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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 16 Recap

Lao Huang drove to the station to pick Yao Yuan back. Yao Yuan asked him when he bought the car. Lao Huang smiled and said that this was a car that the company had just bought. It was inconvenient to run around without a scooter when starting a business. Yao Yuan asked Cheng Nan. Old Huang said that he was busy moving the company. Old Yao couldn’t help feeling that their company finally moved out of Huang’s nest. Old Huang asked him if he was going back this time. Old Yao didn’t know. This time I came back for the financing of the homestay.

Ye Zhou accompanied Guan Yue to the aquarium to find inspiration. When Guan Yue watched the fish, he looked at her. He watched her stare at the fish school dreamily and then quickly painted on the drawing book. He knew she had caught the inspiration. After returning, Guan Yue started to create seriously in the studio. Ye Zhou couldn’t help but praise her creativity after reading her design draft. Then he accompanied her to a sharing session by Jia Xiaoning, a well-known designer in the design world, and poke him with a pen when he heard that he was in trouble.

On this day, his mother took Yao Yuan to see her friend and introduced him to her friend’s daughter Xinxin. Only then did Lao Yao realize that his mother had brought him to a blind date. He was a little disgusted with this method, so when Xinxin added his WeChat, he said that the phone was out of power and did not add her. Feeling his coldness, Xinxin smiled and asked Yao Yuan if it was hot. Before the barbecue, she fanned the fire hard, and the smoke made Yao Yuan cough.

After Jia Xiaoning’s sharing session, Guan Yue showed him her design manuscript. Jia Xiaoning felt that she had ideas but was immature. Guan Yue was a little frustrated when she heard that. Ye Chao felt that what Mr. Jia said was not necessarily right. He felt that Guan Yue did a good job. All right. Ye Chao also said that Teacher Jia’s sharing session was a bit like MLM. Guan Yue was very upset to make him respect their industry. He also angered that they hadn’t contacted them recently, so he rode away on a motorcycle.

After the two parties ended, her mother asked Yao Yuan to drive Xinxin. Xinxin suggested that he should go for a drink. Yao Yuan took her to the bar and asked the two buddies to greet her and tell them not to go too far. He walked away to smoke, and when he came back, he was surprised to find that Xinxin was able to deal with it easily. It turned out that she lived in the most chaotic neighborhood when she was in France. He apologized to her and said that he made a joke with her.

Xinxin said that she didn’t like the blind date arranged by her family, but she didn’t like people who judge people by appearance. He didn’t know her, so his joke was really boring. She Yao Yuan refused to send her away and left.

In order to improve his artistic quality, Ye Zhou reported to an art class to learn painting without telling Guan Yue. That day, Lu Ke and Guan Yue went to the yoga studio to practice yoga. I heard that Guan Yue and Ye Zhou hadn’t seen each other for several days, so Lu Ke told her not to bully others. Guan Yue complained that Ye Zhou didn’t understand art. Lu Ke asked her if she knew how to arrest people. Guan Yue said she didn’t know, so she felt that Ye Zhou was a different species and not the same species. Lu Ke persuaded her to love her that the two hearts should be close together. Guan Yue called Ye Zhou to go to the movies. Ye Zhou was studying in the art class. He said that he would invite her the next night after two days.

Yao Yuan drove and saw a car parked on the side of the road. A girl was tinkering with the car. He took a closer look at Wen Ruxin, so he stopped to help her repair the car and help her move things. It turned out that Xinxin wanted to open a cake room. He felt that the location she chose was not good. Xinxin felt that a good location was too expensive. She is now in the entrepreneurial stage and doesn’t want to use her family’s money.

Ye Zhou came home and saw Guan Yue sitting in the house. She couldn’t help but startled. She saw him so flustered and asked him if there was a dog outside. He said he was on duty, and she exposed him that he had just come from his house. . Seeing that he was holding the book in his hand, he snatched it and saw it was “A Brief History of Western Art”, which also contained the art class schedule, and then I realized that he had specially asked for leave to attend art class. Guan Yue couldn’t help being touched when he saw that he deliberately studied art for himself, and when he kissed him on the face, Ye Zhou was also very sweet in his heart.

Yao Yuan sent Xinxin home. Hearing that he failed to open a homestay, Xinxin encouraged him not to give up. Yao Yuan took the initiative to add her to WeChat. Xinxin said that she had a boyfriend and he was in France. She didn’t tell her family about it, and she felt that they would not agree with it. Yao Yuan heard that they should add WeChat. He can help her to cover her up.

Guan Yue prepared a lot of delicious food that day. Ye Zhou was surprised. Guan Yue excitedly told him that she was shortlisted in the design competition. The two celebrated happily, and they gave each other a small gift by coincidence. Their hearts got closer. Up. At the Kendo Gym, Shen Siyi met the handsome guy who asked him to call at the last reception, and the two began to compete again. In the end he won her. She was unconvinced and grabbed his collar and said to come again. He pushed her to the ground. She turned over and pressed him underneath. He smiled and said she was so good-looking, and asked her if she would be his girlfriend. Yi bowed her head and kissed him passionately.

The next day, Lu Ke saw Siyi asked her what was happening without going to the meeting. Siyi said that she met someone she liked. Lu Ke laughed and asked him what she was like. Siyi said sweetly that she was an idiot who was similar to her.

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