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The Secret เกมรัก เกมลับ Episode 5 Recap

Called the degree of flirting of the Dome (New – Wong Sakorn) still does not seem to diminish at all. Which made Nick (Sai-Apinya) suspicious that Dome would always be unfaithful and made the two of them argue hard But Dome tried to drop sweet, aggrieved, pampered Nick until the heart was weak again. And while Nick’s relationship with Dome is going well, the company suddenly has a problem due to the scandal of Mimi (Chalita Suganya), a famous presenter and ex-girlfriend. This incident caused Dao (Gibzy-Wanida) to be very dissatisfied with Nick immediately.

Phin Rin, with dislike Mimi, hurried to tell Dome and propose to replace Dome as a new presenter. But Dome refused to insist on having Mimi continue as presenter On the day of the shoot with Mimi’s intimate scenes with the seductive ex-boyfriend champion, the Dome frustrates greatly. Which Dao saw the symptoms of the dome, was not satisfied, decided to invite the dome to the condo.

As for Mimi, investigate until she learns that Rin has released the picture, so she invades a fierce rampage of battering. Rin asked Nick to help, but it didn’t work. How will this battle survive?

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