speak loudly that only two army divisions were needed but they were defeated two days later. He even asked to send four more army divisions, otherwise he would not be responsible for the failure. However, Acheson said that the US government can only follow MacArthur’s method, because MacArthur’s private visit to Taiwan has prevented the United States from taking a neutral stand to justify Taiwan’s actions.

The Korean People’s Army defeated the three main forces of the U.S. Army and launched the fourth battle. Kim Il Sung wanted to speed up the offensive and not give the enemy a chance to breathe. The U.S. Army retreated steadily, and its combat base moved further south. Zhou Enlai admired the tenacious perseverance of comrades in the People’s Army.

Mao Zedong analyzed that Busan was the last foothold of South Korea and the “United Nations Army” on the coast, and the Nakdong River was the last line of defense. The overall balance of power between the two sides is now very different. The People’s Army has suffered heavy casualties, tanks have lost one third, and defense capabilities have been greatly reduced. For the exhausted army that is eager to win, the risk increases the further forward.

Zhou Enlai thought that this might be because the U.S. military was lure the enemy to deepen. Mao Zedong worried that logistical supplies would be a big problem for such a long front. What he worries most is Incheon. Once the US army logs in here, it will block the People’s Army’s retreat. He must promptly remind the North Korean side. Nie Rongzhen suggested sending out anti-aircraft artillery troops immediately to ensure the safety of the Yalu River.

Zheng Rui, who had recovered and returned to work at the police station, still maintained the habit of exercising, but his mother and sister couldn’t do 80 push-ups when they made trouble. Hearing that his mother urged Zheng Rui to get married again, he found a reason to refuse, and the family playing and making trouble was very warm.

The anti-aircraft artillery unit has been in place, and Mao Zedong proposed to establish a leading agency for the anti-aircraft artillery unit in Beijing, with Chen Xilian as the commander. Deng Hualai reported to Mao Zedong that the two men discussed the Korean War against a map on the ground. Deng Hua judged that the People’s Army’s front line was too long, and the US Army’s current countermeasure should be to take landing operations to cut off the People’s Army’s supply line.

This coincided with the ideas of Mao Zedong and other leaders. He told Deng Hua to prepare for war with the United States and must complete all preparations within a month and be ready to dispatch. Mao Zedong even lay on the map, looking at the most likely location for the United States to land.

Deng Hua called the “big man” at the train station to greet Hong Xuezhi, the first deputy commander of the 15th Corps. He wanted Hong Xuezhi to go directly to the northeast with him. However, Hong Xuezhi ordered Ye Canzuo to ask questions about the 15th Corps during this trip, and he had to go back to talk. Deng Hua told him that the troops are now assembled in the Northeast, and that so many troops need people to manage. Hong Xuezhi should not say that Deng Hua will leave the car to him before they finish eating. Without Shangfang Baojian, Deng Hua would dare to kidnap like this, Hong Xuezhi could only obey orders.

Zhao Rudi, Chief of the Operations Section of the 13th Corps Command, came from Hankou and waited for the two at the station. Hong Xuezhi pretended to be angry. Zhao Rudi quickly took out soft drinks to Hong Xuezhi, and the three of them boarded the train to the northeast. Deng Hua played chess with Zhao Rudi while thinking about the North Korean issue.

I am afraid they still have to cross the river. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers were transported to the northeast. The northeast army’s logistical supplies were under great pressure. The soldiers in the south were not adapted to the northern climate. This was also the reason why Deng Hua called Hong Xuezhi. When the sky fell, there was a big man like him. withstand.

The political mobilization of the Thirteenth Corps has begun, and the military preparations have been completed. The Northeast Bureau will also fully guarantee that it will not shrink back. MacArthur finally made a plan to land from Incheon. Zhu De speculated that MacArthur would not be able to act until next month at the earliest. Zhou Enlai’s military secretary, Lei Yingfu, has collected and sorted out sea conditions in Incheon Port. There will be three high tides in September.

This is the best time for the US military to land on the beach, otherwise the troops will be trapped in the mud and unable to extricate themselves. Through further analysis, September 15 is the most likely action. Mao Zedong arranged for Zhou Enlai to warn Kim Il-sung that the US army would land in Incheon, but Zhou Enlai worried that the People’s Army is now in the joy of victory. It is difficult to say whether this reminder can attract attention. Mao Zedong also requested to call Deng Hua to be prepared for battle.

Chief of Staff Xie Fang and Director of the Political Department Du Ping took their positions, and the New 13th Corps was finally ready. Several old comrades were talking about each other, but they heard explosions outside. In September 1950, US bombers invaded the Yalu River area and dropped bombs over the Andong area. Zheng Rui and other recovery soldiers rushed into the collapsed house to spill the unconscious child. A female military doctor rushed to rescue her. Zheng Rui hurriedly pushed her into the car and let her take the child to the hospital.

The people packed up food and daily necessities in the rubble. Hong Xuezhi couldn’t bear such a provocation. Du Ping thought he should protest immediately. The United States is so unscrupulous, Xie Fang proposed to ask the Military Commission for instructions to continue to increase troops. Hong Xuezhi also proposed to arrange the three artillery divisions in place as soon as possible. Mao Zedong’s prediction has already appeared, and the situation they are about to face will be very difficult and complicated.

Zhou Enlai reported with Mao Zedong that on August 27, the US military had bombed the Yalu River and Anton five times in a row. He had already lodged a solemn protest through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mao Zedong was not interested in these vain practices of discussing arguments, and must take action to regain color. North Korea has been in a stalemate with the US military for half a month, and quick victory is no longer possible.

More importantly, it is to prevent the US military from counterattacking. Mao Zedong asked Zhou Enlai to remind the North Korean US troops of the risk of beach landings, and stepped up to urge the Northeast Frontier Defense Forces to step up preparations for war, and industry should also pay attention to air defense and consider appropriate relocation.

At the same time, it was proposed to send an advisory team to North Korea to see if the situation in the United States could allow the Northeast Army to make a small test. Zhou Enlai agreed with Mao Zedong’s ideas, and must make up his mind in this situation. The Japanese side started a full-scale aggression against China starting from North Korea, and the painful lesson must not be repeated.

Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai agreed that the Chinese factor must now be added to bring changes to the situation and bring peace to the Far East. The Soviet representative put forward a peaceful disarmament plan on the Security Council, but the United States did not buy it. Some words must be heard by the whole country and the whole world. Political mobilization is very important and must be aroused.

Zhou Enlai followed Mao Zedong’s suggestion and decided with Nie Rongzhen to immediately study the specific implementation plan. Once the Thirteenth Corps had to cross the river, in order to avoid being cut off, follow-up troops were required to garrison. He suggested that the 50th Army of the Central-South Military Region should be incorporated into the Northeast Frontier Defense sequence so that the assembled troops can cross the Yalu River at any time.

Company Commander Qian Muzhi came to Zheng Rui’s house, and Zheng Rui went out to do errands, and was led into the house by Zheng’s mother to wait. Zheng Rui came to the hospital and wanted to invite Dr. Jin, who was half-carried in the car by himself that day, to eat dumplings at home. All the comrades who were fighting the fire that day agreed, and his mother specifically explained that none of them could be missing. Dr. Jin had to ask Zheng Rui for a home. the address of.

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