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The Message 风声 Episode 7 Recap

After Jin Shenghuo left, Gu Xiaomeng complained that his father had ruined a good book in vain. Gu Minzhang claimed that although Jin Shenghuo was a layman, he had a pair of heart-warming golden eyes.

On the other side, Pan Hanqing said that Li Ningyu should not come back, but she would never allow her to go with Wu Zhiguo. Li Ningyu said she had her own mission. Pan Hanqing didn’t understand that Li Ningyu had done so much for them, so why couldn’t she get a life back. ? At this time, Liu Ma said that there was a call to look for his wife. Pan Hanqing pushed Li Ningyu out of bed rudely. After Li Ningyu answered the phone, there was no sound. He knew it was Wu Zhiguo, and the two went silent for a while and hung up.

After listening to her daughter’s description of her experience on the ship, Gu Minzhang criticized her for assassinating Morita without her permission, and bringing Jin Shenghuo home without her consent. The most serious mistake was that when she came into contact with Li Ningyu, her words were at risk of exposure.

Gu Xiaomeng explained that she was intuitive Believing that Li Ningyu will not betray her, Gu Minzhang warned her that inexperienced newcomers are not qualified to talk about intuition. Gu Xiaomeng claimed that the information about Germany’s attack on the Soviet Union is still unknown to Chongqing, and she can make up for it. Gu Minzhang analyzed that Chongqing would never warn the Soviet Union, so this piece of information is worthless to both Chiang Kai-shek and Dai Li. Gu Xiaomeng asked her father to report to Director Dai.

She knew that the most important family law of military reunification was to punish her, but she would never hurt her father. Gu Minzhang sighed that she was hurting her daughter. If it weren’t for the ship king of Suzhou and Hangzhou, Dai Li would not reach out. To the daughter. He asked Gu Xiaomeng to recall the structure of Enigger’s second-generation cryptographic machine as much as possible. This information is still valuable to the military system and can win more resources from the Soviet Union and the United States.

Zhang Si told Bai Xiaonian that if Wu Zhiguo does not die for a day, Qiuzhuang’s affair will not be over. Bai Xiaonian said that Jin Shengxian could not live anymore. The person who tried him was Wang Tianxiang, the director of the Special Affairs Department of the General Headquarters of Suppression. Although he was temporarily seconded to the headquarters of the Japanese army, he was still theirs. Since the Japanese army handed over the people. He explained that he was not suspicious of Commander Zhang, and that Wang Tianxiang was utilitarian, and the trial of a Stalin spy was unacceptable for him. However, Commander Zhang was worried that Wang Tianxiang would be overjoyed, and afraid that he would get involved with himself, so he arranged for Bai Xiaonian to probe his mouth, so as not to make him lose his mind.

Wang Tianxiang is currently interrogating Jin Shengxian. He also arrested Jin Shengxian’s daughter as a threat. However, after Jin Shengxian confessed, Wang Tianxiang said that he was nonsense throughout the whole story, and he became more and more convinced that he was the Communist Party. After the phone call, he whispered a few words with Wang Tianxiang, Wang Tianxiang told Jin Shengxian that Commander Jin Bihui had negotiated with Commander Matsui. He was okay. Commander Jin replaced him with Dai Li’s three contact points. But when Jin Shengxian left to take his belongings, Wang Tianxiang buckled a book in his luggage.

Bai Xiaonian handed over the gun given by Commander Zhang to Wang Tianxiang. Wang Tianxiang refused to accept the gun, saying that he would still interrogate faithfully if he did not accept the gun. But if he took the gun and reported it to the Japanese, everything would be false in his own trial, Bai Xiaonian Heart to understand. At this time, his subordinates came in and reported to Wang Tianxiang that the forensic department found something in the book, and Wang Tianxiang immediately resigned from Bai Xiaonian and went to work.

Early in the morning, Gu Minzhang reminded his daughter that the time was up. If it was not translated, it would be a failure. He told Gu Xiaomeng that two things happened during the time she recalled the cipher machine. First, the person in charge of interrogating Jin Shengxian had found that Jin Shengxian was a Soviet spy. As evidence, Dai Li gave an eight-character instruction: the following is an example to make up for the mistakes. The second thing is that the work Dai Li asked her to use to make up for was the Enigma code. Gu Xiaomeng was angry that she really couldn’t remember it now.

Maybe she was really not suitable for being a spy, and she didn’t even have the ability to remember momentarily. Gu Minzhang laughed and said that no one can break through the limits of human beings. After 24 hours, even if the content of deliberate memory can only be left over to one-third, not to mention that she has been off the ship for so long and it is impossible to restore this cipher machine, but Gu Xiaomeng told Father: One person remembers everything.

In the office, Bai Xiaonian personally sent Li Ningyu’s new military rank, and quietly told her that Jin Shengxian had been recruited, and Li Ningyu said blankly that it had nothing to do with him. Gu Xiaomeng on the other side washed out the photos of Li Ningyu when he disembarked in the darkroom, and felt that this woman was not simple.

Gu Xiaomeng gave him the leopard head ring that his father gave Jin to make the fire, but Jin Shenghuo suggested that she donate it to Commander Zhang. He again asked why Gu Xiaomeng framed himself on the boat several times. Gu Xiaomeng called him too domineering and wanted to know how to remove himself from the secretary. How capable are the people called out.

Jin Shenghuo said that there are three departments in the Confidential Department. Gu Xiaomeng chose the department by himself. Gu Xiaomeng chose the intelligence department without hesitation. Jin Shenghuo reminded her: the intelligence department is like that cipher ship, and the people on the ship will never die. Can’t be superborn.

Wang Tianxiang took the codebook and reported the results of the interrogation to Mitsui Shouichi. Mitsui Shouichi told him: Because of the password boat incident, he had been suspended from his job and was about to be investigated, so he didn’t need to ask himself for help. Morita’s case has been taken over by the secret service, and the person in charge is the one who Morita despised during his lifetime.

There was someone in Li Ningyu’s office, but Gu Xiaomeng happily offered her a pot of Clivia to send her. Li Ningyu ordered her to go out immediately. After a while, she was called in again. She told Gu Xiaomeng: I gave her this pot of Clivia because she was on board. After reflecting on the matter, I regretted the words that I had said to myself, so I used this pot of Clivia to show myself that she was loyal to the Japanese.

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