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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 24 Recap

There are more and more jade figurines emerging from the stone walls. This is not an ordinary jade figurine, but an upgraded version of the palace of the Western Queen. One thing in common is that every jade figurine has a snake inside. As soon as these snakes feel the human body temperature, they will wake up and control the jade figurines to attack the incoming people.

The more Wu Xie and the others fight, the higher their body temperature will be, and the faster these jade figurines will be. This is not the way to go, Wu Xie decided to do the opposite, and ran into the mezzanine where the jade figurines appeared with the little brother Fatty, slashing desperately along the way. But with so many interlayers, where is the exit? When the Zhang family designed the jade figurines mezzanine, why didn’t they know to leave a mark for future generations?

The leak in the house happened to be rainy and rainy, and the little brother who had been standing in the front was exhausted and accidentally injured by the jade figurines, but Wu Xie found that the unicorn tattoo on his body was the map of this place. He took a closer look and ran forward as soon as he picked up his little brother.

After finding the exit, the fat man was seriously injured while fighting the jade figurines to ensure the safety of his companions. He and his little brother almost lost half their lives after they came out. Wu Xie tried his last bit of strength to carry the fat boy to a safe place, and then fired the flare gun Jude Kao gave him, and finally fainted without strength.

Jude Kao had long realized that the black glasses were unreliable. He kept monitoring their every move and handcuffed them after catching them all. Jude Kao, the old fox, had calculated everything he could think of. He wasn’t worried about the safety of the two Jie Yuchens, he was just afraid that they would ruin his own affairs. As for Wu Xie, he was sure that Wu Xie was safe now, except that he had entered a space where no signal could be transmitted.

There is no way to the world. When the black glasses Jie Yuchen was isolated and helpless under the control of Jude Kao, Wu Erbai, the second master of the Wu family, suddenly came with a large number of people. He and Jude Kao sat at the opposite side of a table, talking and laughing even sarcasm the foreigner. It is no wonder that Wu Erye looked gentle and elegant, but he was the most ruthless one of the three brothers in the Wu family. The sentence came lightly: If Jude Kao dared to prevent him from searching for Wu Xie, he would sink their entire expedition team into the lake.

Jude Kao saw that the other party was so tough, and he euphemistically expressed his willingness to give in. At this time, Wu Xie’s flare gun attracted the attention of the two teams.

After returning to the camp, Wu Xie dragged his weak body and asked Jude Kao if he was deceived into the fantasy world because he wanted to die? Jude was noncommittal on the test, but said that Wu Xie was a person who had been nurtured since childhood in nine selections, and he would definitely be able to get in. Wu Xie didn’t want to talk nonsense to this man and turned away.

Talking about Wu Xie’s encounter this time, everyone was full of emotion. The Zhang family really tried their best to protect the ancient building. If they sneak into the bottom of the lake, they will be trapped in the illusion, and if they are involved in the siphon, they will be attacked by Milotuo. But now it seems that both of them are wrong. The tattoos on the younger brother’s body can only allow them to escape, and can’t guide them into the ancient building of Zhang Family.

The ancient building is not in the mountains, but Wu Xie did see the roof of the ancient building when he dived, which means that the main body of the ancient building is still in the water, and the bottom of the lake is connected to the mountain, and there are many tunnels in the mountains that are thought to be dug like a maze. , If these are defense mechanisms, then the Zhang family must be the ancient building that the Zhang family wants to protect.

The second uncle sighed, but they found it out. The Wu family has been unable to die because of this for several generations. Wu Xie is the cleanest member of the family since he was born, but now he is deeply involved. He could not care about the Jiu Sect, but Wu Xie had to take care of it.

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