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Love Script 她和他的恋爱剧本 Episode 10 Recap

At the banquet, there was no place for Luo Kaihuai and Zhu Xuanwen to stay. In addition, they barely had any food. Zhu Xuanwen took her to the back kitchen and decided to make a bowl now. Luo Kaihuai boiled water to choose vegetables, and Zhu Xuanwen peeled the orange to eat. He just ate an extremely sour orange. The bad thoughts directly fed Luo Kaihuai a petal, and the two of them lost their teeth together. After that, Zhu Xuanwen kept making trouble again. It was not easy for Luo Kaihuai to make a bowl of noodles. Longevity noodles tasted good. Zhu Xuanwen ate happily, but Luo Kaihuai watched him fall asleep unconsciously.

The two Linda and Dave at the banquet continued to fight. In the end, Dave was really fighting for alcohol, but she confessed to calling her grandma. The war ended. Who knew they were about to get up and hit each other and fell. After going down, everyone’s first kiss was gone, Linda scolded a pervert, Dave had an anthurium print on his face, and went back to brush his teeth and rinse his mouth.

Zhu Li hung the blessing plaque on the piano, and he recorded a piano song with a recording pen, and the time was ripe to give it to Luo Kaihuai. Luo Kaihuai slept three poles a day in Zhu Xuanwen’s arms in the back kitchen, and was still in her arms when she was dazed. Zhu Xuanwen held her instinct more lovely.

Looking at her in this way, Zhu Xuanwen wanted to restore her normal status and wanted to tell the outside world that Zhu Xuanwen had woke up because Luo Kaihuai told him that he wanted to live an ordinary life and he wanted to help her realize this wish. Dave jumped up when he heard it. Zhu Xuanwen did not hesitate to pretend to be crazy for Yike. Now that he has put so much energy into it, he has to give up all his previous work for Luo Kaihuai. It is better to calm down before making a decision.

Someone on Director Li’s side whispered and reported that he had already got in. Fu Fu here was holding his mobile phone and patted Zhu Xuanwen, and Luo Kaihuai saw him chasing him all the way to the back garden. The sneaky look just now was uneasy and kind, Fu Seeing that the mobile phone was robbed to resist, De knocked Luo Kaihuai to the ground. Fortunately, Zhu Xuanwen arrived and the mobile phone and Luo Kaihuai were safe. After setting up Luo Kaihuai, Dave checked the matter clearly. Fude was Director Li’s undercover and was sent to monitor him. The situation is not optimistic, and the recovery of sobriety has to be put on hold.

Lianyi came to visit Zhu Xuanwen again that day. He was still unconscious. When Lianyi was depressed, Zhu Xuanwen suddenly opened his eyes and looked at her. He was pretending to be very angry, but in fact Zhu Xuanwen was really sick. Solvable. However, Lianyi knew that there was not much time to be with Zhu Xuanwen, and Zhu Xuanwen had his own way.

On this day, Luo Kaihuai saw Dave evasively holding a dish of coffee and got into the locked warehouse. He was curious to catch up and asked. In the warehouse, Zhu Xuanwen was discussing countermeasures with Dave. A dish of coffee was also Dave. It was brewed for him, this will be revealed if Luo Kaihuai sees it. In a hurry, Dave bit his scalp and carried a birdcage suit leisurely, saying that he had developed a hobby here to avoid Zhu Xuanwen, and indirectly undermined the suspicion of coffee.

Luo Kai laughed at the military school training camp. During the break, he happened to see other classmates practicing flying kicks. When he was young, when he was bullied by a group of looking fat and strong boys for money, Taozi rushed up and kicked back. After getting rid of the bad boys, he has since vowed to change him to protect Peach when he grows up. Looking at the box with bracelets in his bag, he decided to go out illegally. When I came to Taozi’s gym and gave her a gift, I didn’t expect that the three-pushing and four-pushing bracelets fell on the ground. It turned out to be a pink bracelet that symbolizes love. Luo Kai laughed and was stunned. The golden bracelet symbolizing wealth must have been confused with Zhu Li in a hurry.

Zhu Li met with Luo Kaihuai again to ask about Zhu Xuanwen’s situation, and later talked a lot, including Zhu Xuanwen’s coffee habit is to put two and a half cubes of sugar, which reminded her of Dave’s suspicious plate of coffee. Zhu Li asked again Luo Kaihuai remembered to go back to the house to find the bracelet last time. It took a long time to find out the bracelet, which was golden, which symbolized a wealth of wealth, so she replied to Zhu Li on WeChat and said that she liked the gift very much. On the other hand, Zhu Li thought that the pink bracelets she gave to symbolize love were recognized, which was equivalent to indirect recognition of liking it, and she was very excited for a while.

In the back kitchen, Luo Kaihuai pondered a sugar cube case and combined all the details he had seen before, including Zhu Xuanwen personally fell into the water to rescue her when they first met. They were unfamiliar at the time. Did he just pretend at that time? I still have to try, so that night Luo Kaihuai asked him to go boating on the lake.

On the curtain hanging in the pavilion, there was a French soundtrack film. According to the data, Zhu Xuanwen liked French films. When the film reached its climax, Zhu Xuanwen suddenly appeared unconsciously. I love you in French. This is a mistake comparable to the accident at the scene. Zhu Xuanwen immediately took the initiative to pretend to have a headache, and finally hid in the warehouse secret room and complained to Dave.

Luo Kaihuai’s handwriting summary today is not stable. There must be a problem with that warehouse. She has to find a way to take another look.

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