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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 22 Recap

Ma Lie urged Chen Xiaofeng to go back to school, and also prepared a gift for Gan Xiaonuan. It was a handicraft made with the two sheep-raising babies when he was in Huacheng. Chen Xiaofeng knew at a glance that it was made of sheep dung, and Gan Xiao had almost done it. . Che Lizi and Gan Tianlei changed their clothes, and Gan Tianlei asked Dr. Niu to unload the gun. Dr. Niu told Che Lizi that two policemen had come today, and Che Lizi told him not to tell Gan Tianlei first.

Dao Yuhan and Yang Xiaolei ate rice noodles together. Dao Yuhan remembers that Xiong Guoliang did not eat coriander like her. This is their only intersection. Dao Yuhan was about to give the people under his hand a vacation, but when he got the news, Xile Mountain Villa drove three cars out and immediately started an investigation. However, Dr. Niu was already ready to change cars in the western suburbs, and Cherie had to take them to the cockfight, so Dr. Niu had to take Tony with him.

After appearing, Caesars Group’s backbone old She’s daughter, Third Sister She, is cruel. She firmly believes that there is no credibility without rules. If Dr. Niu breaks the rules, she must take revenge. She was a little surprised when she heard that Dr. Niu had come to Chuzhou with cherries. When he came to that restaurant, Gan Tianlei’s memory was once again awakened by a familiar sight. In 2008, he and Tai Yongfeng exchanged information here. Dr. Niu also remembered that Master Niu had said to himself that Gan Tianlei saved his life here. According to the rules, Gan Tianlei picked a chicken with lame legs and said that he likes lame ones.

Yang Xiaolei and Dao Yuhan found the tricycle that Gan Tianlei and Che Lizi were riding in the suburbs. Gan Tianlei and Dr. Niu entered the box. Che Lizi received a call from Gan Xiao Nuan. Gan Xiao Nuan complained that he shouldn’t leave himself behind and that he must do what he promised himself. Dao Yuhan caught a security guard at Xile Mountain Villa. His name was Guo Tianmao. He was working and studying here, and he didn’t know anything.

The owner of the cockfighting shop was very temperamental. Gan Tianlei asked him if the bathroom was still in its original location, and then went to the bathroom. The old Bai turned his head and came to the cockfighting shop. Gan Tianlei found the contact icon with the horse team in the bathroom. Che Lizi also got up and went to the bathroom. Dr. Niu realized that something was wrong and hurried to follow up. But before he got out of the box, he saw Gan Tianlei and Che Lizi and Lao Bai pointing their guns at each other. Dr. Niu did not carry a gun. Hurriedly hid.

Uncle Huang, the owner of the cockfighting shop, suddenly appeared. This shop has been open for more than 120 years. It is a place where you can eat and make friends and you can’t hear the gunshots. He gave them two choices, either to go back to eat or enter the venue with fists. A showdown, they would die if they insisted on committing a mess. Che Lizi greeted Uncle Huang quickly, and Uncle Huang also remembered them, but Lao Bai refused to let go of Gan Tianlei easily, and decided to end his life with him. Gan Tianlei, Che Lizi, Dr. Niu, and Tony dealt with Lao Bai and others. Gan Tianlei won and ran quickly while the other party was still lying on the ground.

Ma Lie eats Chen Xiaofeng’s jealousy. Shang’er knows his thoughts on Gan Xiaonuan and teases that he always gets jealous with children. Gan Tianlei was injured because of the fight just now, and memories flooded again. In 2000, Gan Tianlei went to get the goods but met Su Ling who helped the local children. The relationship between the two grew stronger. But then Su Ling disappeared. In 2003, Gan Tianlei took money and a portrait to ask her to find her, but they disappeared again after they met.

In 2004, the other party returned the money to Gan Tianlei, saying that he couldn’t do this job. Gan Tianlei was drinking, but he met Su Ling again. The fate was indeed wonderful. In 2011, Su Ling wanted to return to the United States with Gan Tianlei, but Gan Tianlei refused in the name of something wrong with the company. Su Ling knew who he was, and Gan Tianlei promised her to marry her after New Year’s Eve. He also offered to see her family next spring. Gan Tianlei told her that everything would be different after New Year’s Eve.

Shang Tuozi didn’t say anything when he died, and asked Xiong Guoliang how the golden chain died. Xiong Guoliang asked him how he knew Che Lizi. He let the golden chain kill Shang Tuozi. They are no longer brothers. . Shang Tianzi confessed that he and Che Lizi met in Mianchuan, and he gambled that he owed more than 600,000 usury loans, and Che Lizi helped him. Che Lizi looked at eating and chanting Buddha, but in fact he was more cruel than anyone else. Xiong Guoliang took out Xiao Chen’s portrait and asked Shang Balezi who he was, but Shang Balezi pretended that his brain hurts and refused to answer. Xiong Guoliang knew that Bald Shang had concerns, maybe Xiao Chen forced him, and this Xiao Chen was probably from the Tan family.

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