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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 21 Recap

When Moustache heard that the other party was Che Lizi, he hurriedly expressed disrespect, Che Lizi wanted to call the shots today, but Moustache said that the rule is to kill him, and he and Gan Tianlei said that both parties can take medicine. Che Lizi decided to find someone to fight for this round, but the target was chickens. The crowd followed Cherie and Moustache to the cockfighting platform next to them, and the cockfighting was used to determine the outcome.

Mustache chose the black chicken, Che Lizi shot and killed the black chicken on the spot, and took Gan Tianlei to take the money and leave. In 2001, Gan Tianlei was brought to the top of Caesars because of his outstanding performance. When he woke up from the memory, Gan Tianlei and Che Lizi were startled by the cry of the next door. He accidentally provoked San Jie She and asked the police to pick up San Jie’s person, and Dr. Niu would let him go to top Lei. Che Lizi told him to sleep at ease and promised that he would not die tomorrow.

Li Ke came to visit Xiaoyi, and he also brought red oil with him. He did it himself. Xiaoyi thought of her mother. She hasn’t eaten a serious meal since she joined the police force. It feels really good. Gan Xiao Nuan came back to find Tai Yongfeng, and said that he was worried that Gan Tianlei wanted to go to him. Tai Yongfeng repeatedly comforted her and persuaded her to go back to the hospital. Gan Xiao Nuan had to give up. Tan Xiaosi bought a factory and showed off the skills of hiding drugs in tires in front of Chen Sidong and Tan Laosan, but the car overturned. Ma Lie wanted to send Gan Xiao Nuan back to the hospital and asked Li Ke to drive to the hospital, but Gan Xiao Nuan was angry because Ma Lie didn’t speak for himself.

It was obvious that Shang Bale had not closed his eyes all night, and Xiong Guoliang asked Shang Er to visit Zhang Meilan to check the situation. Shang’er went to Zhang Meilan’s house. Zhang Meilan said that Xiao Chen had left a business card and said that he could find him if he had something to do. Yang Xiaolei and Dao Yuhan are still investigating Gan Tianlei’s traces. Yang Xiaolei received a call from Xiong Guoliang and asked Dao Yuhan to talk to him, but Dao Yuhan refused in a flustered manner.

Third Sister She wants to repay the debts of Xi Le Mountain Villa. Dr. Niu is very angry and decides to use cherries and Gan Tian Lei. Yang Xiaolei and Dao Yuhan went to Xile Mountain Villa and said they wanted to park here. Dr. Niu said that the renovation was rejected, and the two had to leave. Dr. Niu saw that they were from the anti-drug detachment. Tan Laosan found Wang Cripple, and hoped that he could start the auto repair shop again. The other party made a lot of conditions. Chen Xiaofeng came to see Gan Xiao Nuan, and Gan Xiao Nuan asked Ma Lie to buy them milk tea.

When Dr. Niu came to the basement, Che Lizi said that he had friendship with the She family, and he helped him settle the matter after putting them away. He also took out a picture showing the location of the goods. Only then did Dr. Niu know that the person with Che Lizi was Gan Tianlei, and he quickly asked Tony to bring the photo album, confirmed Gan Tianlei’s identity, and respected him immediately, and quickly released them. Gan Tianlei asked what happened to the Che Lizi map, and Che Lizi said he shouldn’t know.

In an underground warehouse in Huacheng, Tony led people to find something at the location marked on the cheery map and confirmed the authenticity. Chen Si moved 3 million to the account, but Lao Bai was sent back, but he did not give up staring at Gan Tianlei. His face was caused by Gan Tianlei. Between him and Gan Tianlei, either you die or I die. . Che Lizi said that Gan Tianlei was the life-and-death relationship of Third Sister She’s father, and that there would be no problem with him. Tony pointed a gun at Gan Tianlei’s head yesterday, and Che Lizi avenged him on the spot. Cherie asked Dr. Niu and Tony to go out first, and told Gan Tianlei about something. Gan Tianlei couldn’t remember Niu’s and She’s, Che Lizi explained that Niu’s was his old friend, and Chuzhou had the memory he wanted.

Chen Xiaofeng told Gan Xiaonuan that her male god Lu Mingsong’s CR Group wanted to recruit people at the school. Gan Xiaonuan was very excited, but she was only a sophomore and couldn’t get into the career guidance association. After being arrested, the Lao Fang cooperated very well with the interrogation, saying that Tan Laosan’s family is different from the rest of the Tan family. Someone in their family had a Ph.D. in the United States. Unlike other people who just bet on drugs, Xiong Guoliang immediately realized the importance of this matter. .

The auto repair shop soon began to operate, and Li Dahui, the craftsmanship of tyre poisoning, was very skilled. Chen Sidong knew that these people were hanging on ice, but they would not be soft when there was a disobedient. Xiong Guoliang realized that the Tan family had made a big move recently and broke through Shang Bale to find clues about the Tan family.

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