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Love Script 她和他的恋爱剧本 Episode 11 Recap

Luo Kaihuai has followed Zhu Xuanwen closely these days, so he has no time to go to the warehouse secret room. Until that day, Luo Kaihuai pretended to be sleepy and returned to the bedroom. Dave followed her all the way to ensure safety. The news reached Zhu Xuanwen and they dared to be in the secret room. Discuss things here. At the same time, Luo Kaihuai opened the bedroom door again, all the way to the warehouse, and effortlessly pushed open the door of the secret room. The three of Dave Zhu Xuanwen and the newcomer Luo Kaihuai looked at each other and fell still for a moment.

Zhu Xuanwen was stunned, and then he had an idea, and the conversation turned, his position instantly stood on Luo Kaihuai’s side, placing all the guilt on Dave’s head, and he had built such a secret room without telling everyone. Luo Kaihuai was dubious, and suddenly saw the computer on the desk. If this is the private space where Dave is carrying everyone on his back, then he must be able to open this computer, so the key to the matter suddenly moved from this secret room to this computer. Whether the power-on password can be entered correctly, it’s a pity that this is Zhu Xuanwen’s computer.

Zhu Xuanwen stood on the side in a hurry, and couldn’t open his mouth to remind him. He could only make a mere whisper and put his arms around Luo Kaihuai and began to tell her the legend about the six-pointed star. The compilation was superb, as if he could bless love, Luo Kaihuai was confused. Only Dave, who kept operating the password behind him, suddenly realized that he finally turned on the computer. This will prove the ownership of this computer, Luo Kaihuai believes it, but Zhu Xuanwen knows that she still has doubts in her heart. If she wants to convince her completely, she will have to sacrifice her good brother Dave.

So the next day Dave was condemned in public. Those group performances were true and unrelenting. Some people came to watch, including Linda. She originally thought that Zhu Xuanwen was immersed in her own small world at most Unexpectedly, it has deteriorated to punish others. He stepped forward and immediately stopped. With Luo Kaihuai’s plea, Zhu Xuanwennian exempted Dave’s punishment for the plea of ​​the princess, and the matter was over. I came to the secret room at night and diligently gave Dave medicine. This time it really made Dave a great sacrifice, but I couldn’t keep it from a moment.

In the back kitchen on the other side, Linda considered that Zhu Xuanwen’s condition had deteriorated and Luo Kaihuai’s situational therapy was not effective, so she asked the director for instructions to change the medication. If there is a change, it is not too late to stop the medication and do situational therapy. After that, Linda went to visit Dave. He could only lie on the bed, but because these injuries were Zhu Xuanwen, he had no complaints. Who told Zhu Xuanwen to stand up and help him when he was a kid when everyone was abandoning him. These injuries are nothing compared to the past.

Zhu Xuanwen lingered at the door of Luo Kaihuai’s bedroom, and finally decided to go in and see her. She was already asleep, remembering that when she interceded today, Zhu Xuanwen wanted to have her uncontrollably, but as Dave said, the time is not there and he still needs to hibernate. . The story in the dream is updated again. The border offenders, Zhu Xuanwen, who is the prince, will personally lead soldiers to fight. Life and death on the battlefield are unpredictable. Who knows who will die next unfortunately, but Zhu Xuanwen promised to wait until March of the coming year. He will return when the branches are full. Lianyi sent him to the expedition, holding the little red peach flower hairpin tightly in his hand.

The medicine for the treatment had been delivered, Luo Kaihuai still hesitated, but was shocked by the sudden emergence of Dave. The medicine fell directly into the chicken soup, so the medicine was still taken, and Dave gave it to Zhu Xuanwen. I checked the composition of this medicine, and it turned out to be several times the composition of the same type of medicine. It was obvious that someone had manipulated their hands and feet. In addition to the previous market incident, the black hand behind the scenes has already begun. Director Li and Director Xie Kun of Jin Mei conspired to anger. His purpose is to pour dirty water on him and gradually bring him down.

Luo Kaihuai thought that the medicine was a normal medicine, so he continued to put Zhu Xuanwen in the chicken soup. In order to coax him into taking the medicine, Luo Kaihuai tried his best, so he had to prove the bowl of soup to him, but Zhu Xuanwen who knew the truth Stopped her naturally. At this time, someone told the legend that Luo jokingly asked to see him, looking for the golden necklace that was taken by mistake. He met Zhu Xuanwen as if it were a posture of ordinary people meeting officials, and the etiquette was very thoughtful, and Zhu Xuanwen told Dave to clean up the bowl of chicken soup.

Dave came to the back kitchen with the bowl of poisonous chicken soup, and happened to bump into Linda who was also carrying chicken soup. The two put the chicken soup on the stove, rolled up their sleeves and started quarreling. Finally, after the quarrel, Linda took it away. Bowl of poison chicken soup. And here Zhu Xuanwen is entertaining his brother-in-law Luo joking, Luo Kai laughed and confessed his sister’s love to the prince, but the main purpose of this trip was to find the bracelet. Zhu Xuanwen took the bracelet box. But still ruthlessly guided Luo Kaihuai to go to the bedroom again.

Finally, the bracelet was found and returned to the original owner. When everyone was sending Luo away laughing, Linda ran out almost unconscious, her face pale, and there was a problem with the bowl of chicken soup. Immediately sent to the hospital for gastric lavage, Qin Feng and Zhu Li were brought to the news that the medicine was wrong, and everyone wanted to find out. Luo Kaihuai felt guilty even more, but Zhu Li asked her to go out with him.

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