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The Secret เกมรัก เกมลับ Episode 7 Recap

When Nick (Saipan-Apinya) catches that Dome (New-Wongsakorn) secretly has a deep relationship with Dao (Gibzy-Wanida) is very angry and immediately breaks up with Dome, but Dome refuses to fight. But Mother Dome suddenly disappeared, and when Nick realized she felt sorry, he helped Dome find her. Along with adjusting understanding again. Rin (Janis – Janista) after following up until knowing that Mimi (Suga –
Chalita) is the person behind That ruined her professional life or was very angry Therefore went to trap Mimi to the condo

As for Dome, when we started working closely with Mimi at the filming of a new drama, they immediately invited each other to the opening of the hot love scene. This event has good eyes and hurried to report Nick until he is angry, smoke out of ears, invade the rampage, bring Mimi to the set of the shoot, not to be determined.

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