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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 23 Recap

Xiong Guoliang wanted to force Xiao Chen to show up, and after planning, he decided to stand still. Soon Tan Xiaosi received the news that Shang Tianzi had betrayed them all. The police took Chen Sidong’s portrait and asked Chen Sidong, but Chen Sidong realized that only his own portrait explained that Shang Tianzi didn’t say it, but they knew that whether it was. It’s not that Shang Tianzi said, he can’t stay. Xiaoyi was discharged from the hospital and returned to the team. As a result, there was no one in the team. Everyone showed up when Xiaoyi was wondering, and she warmly welcomed Xiaoyi back to the team. Li Ke gave Xiaoyi a bunch of flowers, and everyone clamored to give gifts.

Li Ke really took out a gift. Xiong Guoliang said that if the two of them had to report to each other, Xiaoyi ignored it, and Li Ke was stunned. Hong Wu came out to call Shang Tianzi to get the money, but the phone could not be answered. A car came to him by the side of the road and said it was here to give him money. Hong Wu hurriedly got into the car, but he did not expect that he was from the Tan family. The other party asked Hong Wu to kill Shang Balezi and triple the price to him.

The horse team found Gan Tianlei’s feedback, and Tai Yongfeng asked her and Yang Xiaolei to act in both directions. Gan Tianlei and Lao Bai fell ill after a fight. The doctor said that just a nap would be fine. Yang Xiaolei and Dao Yuhan caught a nightclub owner. Dr. Niu and Third Sister She had a fight in his store. After the owner was arrested, they all confessed. Hong Wu came to visit Shang Balezi with a fruit basket, and said that it was his employee, and the police quickly drove him away. Hong Wu stayed at the door of the ward without leaving. At the auto repair shop, Li Dahui and several people gathered around to suck white powder. Tan Xiaosi smashed the place and beat them up. Li Dahui and several people were very dissatisfied and decided to call the police to arrest him.

Li Ke, Xiaoyi, and Ma Lie squatted outside the bar and started to act after receiving news from Team Zhao. In the toilet, Li Ke, Ma Lie, and Tan Xiaosi ran into him. Tan Xiaosi looked drunk but didn’t smell any alcohol. Li Ke hurriedly followed. Li Ke pretended to be drunk and broke into the private room. He saw a group of girls surrounded by Tan Xiaosi, and Tan Xiaosi noticed the headphones he was wearing and quickly asked people to put things away. Li Ke determined that he was taking drugs and asked for support, and then rushed in with a gun. Tan Xiaosi quickly called Chen Sidong and asked him to pick him up.

Gan Xiao Nuan’s test results are normal and can leave the hospital temporarily. Gan Xiao Nuan is very happy. At this time, he was discharged from the hospital without delay to go to CR Group for an interview. Chen Sidong took Tan Xiaosi away and told him not to mess around in the future, because the Tan family didn’t need his money. Tan Xiaosi also suddenly realized who fired his cannon. It must be Li Dahui. It seemed that this person could not stay. The people caught in the bar told the police that they were the fourth elder brother who had been acquainted by Sister Fang, and all he knew was the fourth elder brother.

Gan Tianlei woke up from the nightmare of the explosion. Che Lizi stayed by his side for the whole night. As soon as Gan Tianlei woke up, he asked him who pulled the bomb that night, but Che Lizi was killed before the explosion. Tian Lei fainted, he didn’t know. Gan Tianlei asked if he knew who else was alive in the explosion, and Che Li played stupid. Dr. Niu brought a group of people to ask Che Lizi why he unloaded their guns. When he saw Gan Tianlei, he immediately persuaded them.

The two lamented that Dr. Niu is a good boy, which is a bit silly. Tan Xiaosi hoisted Li Dahammer to beat him, turned his head to teach Tan Lao San, and asked him to write a review. Tan Lao San was so angry that he picked up the stick and beat. Xiong Guoliang came to the hospital and met Hong Wu. Hong Wu said that Shang Bald owed him money and refused to leave.

Lu Mingsong came to give a speech at the inaugural seminar. Gan Xiao Nuan was very excited. It only takes fresh graduates to enter the CR Group. However, non-graduates who have won awards in the competition can also join. Gan Xiao Nuan is even more excited. Her! Shang Tianzi still refused to say anything, Xiong Guoliang and others had to leave after asking. The horse mother’s birthday, the horse father bought a gift for the horse mother, and Ma Lie also prepared a bunch of flowers, but the horse mother urged him to bring his daughter-in-law back.

Sha Qing, the security director of CR Group, drove the car. Lu Mingsong lay in the back seat and did not read the recent graduate information handed over by assistant Linda. Instead, someone sorted out Gan Xiaonuan’s information. Xiong Guoliang had been monitoring Hong Wu and gave him a set. Hong Wu was hooked into the ward and wanted to administer Shang Tianzi. However, he was caught by the police. Shang Tianzi was very angry and decided to confess what he knew.

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