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Unique Lady 2 絕世千金完結篇 Episode 7 Recap

Lin Luojing became angry, she cursed Zhong Wumei, and left by herself. Zhong Wumei was a little puzzled. Someone was talking to him like this, but he was not at all annoyed. The previous scene flashed through his mind.

Lin Luojing came out of her room angrily and sat on the swing outside. Now she was reduced to a house with magpies. Magpie came to feel sorry for her and told her not to argue with the prince. As the two discussed, Lin Luojing suddenly thought of the first time she met. She thought that maybe the scene was restored, and he might remember it.

She was sitting on the swing in a white dress and singing. The prince stood by and looked at her with a smile. She fell off the swing and the prince caught her. He thought of her. She sat on the swing and smirked. It turned out that the things just now were all her fantasy. The prince came from a distance, and the magpie reminded Lin Luojing that Lin Luojing began to sing loudly, a little nervous.

When Zhong Wumei heard this voice, he was a little impatient, turned and left, Lin Luojing hurried to catch up and stopped him. The prince said impatiently that he had important matters and didn’t spend so much time on her. Lin Luojing said that as long as he stared at her, he would not pester him again after the comparison, and he agreed. The two had their eyes facing each other. After a while, the sky went down and it rained. Lin Luojing was very depressed, shouting that when one person decides to do something, will the whole world get in the way? Why is it raining suddenly.

The prince drew her into the cave of the rockery and looked at the face close in front of her. She was very sad and broke down to cry. Zhong Wumei wiped the tears from her face, thunder sounded, Zhong Wumei held his head as if thinking of some pictures.

The system king reappears, Lin Luojing unlocks the gift and gets the protagonist’s favorability perspective device. From now on, she can see the protagonist’s increased favorability for her, so as to better guide the protagonist. Lin Luojing did not hesitate to choose to check Zhong Wumei’s favorability. Seeing the comparison of favorability, she still felt that her previous favorability was so high, and she comforted her that although her current favorability was low, it was still rising. Cheer yourself up.

The system prompts her to find Jiang Xuanyu to assist, given that she has just comforted the male lead Zhong Wumei to get a favorable impression bonus, and unlocked the opportunity to contact the male lead’s friends. Lin Luojing happily ran to look for Jiang Xuanyu. She went to more than thirteen garment shops and found Jiang Xuanyu. Lin Luojing told Jiang Xuanyu about Zhong Wumei’s amnesia. Jiang Xuanyu said that he would definitely help to wake up Zhong Wumei’s memory. The two discussed for a long time.

Lin Luojing was hiding in Zhong Wumei’s bed. When he came back, she suddenly stretched her head out of the bed and said that she would wait for him to sleep. Zhong Wumei jumped down. Zhong Wumei got up in a panic and turned his head, his heartbeat speeded up, and his body was feverish. He thought he was poisoned, and ran to the table and picked up the teapot to drink desperately.

Liu Xiuwen entered Beijing with a high profile, and Lin Luojing and Jiang Xuanyu watched the scene. Two maids came to report, and Prince Qiyu saw him that the prince was summoned into the palace, and Wen Ruyu also passed by, let her go and take a look.

Zhong Wumei learned that Qiyu Prince Liu Xiuwen had been Lin Luojing’s personal bodyguard, so he asked Zhang Ji what kind of person she was. Liu Xiuwen came to the palace and hoped that the Holy Master would open the Shengjing Commercial Road and exchange information with Qiyu. In the hall, Zhong Wumei was jealous, and Liu Xiuwen would choke on everything he said.

Liu Xiuwen asked for Lin Luojing, Zhong Wumei heard it and couldn’t make any concessions, so he hurriedly disagreed.

Lin Luojing looked at the two people arguing in the hall, and came out and said that she decided to stay. This was her decision. She didn’t want to leave for the time being. She hoped that Liu Xiuwen would respect her opinion, and Liu Xiuwen agreed.

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