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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 15 Recap

Yang Qingyu invited Lu Ke to dinner and gave her a new book he had written for her advice. Lu Ke jokingly said that a meal starts with this meal. Qingyu smiled and said that it was okay. It happened that he had just received the royalties today. Back home Lu Ke went to feed the chameleon in the cage. Siyi was surprised to see that she asked Lu if she was afraid of it. Lu Ke thought it seemed to be her mascot. She seemed to be transported since it came.

Ye Zhou and Guan Yue were eating supper happily in the store, and suddenly he received Siyi’s call and sent her the location. Guan Yue got up and left after hearing that Siyi was not happy about coming. When Siyi arrived, they ate and talked. She felt that Guan Yue was upset by seeing her, that she had disturbed Lu Ke and first love, and took Yao Yuan away. Ye Zhou planned to set up a dinner for them to have a chat next time. After the chat, it might be fine.

This day, Lu Ke and Zhang Mang were talking about work in the office. Qingyu came to send her a draft of the topic of the new book sharing session for her to read first. After Qingyu left, Zhang Mang told Lu Ke that Qingyu liked her. Ye Zhou brought Guan Yue and Siyi to dinner. Guan Yue sat down reluctantly. The two of them did not speak at the dinner table and bowed their heads to play with their mobile phones. Ye Zhou tried to find a topic, but the atmosphere became cold after a few words.

In the conference room, Zhang Mang watched Lu Ke keep looking at her mobile phone, and asked her if she was waiting for someone’s WeChat. Lu Ke frowned and said that she couldn’t get in touch with Qingyu. WeChat chat was always cold. Zhang Mang downloaded a few love emoticons on her mobile phone. He sent one to Qingyu, and the other party immediately replied. He helped them make an appointment to meet in the bar at night. Lu Ke could not help seeing Zhang Mang’s operation.

Compliment him for his greatness. In the evening, Lu Ke called Zhang Mang and said that there was no progress, so he suggested that she order a glass of Equator Night for Qingyu. The store’s custom is to drink all this glass of wine, and then read the poems at the bottom of the glass is very romantic It fits the literary and artistic spirit of Qingyu, and then he speaks his heart as soon as he starts to drink alcohol.

When Zhang Mang arrived at the magazine the next day, he asked Lu Ke what was going on last night. Lu Ke said in a bad mood that Qingyu vomited in the dark after drinking the night of the equator and almost went to the hospital in the middle of the night. Zhang Mang couldn’t help laughing at Qingyu’s poor drinking. Lu Ke felt so embarrassed last night that he would definitely not contact her. Zhang Mang said that he was so honest that he must be thinking how to apologize to her.

As soon as the voice fell, Qingyu called Call Lu to go to the Pottery Museum. Lu Ke was worried that she would mess up this date again, so Zhang Mang said to help her again and go with her to match them on the spot.

Unexpectedly, the two of them came to the pottery art museum Qingyu but were late. Lu Ke was worried that he would be released with pigeons. Zhang Mang said he was not like this kind of person. The two talked while doing pottery. When Lu Ke accidentally got the mud on his face, Zhang Mang took pictures of her and teased that she was like a crazy primitive, and the two laughed and wiped each other’s mud.

Lu Ke feels that he is quite naive recently. Zhang Mang said that as long as he likes someone, he becomes a high school student in a second. That is not naive or brave. He wanted to ask her if she had time on the weekend, when Qingyu hurried over, Zhang Mang got up and left with the excuse of something. After a few steps, he turned around and looked at the two of them doing pottery together.

Lu Ke saw that there was mud on Qingyu’s face, so he learned how Zhang Mang took a cell phone and took it to make Qingyu look like a crazy primitive person. Who knew Qingyu said it was dirty and wiped it off with a paper towel after seeing it. Lu Ke looked at him like this. Can’t help but feel a little lost.

That day, Lu Ke was shopping at a convenience store downstairs when he suddenly received a call from Zhang Mang. He said Jianghu urgently asked her to rush to the company. It turned out that a girl somehow knew his office address and blocked him at the door early in the morning. He asked Lu Ke to come back and help him block. Lu Ke came to the company and told the girl Zhang Mang had resigned long ago. He ran away with the money, but they had called the police to deal with it.

The girl was surprised and hurried away. Zhang Mang then thanked Lu Ke and asked how she and the writer were doing. Lu Ke said that Qingyu asked her to go to Dongji Island for vacation, but she refused him. She felt that she might not like it that much, so she always couldn’t get acquainted with her. Zhang Mang ridiculed her by being familiar. He thought he and Lu Ke were very familiar with her. If you want to try, Lu Ke said he knew the Yingying Yanyan best, Zhang Mang teased her to be jealous.

Siyi saw that Zhang Mang was very concerned about Lu Ke, so she asked Lu Ke if he was interested in her. She felt that she could not control a girl like him, and she was too insecure. Siyi said that being unable to control is the challenge, and that falling in love is like upgrading and fighting monsters. Lu Ke asked Siyi if she had never met someone higher than her when she fell in love. Siyi smiled and said that she had never, she wanted to try.

Ye Zhou was sick and Siyi went to see him. She and Guan Yue had a fight while taking care of Ye Zhou, but the relationship between the two seemed to be much more relaxed than before. After Guan Yue left, Siyi said that she was nice and very cheerful, and Ye Zhou murmured that it was very refreshing for them to scold him together. Then Siyi was leaving too. Ye Zhou asked her to bring a brother-in-law back when she heard that she was going to a reception at night.

At the reception, Siyi felt bored and hid herself to play the game. A handsome guy came over to compete with her. Unexpectedly, she lost a few games in a row. She was not convinced. The handsome guy said that she was as competitive as three years ago. It turned out that they met in New York before. He asked Si Yi for her phone number. She said they would compare In one round, if she wins, she will give him the number, but if he loses, she gets up and leaves with a smile.

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