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The Secret เกมรัก เกมลับ Episode 6 Recap

After Dao (Gibzy-Wanida) secretly has a secret relationship until she falls in love and wants to get Dome (New-Wongkorn) as her own alone, Dao then arrives at Dome to meet her father to avoid marrying with the man who Father’s choice Along with a plan to stir up nerves for Nick (Sai ​​Hemp – Apinya) to break up with Dome as soon as possible By sending a very special gift to anger that makes Nick very angry and manages to return the star as well

On the sand side (Nara Thep Nupa), when he realized he was threatened, he moved to a new condo. Which made Dome very worried, immediately went to the sand dance school. And with the close intimacy of both of them, the school director is not happy to meet sand personally, and Mimi (Suga-Chalita), who has heart for the dome and wants to break up with her ex, tries to do whatever it takes. To get closer to the dome In the end, will Mimi complete the plan?

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