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Love Script 她和他的恋爱剧本 Episode 9 Recap

Zhu Xuanwen and Director Li were sitting in the car. Suddenly he received a call from Luo Kaihuai on his mobile phone. Since there was a director next to him, he did not answer, and Luo Kaihuai here could not find anyone in a hurry, Zhu Li and Dave. Called one by one, and finally learned that Zhu Xuanwen had been taken away by Yike’s people. At the same time, she was also approaching Yike, and she would react accordingly.

But when I got to Yike, the front desk told her that all the executives of today’s staff meeting were present, but the location was in the Haixing Hotel and not in Yike. She had to rush to the hotel immediately because of time constraints. Luo Kaihuai did not forget to inform Dave during the hurry. But Linda on the side looked at Dave as if there was no big disturbance about Zhu Xuanwen’s disappearance, but rather calm and rational, which was really weird.

Luo Kaihuai arrived at the Haixing Hotel. He heard the directors saying that Zhu Xuanwen was on the twelfth floor of the hotel and asked him to attend today’s staff meeting. Luo Kaihuai rushed to the twelfth floor after hearing this. At the same time, he continued to dial Zhu Xuanwen in the suite. Zhu Xuanwen of Zhu Xuanwen saw the word princess on the phone and hung up after hesitating.

Luo Kaihuai knew that he was right here but couldn’t find him, so he searched a basket of love words and sent him voices one by one. Not only did the previous rational departure not help Zhu Xuanwen, she made herself so embarrassed. She seemed to be real. I fell in love with Zhu Xuanwen, but pushed him away cruelly, Luo Kaihuai was extremely upset and frustrated. Unexpectedly, these words she muttered were heard by Zhu Xuanwen at the door. Luo Kaihuai opened the door and saw her prince. Someone came to check the situation, so Luo Kaihuai pulled Zhu Xuanwen and ran all the way regardless.

Back in the palace of the film and television base, in the secret room, Zhu Xuanwen slapped Dave over his head and covered his face. What a good opportunity today is. The staff meeting will wait until those old directors leak their feet. This is good, one or two accidentally messed up All the plans. But it’s useless to talk about it. He can only wait for another chance, Zhu Xuanwen took a sip of coffee and thought.

After pleading with the director Qin Feng, Luo Kaihuai continued to follow up Zhu Xuanwen’s case as Linda’s assistant. Next, she will try her out in an empathetic way, which means she has no retreat, and failure means complete failure. So she became Zhu Xuanwen’s princess again, and Zhu Xuanwen personally put the hairpin on her hair.

Lianyi learned that Zhu Xuanwen was suffering from a bad illness for a long time on the street, so he sneaked into the palace to check it out. Zhu Xuanwen on the sickbed had a weak pulse, so Lianyi quickly fed him the medicine and cut it. A strand of hair is tied around his wrist with a red rope, praying for him to wake up safely. When this dream was updated, Luo Kaihuai woke up, and as expected, Ripples couldn’t let go of Zhu Xuanwen, just as he couldn’t let go of Zhu Xuanwen, but at this moment Zhu Xuanwen was watching her sleeping by his bed.

The treatment has been going on for such a long time. What method should I use to awaken Zhu Xuanwen’s modern memory? Luo Kaihuai thought of the idea of ​​birthday gifts, so he bought many exquisite gift semi-finished products online and planned to return to process it himself. On the other side, both Zhu Li and Zhu Xuanwen were investigating the bizarre car accident. The identification result was not suspicious. Even Zhu Xuanwen’s memory flickering on the electronic screen could not find out the problem, which was strange.

Luo Kaihuai bought a blessing card and wrote all the good words one stroke at a time. This is a birthday blessing to Zhu Xuanwen. At this time, Zhu Li also gave him his birthday gift. By coincidence, Luo Kaihuai also wrote a blessing card for him. , I hope that he will act freely and freely. The birthday gift Zhu Li sent was an oil painting. In the painting, a pair of elder brothers and younger brothers were flying kites in the field, just like their brothers when they were young. Zhu Xuanwen knows that Zhu Li is stimulating him to remember the past, but he still pretends to be ignorant.

In the evening, Luo Kaihuai led Zhu Xuanwen with his eyes closed and came under a tree of peach blossoms. The lanterns flickered on the tree, reflecting several prayer cards. In these blessings, Zhu Xuanwen wrote that the two are happy and hung on the peach tree with her, and the fireworks bloomed in the distance to render the sky, and they made good wishes for the fireworks. At this time, there was a cell phone photographing them in the dark.

At night in the mansion, everyone sat at the same table and happily ate a meal. Even Ford was lucky enough to have a seat, but Linda and Dave would fight when they met, and there was a damn desire to win and a dish. After a few seconds after it was served, the two of them were allotted a lot of attention, not only the dishes are like this, even the wine at the back is also the same way of drinking. At this time, there were also two hands holding a mobile phone in the dark.

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