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A Love So Romantic 少爷与我的罗曼史 Episode 14 Recap

Ru Ying thinks that she should say it out loud if she likes it. Ru Ying said Cheng Qianyu’s name every sentence to express her liking. Gu Yanxi also called Su Xiaowan’s name to express her liking. Both ended up drinking so much that they lay on the ground.

Su Xiaowan quietly left with a package at night to see Su Xiaoan who was recovering from Qu Songna. Su Xiaowan wanted to leave here, hoping that Su Xiaoan could follow Ru Ying as an apprentice here, but Su Xiaoan said that he was the best The person who cares is the older sister. After everything is set up, she will follow her away and explain the situation to Ruying.

Ru Ying’s apprentice found that Su Xiaoan had left, and hurried to find Ru Ying. Gu Yanxi was so scared that he woke up from a deep sleep, and hurried to find Su Xiaowan. Yuan He took a notice of missing persons. The portrait above was the coachman’s. Yuanhe dropped a portrait and deliberately let someone like Mrs. Russ pick it back. Mrs. Ru heard that Su Xiaowan was gone, and there was a portrait of the coachman in his heart. Can’t help but be surprised.

Su Xiaowan took a bucket to fetch water and unknowingly drew Gu Yanxi’s appearance on the ground again, so angry that Su Xiaowan called out Su Xiaowan’s name loudly to the distant mountain, reminding herself loudly I must live again and remind Su Xiaowan loudly that he must forget the name Gu Yanxi. I believe that Su Xiaowan will still meet someone who loves him more.

Su Xiaowan left silently with tears in his eyes, but at this time someone came calling Su Xiaowan’s name loudly. Su Xiaowan looked back and found that it was Gu Yanxi riding a horse, running and calling Su Xiaowan’s name. Su Xiaowan was stunned, and tears fell unconsciously.

Gu Yanxi came to Su Xiaowan and jumped on her horse back, took Su Xiaowan in her arms, and kissed Su Xiaowan deeply. Su Xiaoan also chased him, guessing that it was because Gu Yanxi made Su Xiaowan sad that he left. She pushed Gu Yanxi away and took Su Xiaowan away.

Xin Ziqian went to find Su Xiaowan on horseback. He saw a girl running for her life. He thought it was Su Xiaowan who hurried to catch up. It was not Su Xiaowan. Xin Ziqian saw a few people chasing the girl and finally rescued her. Xin Ziqian is impressed by his handsomeness and skill.

Su Xiaowan and Su Xiaoan left to eat in a restaurant. Su Xiaoan promised to buy the best meat for Su Xiaowan if they made money in the future. Gu Yanxi asked people to bring their own meat to Su Xiaowan, but Su Xiaoan refused, and warned Gu Yanxi not to please Su Xiaowan anymore, her sister would not forgive him anyway.

Su Xiaowan couldn’t sleep at night, thinking about the way Gu Yanxi kissed herself. Su Xiaoan saw that Su Xiaowan was hesitant, and persuaded her not to waver, and don’t follow Gu Yanxi back. Su Xiaowan felt that Gu Yanxi might do everything. There are difficulties. Su Xiaowan’s high fever did not go away, Su Xiaoan stayed to take care of him, but there was always a lack of medicine, so Gu Yanxi helped him ride to a drugstore ten miles away. Gu Yanxi rode straight to the drugstore under the heavy rain.

When Gu Yanxi came back, Su Xiaoan couldn’t help feeling a little moved. At the same time, Mrs. Ru learned the news that the coachman Ma Xiaoliu was recovering from his wounds at the outskirts of the city. This made Mrs. Ru feel the desire to kill him. Ma Xiaoliu has been by her side for ten years, and Mrs. Ru is also reluctant. With tears.

Gu Yanxi personally fed the medicine to Su Xiaowan again. She didn’t care about changing into her soaked clothes. After boiling the medicine, he had to boil the medicine for two hours. Gu Yanxi was busy making the medicine, Su Xiao Sitting next to him teach Su Xiaowan how to make medicine more effective. Su Xiaoan also blamed Gu Yanxi for taking advantage of Su Xiaowan, and he would never let Su Xiaowan leave with Gu Yanxi again, because Su Xiaowan has always been strong in appearance and stubborn in heart. Never forget, always looking, and this time she came to find that little brother. Gu Yanxi admitted that he was the little brother.

The next day, when Su Xiaowan woke up, she found that Su Xiaoan had left the book and returned to the hospital. She also believed that Gu Yanxi could take care of Su Xiaowan. Gu Yanxi used her injured arm to win sympathy, and promised to take good care of Su Xiaowan. Su Xiaowan simply killed Gu Yanxi severely and claimed that Gu Yanxi was her housekeeper. It turned out that Gu Yanxi had forgotten to bring the money. The proprietress took away all the dishes. Gu Yanxi also used her jade pendant to replace the money for yesterday’s accommodation.

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